Monday, June 8, 2009

When Momma's Happy, Mondays are Happy !

FOR TODAY (Monday June 8th, 2009 - Happy Birthday to my dear friend Lois !!!)

Outside my window...the sky is blue and the sun is shining - thank God the Weatherman is so wrong again !!!

I am is so cool to wake up singing like I did this morning instead of how I was in January, waking up wishing I didn't have to face the day at all !

I am thankful for...waking up singing, like I did this morning, instead of how I was in January, waking up wishing I didn't have to face the day at all !

From the kitchen...paint brushes, rollers and rags drying in the sink after a weekend of re-painting our bedroom.

I am wearing...ha ! my red nightgown, my glasses and my green El Naturalista clogs, is Monday after all !

I am creating... a new sanctuary in my bedroom that reflects me. I wanted light and airy yet colorful too , like the colors in some of my recent paintings (click here to see the piece I am using as inspiration !), instead of the beige/tan color I ended up with at the end of the winter. David agreed to paint a third color on the wall, though he did make fun of my "randomness" to the paint guy at Lowes a bit - justified I guess ! ;) As of this morning, I am totally in love with the new blank canvas of a room I have to work with !

I am take my paints and my journal outside on the deck - I need to paint today !!!

I am reading... about so many of my woman friends in blogland learning to live in the present moment and being so grateful for life's gifts. These posts are so very, very inspiring and remarkable !

I am hoping...the weatherman is wrong again tomorrow as they are calling for rain and I need nice weather for a birthday lunch with Lois tomorrow !

I am praying ...that I continue to find the strength and the focus to wake up singing in the morning. :)

I am hearing.... the quiet of the neighborhood when everyone is gone to work and it is just me and the animals around.

Around the house...the dog is lying on the daybed waiting for me to get my act together and give her some exercise !

One of my favorite things...the new paint color in my room - "Sweet Slumber" - how perfect is that for a bedroom? A cool, icy blue with a hint of turquoise. So lovely with the crisp white and the pops of color I plan to bring in with accessories.

A few plans for the rest of the week: meditation tonight, lunch at my house with Lois tomorrow for her birthday, finishing the bedroom decorating slowly...

Here's a picture shot (or two - I can't resist !!!) I am sharing :

Here is the beautiful Poo-poo Head/Azzy sleeping on my bed - he loves clean blankets and sheets ! I think he approves of the new wall color.

Here is my side of the bed right now - see the gorgeous pillow with the Icelandic poppy on it painted and sewn by my friend Lo, and the funky lampshade made by yours truly ?

Hope this Monday makes you Mommas out there happy !


Melissa said...

Here's to You waking up singing!! YAY YOU!!

I could eat that pillow. Would love to see a closer piccy of the lampshade. I am sure it's eye candy. ;)

~Strawberries and Chocolate~

Melissa said...

No need for the closer piccy - I clicked on it and enlarged it. Duh.

I was right eye candy! Love those beads.

Did I see a kissy picture next to the lamp????? Ooooooooo!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Indeed, you've brightened my day! I just knew you were wearing your green el naturista clogs! And I love it when the neighborhood has gone to work, the quiet with just the birds singing, the bugs twerping. Solace.

P.S. Still on the fence about the telecoaching. I'm trying to answer your question as to why else (other than $$$ I am so hesitant).

Kate said...


Its wonderful to wake up singing and dancing too. I feel like I want to dance around the room.

I love the inspiration piece, I know you will make a wonderful room.

I too sometimes am in my Pj's most of the day. Its so freeing not to have to get dressed.

Have a fantastic day creating.


Snap said...

Wake up singing and do a little dance (as per the Universe)!!!!! Love the pillow, love the wall color. You are going to have such a wonderful decorating. Enjoy!

simplydelicious said...

Wow...that pillow is just beautiful! I'm glad that you feel like singing in the mornings...I've been where you were in January and don't want to go there again! Keep doing what you are doing to stay happy!!


Jennifer said...

What a wonderful Monday! I was just thinking of convincing my dear one to let me paint "his" office. I have an urge to paint a room and that's the only one that needs it...well there is the attic studio where I'm supposed to be, but that's too big right now and needs vaccuuming, LOL!

Your side of the bed looks quite beautiful. I LOVE, love, love the colors.

And guess what, I have lime green yarn so just give me a little while and your dream holder necklace will be ready :)

beth said...

wow...what is it about paint this time of year...or change or whatever it is that's in the air...ME TOO !!

loving that pillow on the bed...

and WHAT ?

you made that lamp ?, you are a creative one !

Stephanie said...

Happy Monday here for sure...enjoy and let it spark your entire week!

Susan Tuttle said...

Delightful, delightful -- everything about this post is sheer delight! You are transforming your bedroom into a perfect haven -- I love that poppy pillow! and your gorgeous lamp!

Patrick Watson's music and spirit is so special -- so glad that you are enjoying it too -- how serendipitous that you are from the same town!

Have a beautiful week!:)


Yolanda said...

Sounds like my idea of a perfect day.

Deb said...

Hello Dear Rock Fairy ~ You certainly had a productive weekend. It was a wonderful day to be singing and tomorrow will also be a wonderful day to be singing -even if you are singing in the rain!

Genie Sea said...

Oh! I like the crisp whiteness of the room with the splashes of lovely warm colors! And that lampshade! FAB! May you wake up singing every day! :)

Jamie said...

I can hear you now sweetie!!! My package arrived yesterday. I LOVE my necklace. I bought it because that's what I want to do. I want to Bloom. And thank you so much for my wonderful inspirational rocks. Thank you so much! The boys want to take them to the playground and leave them for other kids to find:) Your bedroom sounds so lovely and soothing. Perfect! Love, Jamie

Jennifer said...

MIssed your words today, but I was glad to see you at my e-place :)