Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Always a good time for Polka Dots !

So Chica asked "Hey, Mom, what's up for play time today ?"

I said " Well, Cheeks, I heard it from a great source that

it is a perfect time for Polka Dots !"

So off I went in search of things to be polka-fied !

A plain beige pot on my back deck ?

Do gorgeous orange Zinnias deserve a plain beige pot ?

I Think NOT !

A bit of sanding, a slap of yellow paint, and a bright pink

polka dot

or ten and everything is fine and polka-fied again !

Hope your day gets polka-fied too !

Happy Tuesday !

(cheap beige, plastic pot that the plant came in, sanded it up a bit with sandpaper, used acrylic paint on it. will it last for ever ? probably not, but it sure as heck better than beige !)


beth said...

omg..I think we're all going to go out today and make polka dotted pots....soooo fun !

and thank you for your wonderful comment !!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE this!!! Polka dots are an instant happy maker in my book. Nice polkafying :)

Snap said...

I've had a long love affair with polka dots! It's fun to add a little paint to old flower pots -- gives the garden some color while you're waiting for the blooms! :D Thanks for the smile!

Alberta and Ava said...

EVERYBODY needs to be polkafied, if you ask me! Your altered flowerpot is so very me; I can't believe I don't already have one. I've enjoyed reding your last few posts, and you're right about the similarity in color schemes between your Celebrate page and my Risk page. Must be all those flowers blooming or just our kindred spirits communing! Yesterday I drove to Mississippi with my sister to pick up her 2 yr. old grandson Alex, so I've been a bit behind in my blog visiting, but I'm enjoying making the rounds, especially here. Hope you have a great weekend with your niece; I bet she adores having someone as free-spirited and sweet as you for an aunt. See you when you get home,

Anonymous said...

Oh, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it! So, did you sand to make the paint adhere better? What kind of paint? 'Cause my plain brown ones are gonna get a makeover!

Julie Prichard said...

ahhh.... well done, Kim!! Love it!

Jamie said...

You "Polka-fied" it! LOVE it! Your zinnias look so much happier. I can't tell youhow wonderful and inspiring your journal posts have been and I love seeing your self portraits. You glow and it's contagious:) Love, Jamie

Genie Sea said...

I always say... you can never have enough polka dots! They are fun manifest! :)

sherry lee said...

Do you remember The Polka Dot Door??? That's what I thought of when I saw this pot...it's stunningly fantastically splendifourous!!!! Makes those zinnias rock!

Kate said...


Oh I love this post, the pot and they way you did the entire thing. made me smile.

Thanks for all your latest comments on my art. I do feel its all coming together now and it feels great.


carolyn said...

love it! chica seems to enjoy the polka dots too!
good times~


Daisies and a polka-dot pot are perfect!! Thanks so much for sharing.