Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guess what ?

art journal page - June 18, 2009

I learned this from Patti Digh and her partner, David Robinson

at their Circle Project teleseminar last night.


I just have to believe it ! ;)

Don't those words feel good to know, though ?







The Bodhi Chicklet said...

YIKES! I've been so anxious to hear how that went! I've wanted to email you, no I wanted to pick up the phone and call you and hear about it with your own voice. *alas* Please tell me more. But I did want to say something else that's been on my mind lately - I see all these pieces you are making in you art journal but I really think that with the quality of work you produce, you should be working on paper that is better than standard sketchbook paper. Please tell me your journal is cotton paper or some such quality.

TonyaA said...

This is great!
Blessings, peace, and love to you,

Anonymous said...

Dear Kim, Thanks for being my constant and steadfast cheerleader and dream supporter! I am so grateful for my supportive connections. It really is so important to feel connected, and, as I get older, I'm finding this becoming more and more important to me. I'm realizing that alot of what I thought I thought when I was younger, I really don't think those things at all (kind of confusing to explain, but I'm sure you understand what I'm trying to say. Alot of it was the cocky ramblings of youth). I'm just finding myself being more and more humbled by life as time goes by. But this is all a very good and fully positive thing!

Those words sound sooooo comforting and like a balm to my soul... "You are not broken." Yet, it'll take a bunch of repeating them before that tightening up feeling in my body that clues me in on the fact that I don't really believe it with my whole being doesn't happen anymore. Let's keep reminding ourselves until we no longer doubt it!

Big Love and Magical Blessings to you! Serena

Snap said...

They are words that are good to know because they are TRUE ... you aren't broken! You are special and beautiful and talented and strong and supportive and generous and so much more (but it's past my bedtime). Sweet dreams, dear Kim!

One Crabapple said...

ooo I love your banner !

and ! your journal pages


Anne said...

Hi,Kim! Stunning art journal layout! I love all the juicy colors, the boldness of the message, the drippy drips! All of it! :-)

Anne said...

Hi again, Kim! I think this is such a terrific layout, that you should consider working it up as a larger piece that you could hang on the wall ... on canvas or art board. It is fabulous! :-)

Olivia said...

Beautiful take-away from the call, Kim. It shares the spirit of the call with those who weren't there (I was!). As always, so inspirational, and something kind and lovely to take away with me for the rest of the day. Love, O

sherry lee said...

I wish you could see the smile plastered all over my face upon reading this...why do we so often need to "hear" something from someone else and then it becomes "real" for us? We are so attuned to not listening to our own hearts. You can believe this and you will believe's a wonderful feeling when you do!! ♥

Alberta and Ava said...

I'm with you kid, but keep reminding me! I wish I had posters and t-shirts just like this to give to all my kids. I just read your comment on "Maps of Heaven." Don't you wish we'd know each other in school? We would have led OUR teachers a merry chase! And isn't it funny that two such peculiar, divergent little souls became teachers? Mrs. Yates would roll over in her grave! Party on, Kim.


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

What a colorful piece and what a powerful message. Your art journal is simply amazing.