Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Send out some sweet spots…

So I am participating in the


hosted by the awesome Kat of Kat’s Eye View.

Artists from all different media and styles, and from all over the world are taking part.

I had some fun going through art journal pages from Jan. – June 2011,

looking for sweet spots to feature on my postcards.

I was focusing on bits that really spoke to me. That reflect what I feel is my style at the moment.

I cropped and framed up the images, added a digital signature and printed them out on 4X6 photo paper.


Then I printed out a postcard back with my Queen of Arts logo and one of my favorite quotes onto white card stock.


I glued the photo to the postcard blank and voila, awesome postcards that liberate and accentuate my art, ready for their journey !


“My Green Angel”


“Just Open the Door”


“Be Okay Today”

plus a few more that I forgot to take pictures of ! Winking smile

They are all on their way to Kat now, who will address them and send them out to their new owners. Thanks so much, Kat, for all the hard work you have put into this great swap !

In return, I will receive 5 art postcards of my own, plus one from Kat herself !

I made a couple of extra postcards that I will liberate and send to some of my Blogland pals as well, just because…

I do love this generous artist community on line ! It brings me so many gifts.


Another gift I am getting today is a visit from my friend Suzanne from Montreal.

I have to admit that I am very tired and burnt out with all stress and the work we have been doing to fix up our rental apartment for new tenants. It doesn’t make me the most excited or best hostess in the world!

But that is the great thing about visits from old friends who know you really well, (Suzanne and I were actually roommates way back when), and who won’t judge the dust kangaroos in your house, and who are really just coming to BE with you.

Plus we have a girls weekend at a trailer in Wells Beach, Maine  planned for later this week !

So come on down, Lovely Suzy ! I am so ready just to BE…

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones !


Jess said...

Oh I wish I had a decent printer that could do this! They look lovely.xx

iHanna said...

What a cool idea this is, to lift out your favorite art journal parts and do postcards with them. I wish I'd known about the swap! Yours are lovely!

Unknown said...

I LOVE these postcards so much!!

I really hope this rental stuff comes together quickly for you. I know how draining it can be to have to focus on one thing for a long period of time and devote time and energy (emotional and physical) to it even though you have other things you'd much rather be doing. I am kind of in the same place. I am hoping that we both get some fast relief and some glorious, creative "make-up" time in return!

Sherry said...

Yegads, yes, a good friend accepts the dust kangaroos because she is coming to BE with you and not what you have!! I know Suzanne's visit will actually perk you up and help to get over the disappointment and all the hard work you and David have put into the rental. It's just what your soul needs right now so enjoy!!!!

Love the post cards...your art speaks for is always upliftting!!!

patti said...

Such a simple process and a gorgeous result!

Love seeing your art, as always!!

Enjoy your visitor - have fun!!!

Elizabeth Halt said...

what a neat idea! it almost makes me wish I had a printer. :)

enjoy your BE-ing!

p.s. I love Chica's song, such a lucky pup.

beth said...

lucky are those that get one of your postcards....
i know from experience :)


and wait, you have dust kangaroos, too.....makes those bunnies look pretty wimpy, huh :)

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I do love all of them! Such sweet, sweet spots! And it reminds me to move my own sweet spot photography session up on my list of "want to do"s. Ah, summer. I love so much about it but am finding that I am looking for some footing. Much of it has been wireless and it has been good in its own way. Enjoy your friend!

Unknown said...

You really ARE the Queen of heARTs!
Another great project...I wonder if it's too late for me.

shawn said...

beautiful postcards!

Marit said...

Your art looks wonderful as a postcard! Some lucky receivers will jump with joy!!! Enjoy 'be' time with your friend dear, you deserve it!!

Elena said...

Oh how I wish I could visit and paint with you! LOVE LOVE the postcards! Those bold colors making me swoon. Do enjoy your time with your visitor!

EVA said...

Wonderful postcards! I sent mine off today.