Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Doodles, Birthdays and Love !


This doodle spread began when I was on the phone and started finding shapes on the scrap paper I use to protect my current journal page around the edges, and for  over-spray with spray inks.

My fine black Faber Castell pen discovered all kinds of beings…


Then today, after I had spent a few hours painting Rock My World rocks,

I needed to escape into journaling for a bit,


so I cranked up the tunes and doodled and filled in color here and there and made this piece, with its Beings, Birdies and even a little garden of sorts.


Today is Halloween and also my hubby, David’s birthday.

IMG_6124 (3)

We won’t actually be donning costumes this year,


and we kind of celebrated the birthday a day early since we both were really in need of a dinner and drinkie out last night.

There will be cake and candles today though !


Happy Birthday, David !

I wish you every happiness and buckets of love, love, love !


Happy Halloween from the Rock Fairy, Beautiful Ones !


Anonymous said...

Finding the little things in the bigger're very good at that Kim. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband...and Happy Halloween too -- xo

Spadoman said...

Happyt Birthday David. Happy Halloween.
Now, cut me a nice thick slice of that lemon cake and warm it just slightly in the oven while the kettle gets hot for the tea, I'll be over in a few.
Love the doodles.

Peace, Love ands Hugs

Olivia said...

What a beautiful and celebratory post for Her Majesty! A Happy Birthday to Her King and may the two of you have a lovely night out together. A thank you to your generous sharing of Big Love and to the man who both facilitates and inspires this! xoO

Kate Robertson said...

Happy Halloween to you too!.. Love your doodles. What fun you've had. Tell David Happy Birthday!

Snap said...

wonderful little critters on your journal page -- fun! I bet they like Halloween! Happy Birthday to David. Celebrate the day.

Sacred Ordinary Moments said...

Happy Halloween! And a Happy Birthday to David! Loving your sweet doodles and those awesome headdresses. And I absolutely adore your Rock Fairy-ness!! Sweetest blessings your way. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Fantastic photos all......enjoy that cake! xox

beth said...

i love how you love faces the way i do....and see them or find them everywhere. happy birthday to your sweet love !!!


Unknown said...

I Love You Rock Fairy!
That is my favorite picture of you. The one in the tutu ♥

Laura said...

Loving my Rock Fairy...wish a happy birthday to the husband and the cake looks yummy!

Marit said...

Happy birthday David and happy Halloween to all of you (It is not an European feast but lately I see pumpkins in gardens and all, so some 'copied' it and are actually celebrating Halloween now overhere...)

Stephanie said...

Happy birthday to your David!!!

UR the queen of doodle this spread.

happy happy weekend!

Unknown said...

Hi, I found you through Artists in Blogland and thought I'd say hi...your art is beautiful!

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

lovely doodle world you created! and what a sweet rock fairy you are!

Anonymous said...

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