Thursday, July 7, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday–Walks and Rocks

I have been getting back into the routine of going on Rock Fairy walks in the mornings this summer.

With rocks filling my pockets, my camera in one hand, and Chica’s leash in the other,

I set out…

It has become a source of some sweet simple joy for me.

Yesterday’s Rock Fairy walk was all about the one word wonders…

It is amazing how much can be said with just one word, isn’t it ?


Like this little purple rock


up on the third step…do you see it?


Or these single word rocks left on the benches around my favorite park…




The park where I left a rock on this piece of graffiti on the walk way earlier in the week…


The graffiti was still there but the rock “I am here” rock was not.

So I added a new rock to the mix…


This “fine” rock was left on a bigger rock in another park close by. It is one of my favorite spots to leave a rock because it is kind of out of the way.


It never fails to blow me away that when I return there, the previous rock has been taken by some unknown person who it was meant for.

I like the stories that sometimes come from my rocks and my photos mixing together.

Like this pic of Chica, the yellow lab, where she looks like a little dog beside a great big fire hydrant…


and the rock that I put on the very top of the hydrant for someone to find !


Then there are photos that bring me surprises when I get them home and look at them more closely…

Like this shot I took of the cool shadow a leafy tree was casting…



Love it when the Universe gifts me with those hearts !

After a rocking walk, it is always a joy to come home again, too.


That is the


truth !

What will your one word of wonder be today ?

I hope it is a sweet one. Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !



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Sherry Smyth said...

the single word rocks can have such a deep meaning for whoever finds it. I love that some of them are taken when you return...that's just the joy of the universe. And trust you to find hearts in the shadows... ♥

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Wonderful rock walk my friend - I still remember the woman who found one of your rocks on the path at Squam and tears came to her eyes. xox Corrine

Chel said...

sooo inspiring! this is my sunshine on a rainy day! :)

Sarah said...

felt the need to comment (I am not usually a comment person)! I love your blog (follow via google reader)because I you are so refreshing and REAL. You are a true blessing that gives a small bit of kindness to the world. Thank you.

rachel awes said...

i love these rocks
on the steps!
ok, i love them
& that heart find
is so pitter patter perfect!
lovelove to u! xox

Carmen said...

breeze!!!! specially playing with my summery skirt
that's my word
hugs dear Kim

Cinner said...

love your walks and you being the Rock Fairy. I so want to get carving my rocks now too, but I can't until I am completely recovered. hugs to you dear one. and your house...swoon.

Meri said...

I can just imagine the surprise, curiosity and glee from the wanderers who find treasure. It gives me joy just to think about it. What a gift you're bringing into someone's life. . . perhaps when they are most in need of a gift.

rebecca said...

i use to leave quarters in phone booths. i just knew that they would help someone connect with another in a perfect necessary moment.

i love your stones, words, intention of love spilling out in your sojourns.

and i appreciate each time you arrive in my little world and leave a perfect stoneseed of love and encouragement!


Lynn said...

I love your walks with the rocks!!! And would love to be the person who comes across one by chance. I'd want it to say "chance".

Olivia said...

I love the excitement and joy of a Rock Fairy walk. I was inspired by your last one, My Queen, and did one of my own over the 4th of July weekend. I like touching others with the rocks and knowing that we are all connected, some in this special way.

Your house is so lovely--that color of light yellow is my very favorite for a house--it is fun to see it.

What is my one word of wonder for today? Hmmm...I'd have to say "relax". I have a very busy day filled with appointments that I have been anticipating as stressful and therefore dreading. So today I will RELAX and be present and ease through the demands of the day.

Blessings on your day, My Queen! xoO

beth said...

i love that you do this.....and i love that i have been gifted with your rocks so that i get to do this, too :)

leaving rocks behind in seaside was my favorite time.....
especially the ones i left in the sand on the crooked tree branches :)


beth said...

oh and my word for today.....HOPE

in hoping that my son feels better
in hoping i hired the right home inspector
in hoping they find mold just so we can confirm our suspicions
in hoping that we can find him a new place to live
in hoping that the doctor visits can end

Elena said...

Oh I just knew your house would be so beautiful. And LOVE the heart shadows. Love for the Queen! And I always love your rock stories. Wondering who it is that picked it up. What they were thinking or going through. So very cool. Huge hugs for what you do.

foxysue said...

How wonderful to go on your rock walk, to take away all of that inspiration, it's as though you left all those rocks for us, which of course you have!

Sue x

Paula said...

My word is "Done" and it's said with a smile. I'm "done" editing and uploading vacation pics to flickr! "Done" is followed by "sweet" as in the sweet memories the photos envoke.
You are one awesome rock wonder the universe gifts you!

Woodland Rose said...

Hi Kim, just got my bag of rocks. Such a delight. Tactile and otherwise. Love that a couple of the random rocks grouped for me speak directly to me. Many thanks. My one word for the day - hugs.

Kate said...

I always love seeing your rock adventures, Chica looks so cute.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Most of the one word truths I lived today would not be fit to print here...

But - I love the spirit of this post! I am running out f rocks myself, kind of being skimpy with what I have left. I do like checking out my spots too to see what has been picked up and what has been left. I try not to personalize any of it (emphasis on "try").

Margaret Pangert said...

Those are powerful gifts, Kim! Imagine leaning down and finding this magical sign from you! Much joy! The one intended for me today was "bend." Give a little. Don't judge.
I'm thinking they would be great for poetry prompts, too.
Chica is the most adorable dog--I just love her!

kimmie said...

I love this! Portable graffitti :)

Lora Dawn said...

Yes, yes, I love your rocks.
I have had a bowl full of my own on my dining table for several years. I calligraphied ---in gold---the qualities I wished to grow in me!
Love your secret rock sharing---what a delight!

Nadeja said...

Thank you for this little voyage with you!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

I LOVED reading this post!! How wonderful! I get so inspired by you, dear one. Ooooh, I noticed the hear immediately in that shadow pic - awesome! Definitely a gift from the Universe. And what a lovely house you have. I dream of living in a house like that. In a place surrounded by nature and lots of flowers and people like you. Big Love! xoxo

elizabeth said...

I squealed when I saw the heart! That is the most perfect heart - so amazing that it was created by sunlight and shadow!

Your rock journeys inspire me. How fun to imagine the stories that come from each one.

Lots of love to you this week!

Elena said...

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