Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Be kind...be kind...be kind...

First off, I would love to thank Olivia at happy luau for awarding me with the One Lovely Blog Award. Showing appreciation for the content and the message of blogs you love is a beautiful thing, through comments, through these awards and through mentioning some special stuff going in your own posts. So much Blogland Love ! Yay !

As a recipient of this award, I am supposed to list 6 things that are making me really happy right now, so here goes :

1. my family & friends and the lovey-dovey love I share with them

2. my furry animals - so cozy and sweet...though if they had a little less hair right now that would be okay by me !

3. my meditation practice...takes work to tone that muscle but man, it brings you good stuff !

4. more light in the evenings which means longer days, more time for socializing, for doing fun stuff, for enjoying life - I know the day has the same amount of hours in it but that extra light makes it seem like more time.

5. boring t.v. which makes it easier to turn it off and do something more meaningful and enriching- like read a book or make some art or play cribbage with my hubby !

6. giving out little gifts of love to the universe and feeling them come back a hundred fold...

I have a really hard time singling out recipients for awards - maybe I try and be too PC about it and worry that someone will feel left out. I have decided today to wimp out and award the Lovely Blog Award to all of Blogland - to blogger sharing themselves and their loveliness bravely and openly with all of us ! Consider yourself awarded !

Speaking of giving and receiving gifts, I wanted to share a recent lovely Blogland find of mine.

The sweet and oh so inspiring blog called kind over matter run by Amanda and Jen.

Their whole raison d'etre is to spread love and kindness. What could be better ? They post photos and inspiring quotes multiple times a day. They provide a place for people to share their acts of kindness to encourage others. They even advertise for free for blogland artists who are spreading kindness through their work. It is an awesome site !

These sweet chicks also provided a series of kindness quotation cards in PDF format and encouraged readers to document how they have used the cards and link back to them. That is what I decided to do yesterday.

Had to get rid of the grey rainy blahs somehow...sprinkle some colorful love on it seemed like the perfect solution...

I copied the cards, cut them out and then went to Color Town decorating some tags with little collages connected to the quotes (8 in all). I added some ribbons in rainbow colors and here's what I had :

see the sweet cards that Amanda and Jen made available on the tags ? (click to enlarge)

The kind over matter gals suggest leaving the extra bits of kindness cards wherever you feel like people could need it. I decided to bring the tags with me to meditation last night and give them as gifts the the ladies in the class.

I took pictures of the tags by the Buddha in the meditation room as my "proof".

The girls at the class really loved the tags. Each one of the 5 ladies present chose one based on the color that felt right for them.

And as for the Buddha,

I think he approved...don't you ?

I hope you get a little and give a little extra kindness today ! Happy Tuesday !


paperbird said...

What a beautiful blog you have. I love your banner.

Melissa said...

You have a way with color! Yum yum yum.


beth said...

i agree !
boring TV for sure, which makes me get my butt off the couch and do other stuff...

and days that seem to never end due to the sunlight hanging around for so long....love that !

Snap said...

I know the Buddha approved! Thanks for the link to *kind over matter* -- lovely, just lovely. I loved the whole post ... congratulations on the award and YOU GO GIRL! Go give yourself an extra big hug from me.

amanda said...

Ohmygoodness, these are soooo fabulous! ahhhh! I am gonna post about them tomorrow! Yes!

So bright & beautiful! I gots the warm fuzzies!!!

Thank you for spreading the love!!!!

laurel said...

Absolutely love those tags! Such wonderful colors.

Commuter's Journal said...

A lovely award for a lovely queen and her lovely queendom -- how apropos!

These tags are totally delicious, Kim. I'm still hoarding the ones you've sent me, waiting for the right moment to spread the LOVEliness around.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

You are attracting all kinds of loving kindness to you, aren't you?! How lovely, wonderful and truly inspiring. Not only did you seem to have a terrific time making these cards/tags but I'm sure you made the day of each and every woman at the meditation group last night. Three cheers for the Queen!

Anonymous said...

I love the things that make you happy too...longer days...no TV...isn't it fantastic?!

It is now my goal to find a message from the universe...have not found one in a while...will sharpen my antennae...

Tumble Fish Studio said...

I may be double posting. My internet crashed (for the 50th time tonight) just as I was about to finish a long catch up post. I'll make this one a bit shorter. (if it's a double, just delete whichever you like!)

I just wanted to tell you that you are a true inspiration to me. Not just in art, but in living life. You are one of the most positive, hopeful, encouraging and yet real persons I have ever run across. I always feel better about everything when I visit you. Your thoughts, your art, your aspirations are all beautiful and fresh. You are genuine, too, which makes everything that much more perfect.

I agree with you on the blog awards. I, too, am starting to worry about dispersing them adequately. It was fun to get the first ones, but now I cringe trying to figure out who I haven't given one to. I hate to resort to posting the blog thingie that says "don't give me an award" but I am thinking I might one of these days. (Okay, it's not like I get them all the time either - I sound so arrogant - I have gotten a few and after the first two I realized I would have to do heavy duty research to make sure I wasn't overlooking anyone and yet I'm sure I did) Well, congrats on yours and the way you handled it.

I loved the Nickelback video. LOVED it!

Have a great week!

patti said...

Love your tags Kim - all that delicious colour! Well done keeping the buddha (and everyone else!) happy :)

Anonymous said...

These are so very very cool! I am loving how you are spreading joy! Also, thanks for the cool link;I've added yet another blog to my ones to read!

Anonymous said...

Bravo and congratulations to you Kim.
Your Blog reminds me of your father:

- the associations/interactions
- the colors
- the openness of the heart.

I miss him but he lives in YOU, my lovely.

Have a beautiful day,


MooMama said...

Love the altered kindness tags! They are so bright and warm!

*A great way to spread a bit of kindness into the world! Thanks for sharing!

amanda said...



Thanks again!!!

Anne said...

Hi, Kim! Congratulations on your blog award! Love the tags!! I would have to pick the blue one with the boat and the quote from Mark Twain. :-)

sherry lee said...

I've missed reading your posts...this one is no exception to the quality and the depth to what your life is. I love the cards!! And you deserve such a wonderful award!!

As for Kind over Matter -- what a great title for a blog and a fabulous concept..off to check it out!~

Kate said...

I love those pics of you. Very nice. The feeling is mutual.