Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making Your Soul's Dream Home

"Dream Home" - art journal page, June 10, 2009

Inspired by the "Life is a verb" essay - "Dress Up for Ed McMahon"

(see yesterday's post)

What is one thing you can do,


to move towards making a dream of yours come true?

That is what I am asking myself. Being present in the here and now is awesome - it is making my life change one moment at a time. And I am soaking it all up, believe me.

But my soul wants something else as well.

My soul has a dream.

I am surrounding that dream with loving intention.

And every little, miniscule step I take brings it closer.

I can feel it.

Taking one micro-movement at a time.

Want to join me ?

Your soul says "Yes !"


joanne said...

oh yes... my soul says yes too... now if i can manage to stop listening to all the excuses in my head and make those small movements toward "yes" in every moment every day...

thank you for clicking through and saying hello and letting me find you, (and this very inspiring post...)


Susan Tuttle said...

yes, yes, yes!

big hugs and smooches to you dear one:)

Kate said...

I love this.. My soul says YES!!!!!!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Being here in the now doesn't preclude dreaming, if anything it gives more power to our dreams. Nice piece, I was wondering what size it is. I'm loving your art, Queen!

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! I love love LOVE this journal page! Love it!!! :-)

Commuter's Journal said...

Love the dream home, Kim. I recently took a photo of a darling cottage that looks much like your art. Don't you love synchronicity?

From the looks of things, your inner journey is expanding in depth and richness. Amazing what blooms in the spring. Here's to a full flowering!

Alberta and Ava said...

You're such a beautiful writer, Kim. You never stop inspiring me with your art and your words.

Olivia said...

My soul says YES too and I DO want to join you in this, Kim. I agree with the previous commenters---I love both your art and your writing, my queen. xo, O

carolyn said... micro-movement at a a time. LOVE THIS! enjoy the process.
i told you that this was gonna be YOUR YEAR!
imagine what will happen when the magic of squam happens!

Kathy McCreedy said...

Hey Kimmy! I love, love, love your illustration of your home! What I really like are the conceptual trees... why can't I draw like that? I admire your ability very much... hope your weekend is a really good one! xoxo