Monday, December 13, 2010

Today is Day 1 !

One of the things I did while in Montreal last week was pick up all my gifties for the Canadian Chickie Gift Swap.

Even though I am a Canadian living in the US, my Canadian Chickie friends have let me play along with them in a multitude of great swaps, hosted by the incredibly generous, Dawn Supina.

I give the girls my Mom’s address in Quebec and my packages get sent there.

This year we are 12 participants and each one of us has made 11 gifts for the others in the group.

Here are all of my lovely packages tied up with ribbons, string and creativity and placed around my little table top tree.


Little Boo had to check it out of course !

Today is Day 1 of the 12 Day Christmas Swap and our gift comes from Arlene in Edmonton, Alberta.


Arlene was one of my first blog friends when I started blogging way back three years ago or so, and although she doesn’t hang in Blogland often now, I am always thrilled when we get in touch ! She is a beautiful, beautiful Heart.


Arlene’s gift was wrapped in a pretty cream colored napkin, and tied with red string and a home made tag.


And inside was this gorgeous leather cuff bracelet with a hammered metal swirly bit and a funky Majong tile intertwined !



How cool is that !

I love it, Arlene !

Thanks for much for all the care and arty attention to detail in your beautiful gift!

Yay for Day 1 Of the Canadian Chickie Fun !

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones!


SusieR said...

The metal swirly bit looks very like an angel with wings!!!!!! I LOVE THIS BRACELET - does Arlene sell them online?

And how I love the idea of wrapping a present in another one - that hankie is so lovely, and such a treat to have. Lucky Kim for having 12 crafty, yummy friends!

Happy Monday, sweetie ~ xos

dosfishes said...

That is one swirly cool gift. Can't wait to see what awaits. Lucky you!!!!! xox Corrine

Dawn said...

Thanks for showing us a photo of your bracelet, Kim ~ looks like Arlene adapted each bracelet for each person. Very cool indeed! Isn't her work amazing?!

sperlygirl said...

oh what a beautiful cuff!!!

arlene said...

I'm glad you like it Kim! I see you've already shaped it to your probably needed a little molding to fit just right. The metal is a bit pliable and can be shaped by applying some gentle pressure to your particular, artsy, wrist.
I can't wait for tomorrow when I get to open one!
Merry, merry 12 Days my beautiful friend!

Anonymous said...




looks like you got some wonderful goodies there..

priti.lisa said...

Now that. Is really cool.
This will be as much fun for me as for you, I should think :)

Cinner said...

I think that is so cool Kim, what fun for you all. have a wonderful week, hugs.