Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankfulness/Share the Joy Thursday !

So much to be thankful and joyful about in my world these days!

I am feeling so very blessed !

I swear I have said “Life is so good…” to myself with a deep sigh of satisfaction at least once a day for the last week.

All that in spite of having a naggy little cold, feeling a little physically run-down and the fact that I still have a good chunk of Christmas shopping, decorating and baking left to do.

Loving this mellow, joy-filled, life-loving mood !


The lovely little gifties just for me from my Canadian Chickies Christmas Swap is adding to the joy.

Today is Day 4 and our gift comes from Kathryn.


Look at this gorgeous little decorated matchbox necklace she made!


Inside had this little note to store a treasure within the box.

I love the color so much ! Especially against the red and green of Christmas !


It even looks great with the new periwinkle robe I bought for myself for Christmas from Land’s End !

Thank you so much, Kathryn, for this lovely little treasure and all the creativity and beauty you put into it. ! I really love it !


So yesterday, I had to make a trip to the post office.

Yes, about a week before Christmas.

The Rock Fairy had to make sure a few people got their orders of Rock My World rocks for Christmas gifties in time.

I had a feeling it was going to be a long wait in line so I prepared myself for that before heading out.

I had a fantasy about starting a flash mob of some Christmas Carol (it would never have been as good as this one !) in line to make the time more joyous…Winking smile

While I didn’t have the guts to do that, I did bring a bag full of my Rock My World rocks and some candy canes with me and handed them out to people waiting in line around me,

to the very friendly post office employee who so kindly helped me out

and to the very last person in the line of about 40 people that were waiting behind me when I was leaving !


One lady who I connected with said in a very surprised tone “You are being so nice !?!”.

“T’is the season!” I replied.


But you know, her comment made me a little sad.

Even in this giving season, people are surprised by a little act of extra kindness !

It just shows how much the world needs more of it !


Kindness and joy spreaders will never be unemployed, that’s for sure !

And the payback for this kind of work is magnificent too !

Because whatever love you put out into the world,

comes back to you tenfold, Beautiful Ones !

It is an everyday miracle !

I think the rocks will come with me again today as I head for the mall…

Yikes, I have to go to the mall !!!!!

That’s okay though.

If I look for ways to connect to people and bring a little joy, the task will be a lot more fun !

And after all,

t’is the season, right ?

Spread some joy wherever you can too today, Beautiful Ones!

Big Love !


Head over to Meri's Musings for lots more joy today !


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Just the thought of "the mall" makes me shudder. I want to do a dance because I'm DONE DONE DONE shopping! There I said it! It is sad that people are so shocked by small kindnesses. Ah well, it is our work to change that so that it becomes commonplace, isn't it Kimmypoo?!

Meri said...

So much to love here: your mellowness, the feeling that everything is as it should be despite feeling a little under the weather and having to go to the mall. The pretty little necklace surprise, with colors that sing to my soul and a heart. . . hearts always make me happy (I'm a romantic at you-know-where). Your rockin' Rocks make me smile. But the bestest part of all is that you spread cheer and joy to all those people that you greeted and gave unexpected gifts to -- all of whom, no doubt, were feeling somewhat disconnected and a bit grumpy to be standing in line at the post office. Well done, Joy Monger!

Olivia said...

Feel better soon, My Queen, and enjoy your day as you share the Big Love everywhere! xoO

Elena said...

I JUST LOVE YOU!!! Feel better soon and oh man you are too great.

Noelle Renee said...

You made my day, Kim with your rock love and your kind, gentle, compassionate heart. You make up for so many unkind things that are said and done in the world. Thank you for being you. Big Love right back at you! Merry Christmas!

BJ Lantz said...

I can't imagine one of your rocks NOT making somebody's day ~ rock on Sistah Rock Fairy! XO

rebecca said...

simple acts of kindness....oh i love you "rocking" our world!
thanks for your kindness.

Stephanie said...

Yes yes to everything that's been said here.

Spreading joy one rock at a time!


Kate said...


Glad you could share the love while in line. I have been so busy haven't even been able to comment here. Crazy life sometimes. I have enjoyed seeing all those gifties from the Canadian Chickies. I am done with shopping except for some stocking stuffers. I am thinking your rocks would be great stocking stuffers, oh well maybe next year. I could do some of my own this time.

My sister is coming for Christmas so now I am off to grocery shopping and then cleaning the house and baking... you know how it goes..


Roberta said...

Dear Sweet are a sweetheart no matter what time of year it is! Your kindness and joy spreads to others so quickly...through your smiles, and your oh-so-lovely rocks! But I know you are right...that type of kindness to strangers seems to be a rare thing these days, unfortunately. I notice if I smile or say a kind word to someone...say, when I am grocery shopping...they are taken aback, and then a smile spreads across their face too! I remember the Canadian Mountie on the show Due South...he used to say, "It only takes a moment to be kind, Ray"...and isn't that the truth!

Happy week to you, Queen of Rock Joy!

angel said...

so adorable are YOU!
i can totally picture you handing out your goodies in line. you are such an inspiration.
my wishes for you is that you keep feeling like every day is so sweet!

Sherry said...

I have to tell you that as I loaded up for a day of errands, I thought of your post and stuffed a half-dozen candy canes in my purse. I gave them to everyone who waited on me and a couple of friendly store employees along with a "MERRY CHRISTMAS". Every one of them got a sheepish grin on their face as they said thanks.
THANK YOU for the great idea.

beth said...

oh how i wish you had been at our post office on monday....the crowd made me quite grouchy !

and you're spreaders will always be employed :)

i hope you feel better....darn cold and cold season !

here's a hug and some hot apple you like cider ? if not, i'll just bring tea :)

rachel awes said...

love your treasures/
espec. that matchbox necklace!
so much to shine about,
dear one! hee! xox

deb did it said...

one rock at a a ripple effect when you drop a stone in the my friend, are spreading the JOY factor everywhere!