Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Great White North trip…

My first hint that the weather wasn’t going to be quite what I thought it would be during my trip up to Canada last Monday was this light dusting of snow at the rest area in Randolph, Vermont.


New Hampshire had been cloudy and cold but no precipitation.

Little did I know that about 2 hours later, I would be stuck in a real snow storm, you know the kind where the snow travels horizontally and visibility is about 100 feet on the highway?

It ended up forcing me to get off the roads, find a cozy hotel and make the rest of the trip to Montreal the next morning.

I had a king size bed, a nice, deep jacuzzi  tit-tub and a remote control all to myself in my room at the Comfort Inn and Suites in Burlington, Vermont.

The weather was still a big challenge on the road on Tuesday in the city of Montreal where they had been expecting an inch or two and ended up with well over a foot and a half !

Even a snowy city like Montreal went into first snowfall of the year panic.

Funnily enough, using the mantra from my Mom “Go slow to go fast”, I actually made all of my rendez vous’ for selling my wares at my Mom’s office downtown, having a sweet dinner with my friend Kim (The Bodhi Chicklet), and then heading to my sister’s house to have a cozy sleep on her couch for the night.

The big challenges of the trip actually started when I got to the unplowed circle that my sister lives on and got well and truly stuck about two houses from her drive way !

Luckily, my bro-in-law, Dave, also know as Nat’s Dave, came out and helped me make it to the driveway !


(Nat’s kitchen window, the day after…)



(The stained glass my friend Suzy made and I made for Natalie – have to say I like sunflowers more than the winter wonderland myself…)

The challenges continued the next morning when Nat woke me up, asking me to move my car so she could get her car out of the garage to take her son, Nathan to school, and where I discovered, even before coffee,

that my car wouldn’t start…

at all !

Nat’s Dave had to come back from work to take Nathan to school while I waited for CAA to show up.

I love CAA !

(AAA in the US and the membership works in both countries !)

I ended up needing a new battery and after that was installed right there in the drive way for a mere $132.00 dollars Canadian (plus $100.00 of hotel, minus the sales of my arty goodies at my Mom’s office means I just about broke even this trip…),

and a lovely breakfast with my Sister and my newly home from out West niece, Jessica, I headed out to La Conception for the next part of my visit.



La Conception is about 2 hours north of Montreal in the mountains. They actually had less snow than the city !


Beautiful views outside my windows in spite of the grey…

I had a sweet time as always at my sister Kristina’s house !

The greatest niece since Jessica was there and we continued our love affair…


Miss Katie, 2 and a half, spent the day with me on Thursday.

She showed some interest in photography…

and I let her use my camera, carefully supervised…


Katie’s shot of the Weeble Snowman…


Katie’s 2 shots of her feet entitled “I ave gold shoes, just like a princess.”

Kate goes to a French daycare and has a cute, cute, cute French accent when she speaks English !


I had to take a few pics of her myself of course. This is my favorite one, half under water in the bath.


I have discovered that taking pictures of 2 1/2 year olds is pretty hard – they don’t stay still for long !

Here is the girl in the “Princess” outfit that she put together herself.

She is my kind of princess !


I also so enjoyed the time I spent with my nephew Thomas, Kate’s brilliant big brother, after school. We did some crafty stuff like he likes and managed to decorate two little Christmas trees for the brother and sister duo with our homemade ornaments.

I cooked supper for the family, and gave my busy sister and her sweet hubby John a bit of a break.

Their house is really one of my favorite places on the planet…so cozy and full of love.

Friday morning, I headed back to Montreal and got to spend some time with my Mom.

We did lunch and shopping, and a movie night at her place.

It was short and oh so sweet.

Then, Saturday morning, I headed out on the 5 hour uneventful (Thank God !) drive home to my man and the wonderfully clean and tidy house he was waiting in…


(Interesting truck graffiti in Candiac, Quebec)

What the pictures and the words I have put here don’t convey are the trips into gratitude, wonder, mindfulness, and even real love for myself that I had along the way.

I am continually amazed at how once you have started to live your life focusing on what is good, and on having faith in the path and your own strength, the more and more beauty and abundance you experience, even in the midst of chaos and challenges.

I am full up with love, Beautiful Ones.

And that is a sweet place to be.

Happy, happy Sunday!


priti.lisa said...

I love your brave and happy spirit, Kim, you never let the little things get you down. I enjoyed all of the pictures, but my very favorite is the princess outfit...How artistic :)

Kate said...

Welcome back, some trips really do turn into adventures don't they. I am glad your car didn't break down in the storm. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love those gold shoes,lovely pictures and all.

Happy Sunday!

Marit said...

Oh my... that's quite some trip! My brother lives in Canada and I know his stories (well, I believed it after I got photos, lol!) We don't have that amount of snow in the Netherlands, it looks kinda scary! I'm glad you're save home!

Lynn said...

Looked like fun all except driving in that snow storm! I only like snow viewed from inside a warm house. LOL Kids are cute~

dosfishes said...

Quite the adventure. Despite all the troubles, at least you arrived safely and enjoyed your loves ones. xox Corrine

Olivia said...

It sounds quite rigorous, My Queen. I am not a fan of snow at all. Wouldn't have done well! But now your family, that's another thing. How precious to see them and to be around those you love who love you. What a great gift!

I am glad that you had money to pay for all of the things that happened, and pretty much broke even. I guess this was not the time for financial abundance except in provision...but I think that maybe that is abundance, right?

The pictures made me feel as though I was there, as always, and conveyed the flavor of your trip so well.

Peace and love, My Queen,


Dianne said...

A sweet place indeed! Sounds like a very nice trip... even with the problems...

beth said...

what a love filled trip !
family really is worth the drive, the snow, the getting stuck, the dead battery....well, maybe not all that :)

anyhow, i'm so glad you're home safely....and yes, a change is perspective...focusing on what's good...makes a huge difference in how we live and breathe :)

Kim said...

You covered a lot of ground, didn't you?! And plenty of events, some of them unexpected. File it all under life and smile on!

slommler said...

Boy! Did you have an adventure or what?! Ha! I would have been terrified driving in all that snow. So I am impressed at your tenacity!! I am glad you were safe and sound during the whole process. Snow, when I am driving, makes me extremely nervous. More so because of all the people who don't know how to drive in it surround me!! Ack!!
But the best part of your journey is the trip you took within. And discovered love and peace and joy!! Good for you!

jgr said...

WoW! You've had quite an adventure! GLad you had a good trip and made it back in one piece, as always I enjoy your positive energy, my friend! p.s. That little Kate is a doll, too!

MB Shaw said...

I wondered where you had been. Love the water pic of your niece, what a doll and a very cool pic. I have a feeling she will cherish that years from now :)
Glad you made it back safe and sound; what an adventure you had!