Monday, December 6, 2010

The Queen is on the move…


Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones!

This is just a quick post before I leave my guard dog, Chica, the two ferocious kitties, and my hubby, David, alone at home and head off got a trip to the homeland to the North.

I am so looking forward to reconnecting with some of my peeps up there ! I haven’t actually visited since October and believe me, this Auntie/Sister/Daughter/Friend is having withdrawals!

Just had a great weekend with my pal Suzanne from Montreal. The craft fair was a good success for me and Suzy was good enough to hang with me there all day one Saturday. Yesterday was shopping and girlie chats, etc…

Now I am packing up what goodies I have left over to sell up there, some craft supplies to do some project with the nieces and nephews, and my clothes and heading out for the 5 hour drive.

Before I go, I just wanted to share the absolutely gorgeous gift that arrived in the mail for me on Friday.


This package was from Lisa at Priti Studios.

Last week she posted about how she felt that some of the art work in the Etsy shop needed to go to some homes and wondered if there were any pieces that we felt “belonged” to us. 


I had to express my love for this piece “The Key to My Heart” which I had been eyeing for awhile. I have offered to swap some art with the Lovely Lisa in the new year for it.

But she bundled it up with love and care right away and sent it to its new home, with ME!


She also thoughtfully included some art making tunes for me as well as a lovely angel card and a little “to do” note pad from her studio.


I can’t tell you how thrilled and touched I am by this gift!

And I adore this piece !!!!

I will find a special place of honor to hang it, likely in the bedroom. Hanging hearts is good energy in the relationship room, I have read.


Thank you so very much, my Priti Lisa friend ! I love it !

Have a great week, my Beautiful Friends, and I will check in with you when I get back next week.

Big, big Love !


LuLu Kellogg said...

I have several of Lisa's pieces and she is truly an amazing artist! I love this piece!

Safe Travels Lovely!


slommler said...

Have a wonderful trip!! And that piece is beautiful!!

Mary said...

oh what a wonderful, beautiful gift.
have a great time catching up with family and friends.

Kate said...


Have a great time with your family. I am a little envious. Its been several years since I have seen my sisters. Too far a distance for trips like you do. COunt yourself lucky. I know you already do.

We have freezing rain and now snow, I hope you have good weather for your trip.


Olivia said...

Have a wonderful time, My Queen. I know that you'll be sharing Big Love with all you meet, but that you'll also be glad to get back home. Have safe travels, Love, O

foxysue said...

I forget who I've told, but I'm collecting hearts too!

I love your heart, so it's in my collection!!!

Sue X

dosfishes said...

You are always a movin and a shakin. Enjoy your trip and you wonderful gift. xox Corrine

Cinner said...

have a wonderful trip and visit. That art piece is perfect for you. take care.

beth said...

what a beautiful gift....and SO you !!!

safe travels my sweet friend.....xox

patti said...

A really special gift! Enjoy your time with family Kim.

Anonymous said...

It's was lots of fun hanging out with you my beautiful Kimie.
Love you!

Commuter's Journal said...

Have a wonderful trip, Kim!

priti.lisa said...

So glad you likey :)
It is the perfect piece for you!
Have a super fun, safe trip, Kim!
( I think you take better pictures than I do )

angel said...

I'm hoping you are soaking up all the goodness and fun of being with your family!!
Thanks for always spreading your joy and Big Love!!!

Seth said...

Have a safe and wonderful journey.

Meri said...

Miss you -- hope you're having fun!

L said...

KIM!! go here:

you were picked as a viewers choice blog!!! congratulations!! of course you were!

Susan Tuttle said...

that is a magnificent piece!!! I hope you are having a glorious holiday season my friend.