Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Digh-ed and Gone to Heaven...

I am so full up.

I don't even know what to write...

I was privileged to be a part of an incredible evening yesterday in Deerfield, NH, at the Lazy Lion Cafe, with the "Life is a verb" author, Patti Digh, our hostess with the most-est, Deb Kelley and a huge and wonderful cast of characters, not to mention my sweet, loving and supportive friend, Sonia.

We all got birthday cake candles from our pink tiara-wearing hostess, Deb. (If you read the book you know why - if you don't, check out page 29 - the essay called "Celebrate Every Orange Flag".) So perfect !

The Rock Fairy made an appearance...I brought little bags of "Rock My World" rocks for Deb and for Patti, a little thank you for making the evening happen. I also brought my bag full of loose rocks, thinking maybe they would come into play somehow, and make their way to anyone who wanted or needed some Rock love. Next thing you know, after giving one rock to Gigi, a cool chick I had a nice exchange with (her rock read "Be Here Now", so fitting !), the bag of rocks and I were making the tour of the room and everyone got one ! Oh, there was some sweet stuff at about getting your world rocked !

When Patti noticed me handing them out, she said "Oh, you're just like a "Rock Fairy" !" I replied, "That's the nickname a friend gave me recently !". That one is going to stick now, I think !

Patti read and shared herself and her funny, touching, real stories to a crowd of enthralled listeners, and there were many laughs, a few tears and hundreds of nods of understanding and connection.

The gratitude runs deep...
-to the universe for lining everything up to take place last night (including Patti's crazy flight delays !),
-to my own instincts that told me I had to be there,
-to Sonia for trusting me enough to come along on the adventure,
-to Deb for having the courage and the vision to ask for it all,
-and to Patti, for being so real and true in her intention to say "Yes" to life and all its wonders.

I feel like a new person today.

Like I have found the answer.

Like I always had the answer.

The answer to every question is


And last night, that room of people, and I, and our guest, Patti, got a major dose of it. What I have included here only covers a small portion of it !

All I can say is read the book. Connect yourself with others who get the message. Be present in your own life. Celebrate the ordinary like it is extraordinary, because you know what ? It is !

Oh, and if you ever have a extraordinary chance to meet the most down-to-earth yet heavenly spiritual person I have ever met, Ms. Patti Digh, make sure you tell her that the Rock Fairy says " Hi, again!"

My signed copy of "Life is a Verb"

Patti Digh, at her book sharing, in Deerfield, NH, June 2, 2009

Sorry about the so-so photo - I was too enthralled to take pictures !

Buy This Book !!!


sherry lee said...

I would love to meet Patti Digh and talk about Life is a Verb...and life!! But honey, if ANYONE deserves to have had this splendid, spellbinding opportunity it is you -- the world rocks because of one very special Rock Fairy!!! ♥

beth said...

oh, it's so good to be "full up" and I can understand why...I would have been, too !

Snap said...

Hello there, Rock Fairy! :D

Jennifer said...

This sounds wonderful! I'm going to have to check that book out.

Kate said...


I love this book. That is great that you got to meet Patti. I read the book quickly so its on my list to re-read and absorb it all. The rock fairy sounds great. The other day I named myself the Queen of Creativity so maybe we'll be Queens together.


Olivia said...

Oh Kim it sounds so wonderful. I'm glad you were blessed over and over again! thank you for sharing it with us as well. You deserve the additional title of Rock Fairy...Much love, O

Deb said...

Hi Rock Fairy ~ Ahhhh...wasn't last night just magical. The energy in that room was so powerful, if only I could have found a way to bottle it up and save it. Thank you for being a part of this celebration. I am so glad that we met. You have inspired me to get my blog up and running again. So much to say. Life is a verb...keep spreading the news !

Anonymous said...

Hurray for the rock fairy! Long may she reign! So glad you got to meet Patti; I love her book as you know, and it stays close to my bedside.

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Sounds like you had a blast! Nothing like being fully present! :-)

Genie Sea said...

What a fabulous experience! I almost had a vision of you with ethereal wings and a sparkly bag dispensing rocks like magic :)

This book sounds like an awesome one for The Next Chapter Book Club! :)

carolyn said...

what a wonderful experience you had! i have her book and love it! rings so true!
yay to the rock fairy!
this is your year to SHINE!!!!!

Tumble Fish Studio said...

Well, I am going to have to look for this book - it seems pretty powerful and I am excited to read it. I am so happy you had such an incredible experience!

Though you could make it yourself, I think I may have to find some time after my next trip to make you an authentic Tumble Fish Rock Fairy portrait as a thank you for all of the ways you have supported me. When you think of it, send me a picture of yourself (just your face close up is good enough - I like inventing bodies and clothes and shoes and wings) I have to leave a couple of weeks after I get home from this trip but I'll be hard at work in about a month and I would just love to do this for you!

my email is marsha@tumblefishstudio


Anonymous said...

so many great books recommended by so many great people...this one sounds like it has nourished your soul at a deep level.

patti digh said...

You made me cry with that post. I so LOVED being there and so LOVED meeting you. The Rock Fairy magic was palpable. I missed you the moment you left.

Kathy McCreedy said...

What a COOL experience, Kim! I'm SO envious!!! :D
Glad you got yourself there for that book signing... my copy is sitting just to the left of me! Very, very cool, and how nice that you thought to take a bag of rocks and share them with everyone... they won't soon forget meeting the Rock Queen, and rightly so! Elle est belle, non? xoxo