Monday, June 7, 2010

Queen's going to BOOTCAMP!

Sunday morning, I woke up thinking about how many things in my life I have left undone.

I know, right !!!?...

Waking up like that and having those kind of negative thoughts isn't very pleasant.
After a few minutes of feeling crappy about myself,

I said to myself :

"So kid, what are you going to do about this ?"
I realized I can't really go back and change the past and

finish all the things I started but never completed, but I could start from where

I am right now and try to make a commitment to see some things through to completion.

That may be just the ticket to change some of those

negative thoughts and wake up feeling good about myself instead !
So of course, as soon as you make a bit of a plan to take action to change,

the Universe puts something in place to help you get there.

I was reading beth's blog and saw that she was joining

in on Creativity Boot Camp

- a free on-line class to help boots your Creative Powers being offered by Maegan Beishline.

Here's a bit from her introductory post :
"I’d like to welcome you to the Creativity Boot Camp! Thank you so much for being here. I really hope that you come away from this course with a deeper, more enriched sense of your creative spirit. I hope that this course enlivens and awakens your creative impulses and sets you free on your creative journeys. "

Now I am pretty in touch with my creative spirit.

I have learned that being an artist and living a creative life is essential to me and my happiness in this world.

So it wasn't only the theme of the class that made me decide to join.

It was the fact that I would be committing to two weeks of creating and writing every single day about my creative process.
Here was something challenging yet manageable that I could work on seeing through right down to the finish line !
I just happen to have two relatively quiet weeks ahead of me.

I certainly have all the simple and few supplies to participate !

So here I go - doing this for me.

To prove to myself that I can say I am going to do something that benefits my life experience and stick to it !

The Queen's going to Boot Camp, Baby !

I have decided to create a new journal for the class.

I will be making a journal page each day, doing some writing with the prompts that Maegan give us and adding photos of my stuff to the Flickr group periodically to share with the community there.

I will be doing this each day for two weeks.
Here is the page for Day 2 - June 7, 2010

Maegan also includes a random word prompt every day to work in to our art work.

Day 2's word was : Picnic.

This is the photo I am adding to the Flickr group.

This feels like a fine way to start the week !

It also feel like a fine gift to give myself.

Let's get those creative muscles in shape !

You can do this, Kimbo !

Happy Creative Monday, Beautiful Ones !


Charlie said...

Yes You Can!
Sounds like a great workshop.
I should join too but too much going on.
Good luck and I really look forward to seeing what you create.
Have fun!
Love your journal pages btw.

Lynn said...

I LOVE your journal pages. I need to add more to the pages I created recently...but also am busy packing things up...not even sure I left the journal out. Figured I wouldn't have time...drawing/painting instead.
But will follow your journey and get ideas and inspiration for when I can get back to mine. Thanks.

Barbara said...

Happy creative Monday to you! What a great inspiration for this Monday. I'll try to take my skills to a new level this week.

Hugs XX

dosfishes said...

As if you don't create all the time anyhoo, this sounds like fun! I love the pages you have come up with so far. I am ready to take a break and rest up a bit!
xox Corrine

Kate said...

Oh this sounds like so much fun. I want to sit in class with you too! Great Pages, great ideas too. I am going to check it out....

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wow! This is splendid!! See you tomorrow. ♥tlb

Jennifer said...

Kim, this sounds amazing! I love your day two journal and thank you for my rock my world rocks!! I'm excited to share these :)

Olivia said...

I hope that you have a FANTASTIC Creativity Boot Camp, Kim. I always look forward to your posts, and now I will be excited to watch you ramp it up a notch. Whoo hoo! xo, O

Melissa said...

Go Queen Go!

What about this question - Oh, where do you sell your stuff?

Then again, I mostly get asked this question from my accountant hubby's co-workers. HA! They would be concerned about MONEY!

As if it's not enough to just do it. No, no, you gotta make MONEY at it. THAT's the whole point!

I'm glad that it's not the point at all.

Yeah, everyone I say mixed media to looks at me like I just said, "Blah blah." I explain it by saying, "That basically means I can use anything and everything to create art." They still don't get it. How sad for them!

Oh so YAY that we do!

~magickal hugs Kim-a-lish~

Elena said...

Love this post and your journal page! What a wonderful commitment to yourself and going to boot camp.

Anna Lear said...

What a great idea -- I might join in, too! I absolutely love your journal (and all of your work, really!) And I really related to the "things left undone" stress you wrote about... I think the only antidote is to keep creating! ;-)

Hugs and blessings,

Cinner said...

This is a fabulous idea, I am always so thrilled with your journal pages.

Kelly said...

I too was born in the beautiful city of Montreal!!!
Love your blog...keep creating and keep posting!!!

Lorrie Grainger Abdo said...

Go! Go! Go! Love the face on the left journal page.

elizabeth said...

A gift full of creativity!