Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What is Right with you ????

So my amazing friend, Paula, from Little Scraps of Magic, is participating in the Reverb10 writing prompt challenge to examine your 2010 and to set intentions and focus for the New 2011 year to come.

In her post today, Paula wrote a post in response to the Reverb10, Prompt 11: What are 11 things your life doesn't need in 2011?

She listed 11 dreaded things that she wanted to be rid of in 2011. You know all those things that we criticize ourselves about, that make us feel not good enough or like we are “imperfect” human beings that need to be fixed in order to be good, worthy, perfect ?

As I read Paula’s list, I saw many of the same or similar things that I wanted to be rid of in my own life. By the end of the list, like Paula, I was feeling the need to sigh deeply and heavily about all those things that are “wrong” with me and that I better hurry up at “fix” before it’s too late !

Then this other voice within me, the Voice of all Things Right With Me, cried out :

“Screw this list ! You have spent enough of your 45 years focused on what is wrong with you ! Has that “fixed” it all  for you? How about focusing on what is Right with you instead ! I promise, that is the key to feeling better about your life, Beautiful One ! That is the key to Loving all that is You !”

I grabbed hold of what that sweet voice said and I wrote this response to Paula…

and to my Self…

and maybe to you…

“You are not really far behind...you are exactly where you are meant to be.

11 things your life doesn't need ? All of us can think 11 or a few dozen things that we can do better at or want to rid ourselves of! Wanting to improve and be a better person is a natural part of living here on this chaotic planet. And yes, facing some of those boogie men is a good thing too.

But I also see how doing this list brought you into deep deep sighs...

How about deciding that the number 1 thing that you can be without in 2011 is focusing on what is wrong with you instead of what is right ? I am truly, truly coming to believe that focusing on what is right with us, what brings joy and mindful living to us is the key to solving even those dreaded "wrong" things !

And guess what, My Lovely, Inspiring, Creative Friend ? On the last day of your life, there will still be some of those 11 icky things on the list of what is wrong. Does that mean you will not have lead a beautiful, rich, deeply loving life ? I think not !

This was a lot of deep thoughts so early on a Tuesday morning for me. But very, very welcome. Every word I wrote here could be a letter to myself too, Miss Paula (Insert your name here).

So here is Kim's Prompt for the day, for you and for me :
What is right with you ? Discuss, explore and celebrate ! ;)

Love to you, My Oh so Right Friend.”


Love on that Beautiful Self today! Happy Tuesday !

PS : I will share my Canadian Chickie gifties for Day 2 and Day 3 of the swap tomorrow. This just felt like the right post for the day…Hugs !


beth said...

i love you !!!
did you see that i didn't even do that prompt....maybe because deep down inside i was thinking more along the line you are :)

and what's right with me ?
having friends like you of course :)

Elena said...

LOVE THIS! Absolutely perfect! And need to think about it. Funny how we can easily list 11+ things that are wrong but it would take alot of thinking for 11+ things that are right. Hmmmmm....great post.

Olivia said...

Well, My Queen, this is a hard one. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I know that it is vital to focus on what we love about ourselves and our lives. Yet at the same time it is also important to feel free to let go of things that are...maybe not to think of them as "wrong"...but as "not needed" for where we are on our journey. But not in the way of striving or hyper-focus or maybe even focus. Just in the sense of "letting go" if and when the time is right. And allowing this is happen, kind of as a by-product of the love we are focusing on. If and when it's right.

I think that it's this non-striving and balance I'm shooting for. But if the focus isn't on the loving part, I think we lose. Then some things may fall away.

So it's less of an uprooting and a digging out and a getting rid or and more of a--letting go as we focus on the love, always the love.

I'm thinking as I comment, looking for a way to focus on the one and yet to incorporate in a loving peripheral way the other. Hope this makes sense :)

Big love to you today, My Queen, thanks for making me think this morning...this is something we all need to consider, especially as the New Year approaches, xoO

Carmen said...

i've seen this reverb thing in several blogs, and yes they all are beautiful well written posts because after all that's inspiring to me, too: words
i love what you just said and by the way you look super cool in your jacket
in response to your questions, i guess i know what is right for me:
to create, to look for possibilities with whatever is around me and to feel the present
and yes to celebrate that moment!!!
thank you so much for these questions and for your friend Paula post too, i enjoy it as well
hugs sweet face Kim!

Anonymous said...

BEEAAAUUUUtiful post and BEEEAAAAUUUUUTIFUL pic of YOU. Thank you for following your heart.

Cinner said...

Good for you, you got it going on. you make me smile in your parka....Focus on the good leads to great things as you know. hugs.

patti said...

I have only seen what's right with you Kim! So maybe we all need to leave ourselves reminders - little love notes!

When I turn on my cell phone the first message on the screen is 'G'Day Gorgeous! It makes me feel wonderful and is a message from myself, to myself! I love it!

terryhartley said...

You are something special, you know that, Kim?!!! I love this post. I am doing the writing prompts and struggled with this one. Actually I quit after a few 'wrongies'. So--now I look forward to going back to do it your way. And I really look forward to doing it that way. What is right with me #1: I have great inspiring friends in my life.
Oh and yes, you look fetching in your coat!

Beverley Baird said...

I saw Paula's post first and then read your response! You are so dead on! After so many years of hearing that negative voice, I need to step back and embrace what is right about me. Thanks Kim!

Terri said...

Hooray for Kim! Yes, yes and yes! Focus on what you want to grow....I would love to make a list of 11 things I am thankful for.
1. Me
2. You
3. Loved ones
4. Our health
5. Our lovely homes
6. My doggies
7. My desires to grow and learn
8. My art room
9. All my lovely art supplies
10. Blogland
11. Beauty!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to appreciate!

SusieR said...

YES. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo YES.

Kathy said...

HEAR! HEAR! I could never have expressed this so eloquently, Kim, but I'm ready to stand up and do a cheer, thanks to you! I wish every person in the world could read your post today. This will be the first journal topic my students have when they return to school in 2011! Love you!

Kathy said...

HEAR! HEAR! I could never have expressed this so eloquently, Kim, but I'm ready to stand up and do a cheer, thanks to you! I wish every person in the world could read your post today. This will be the first journal topic my students have when they return to school in 2011! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Love this post Kim and loved Olivia's response too. Sometimes, I think the things I insist on holding onto are the things that keep me from moving forward (like not loving my body or feeling pressured by family). Letting go of those barriers to my happiness would feel really good - but that's not always easy, those habits are old and wedged tightly in my head and heart.

But I agree with you... viewing those things as personal flaws doesn't help me. I've been thinking alot this month about rewriting my internal script - working towards a more positive outlook and your words here really have me thinking about how I might write a list that somehow allows me to let go while building me up all at the same time... like instead of telling myself I need to lose weight, I could say something like "I choose to do something healthy for myself each day."

Lots to think about - thanks for the jump start lovely one!!