Wednesday, June 2, 2010

An Audience with the Queen...

Hey Queenie, where ya been ?

I've been around.

Ya, whatcha been up to ?

Well, I have been doing a little of this and a little of that.

Spent a sweet Memorial Day weekend with the Hubby.

We worked on the gardens, shopped quite a few nurseries,

had lunch out one day,

breakfast another.

Went to the beach to gather rocks, feel the waves and smell the salt.

And spent a lot of time be very thankful for all we have


You do any art ?

Ya, I did a page or two in the journal.

This is the latest :

(click on image to enlarge)

It is a bizarre totem pole that just kind of emerged...

The top is an angel praying - reminding me to maintain my attitude of gratitude.

Then comes the head, two of them actually, reminding me to look at things from both sides...

The middle is a photo of a Player's Cigarette tin. My dad actually had a tin like that that he kept little trinkets in. I think my sister Kristina still has it. So for me the tin represents a link to my roots. Tobacco was originally and still is traditionally smoked to unite the smoker with his own spirit. Though the smoking part is no longer a part of me, I kind of like that connecting to my spirit image being in the middle. Again, it all just kind of came together.

Just before the legs and feet is a square with an image of a cat on the Eiffel Tower.

I have no idea where the image came from - I have boxes of images that I have gathered from friends and bought on etsy along the way and this little square just appeared and fit perfectly as I was building my totem pole.

For me, it represents the ability to dwell in the realm of possibility.

The legs and feet from a magazine ad with their perfect black leggings and practical black shoes represent keeping your feet firmly on the ground while reach upwards.

Wow, Queenie, that is some deep stuff. You are kind of a weird chick, you know.

I don't think of myself as weird. I think I am in touch with that Inner Artist and she comes out and plays whenever I let her. It is a beautiful thing !

Beautiful ? Kind of, but like I said, weird.

So what else have you been doing ?

Well, I have been really enjoying my women friends lately too.

They are so very dear and essential to me ! The wonderful thing is that I finally, after ten years of building them slowly, have some really great relationships with women here in NH and I don't always have to travel 5 hours for a good girlfriend time !

Just yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Kriss in Stratham, which was wonderful. We chatted and shared stories and really encouraged one another to follow our dreams fearlessly. What more could you ask from a friend ?

I also went out for dinner with my Art Gathering friends. Mexican food, large margaritas for some (not me, I was driving) and lots of giggles and laughs. Most of the girls went on to see the Sex and the City movie (which I saw last week with my friend Sonia and really didn't like !) but my pal Colleen and I headed to Barnes and Noble to peruse the art mags and books and continue the chatting a deux. (Just the two of us!)

Plus I have wonderful phone calls with friends back in Montreal often during the week.

I truly feel blessed with the friendships that I have built in my life. So much good juicy girlfriend LOVE !

Well, Queenie, you are a very good friend, I will give you that !

Thanks ! I think I am pretty good at spreading the love..

So anything else you feel like sharing today ?

Well, I am loving the way my back deck is coming together ! I planted a few different flowers in containers, as well as some tomatoes and some herbs.

I really love the African Daisies I found.

Check out the gorgeous yellow :

And these bizarre purple ones - they look like alien flowers !


Yup. This warm and wonderful spring is helping me live in the moment, enjoy all the treasures that life is surrounding me with, and feel really connected in this crazy, sad, beautiful, joyful world.

So Queenie, why do you think that life is so good for you right now ?

Oh, that is easy ! Love is the answer to every question, my friend. LOVE.

(click to enlarge) - journal page

"Maybe Birds" - May, 2010

Well, on that note, let me say Thank You for spending some time with us today !

You are so very welcome. Have a great hump day, Beautiful Ones !

Queenie, OUT !


Lisa said...

What a fun post! :)

I love heading to barnes and noble...sounds like my kind of outing!

And not weird at ALL...I LOVE the journal. It is whimsical, detailed (keeps me looking!), and most importantly, full of messages that speak to YOU. Soulful art...can't get much better.

BJ Lantz said...

That purple flower is soooo cool! I love how organic your journal pages are and you're not weird at all :~) Of course, being a creative spirit myself, my perspective might be skewed... LOL And you are so right, girlie friends are very, very important and I seem to have gathered many myself. Sometimes I think, more than I can manage...

Kate said...

Oh I loved this post, I know I say that a lot but it is true. The dialogue with the queen was a hoot and I loved your pages too. So much thought and meaning. Yes i think Love is the answer...

Have a lovely day my Queen...

jgr said...

I love your journal pages!! I also enjoyed reading about your process. And yes, you are a REALLY good friend, not weird at all - unique.

Judy Wise said...

hee hee. You're funny! xo

Snap said...

Great post. Very enjoyable. Love the totem and especially love the last page you shared ... with a little bit of love ... Yep!

lynne h said...

well i'm just sitting here smiling, Queen Big Heart...

Love love to you...

: ) : ) : )

gretchen said...

I am always so richly rewarded whenever I come to visit here on your blog. My heart is full!
xoxo gretchen

beth said...

how does your heart fit in your chest ?
seriously, it's the biggest one i've ever met....just thought you should know that !

and if love could change the world....we would have already seen a difference with you being in it :)

slommler said...

Wonderful post our yours all the time by the way!!! Just saying!!!
Love your journal page very much!
Love can change the heart at a time...if we would just let it!

Tess said...

This is a wonderful post. I was hooked right away and just had to keep on reading. Sounds like you are living a good life. I really enjoyed your Totem journal page. What a great idea. Cool page! And that alien flower is awesome. Love it! I wouldn't say you are weird but then again in my book weird is a good thing. Sooo maybe you are weird becasue you are definitely a good thing. :) I always enjoy visiting your blog.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

So THAT's what you've been up to. I particularly love that last journal page - would love to see it on my wall!

patti said...

Love coming here for all the love Queenie, beautiful deep & creative journal page. Love it! xx

Erin Butson said...

maybe birds are precious! Where do you comeup with this stuff, queenie? so great.

Anonymous said...

You are certainly creative my daughter! Such a fun little voyage through your words! Keep up the Good works!
Love you,

Elena said...

I rode in to give you a hug for a beautiful comment to my post. I needed that, thank you so very much. And I end up finding beauty in words and photos here. Keep on! And thank you!

Anonymous said...

I really, really enjoyed this post. Your journal pages are beautiful. That totem one is so cool and the I absolutely love the Maybe Birds! Loved seeing those beautiful flowers, too. What IS that purple one? It's stunning!