Friday, June 25, 2010

Rocks, waves, rainbows and lovers...

So if you saw my post yesterday, you know my spirit was kind of low. I let a lot of negative stuff in, especially all the sadness and hopelessness about the destruction of this one planet we have to call our own.

The wonderful thing about me though, one of the things I really, really love, is that I have learned how to get myself out of that crappy place pretty quickly. I know the tools that work most of the time.

Yesterday, I used some of the tools late in the day.

The first thing I did was call a friend.

In this case, I called my very best friend. I called my sweet hubby, David.

I asked him if he felt like heading to the seacoast for a beach visit after work. He didn't hesitate to say yes. I think he could hear some of that desperation in my voice.

So at 5:30, after a stop at the post office to mail some HOPE NOTES, we headed down the 101 to Hampton Beach.

It was about 85 degrees outside, but the New England seacoast water was only about 62.
We walked along the water's edge holding hands...

Getting our toes wet...

Soaking up the smell, sights and sounds of those magnificent waves...

We saw lots of people cheating (okay, breaking the law) and bringing their dogs for a frolic after the sun worshipers and life guards had left for the day...

(You can bet that Chica is making the next after work trip to the beach with us ! It is worth the risk of a fine to me !)

We watched the surfers in their wet suits enjoying their playtime in spite of some ominous black clouds heading in and flashes of lightening far in the distance.

We hunted for the perfect heart shaped rock among the millions...

And ended up finding it close to the water's edge instead !

So perfect was this rock that it actually has two perfect hearts in it (didn't get a picture of the second one).

Two hearts beat as one, my David and I.

After sitting on a boulder for a while and brushing some of the sand from between our toes,

it felt like it was the right time to go...

On the drive back home, we had to pull over and take a shot of the one last blessing that our evening bestowed upon us...

How is that for a sign confirming you are living the right way in the moment ?

As you can imagine, most of the angst and sadness were pushed aside for thankfulness and peace after our little adventure at the beach.

The bad stuff is always there.

Tons of it...

So much crap that it is easy to feel like you are drowning in it.

But you know what ?

So is the GOOD stuff.

We just have to work a little harder to keep the focus on it, I guess.

I am so thankful that I have learned that !

(Thanks and big, huge LOVE to my man, David for taking me away and also for taking all the pix with the big gun Canon. I love you even more than raspberries, Baby ! )

I hope you get to go out and find your own rainbows today, Beautiful Ones.

Happy Friday !

A song for David...I'll love you more...


gretchen said...

Just back from my sweet week out on the Isles of Shoals, where (thanks to you) I played 'rock fairy', and oh do I have some wonderful stories to share with you! Next time you get to the coast, gaze out towards the Shoals and know that some of your precious little rocks are tucked about around the island and that some have already touched the hearts of those who have found them.
I'll email you soon,
hugs, gretchen

Cheri said...

Makes me wish our shore were close enough for a quick drive after work! (It is 2.5 hours away). Glad you got your spirit restored!

Kimmie said...


Karin Bartimole said...

so, so incredibly beautiful and healing.
the 'negative' exists - the wholeness of life means there is darkness and light and you have shared with us the full spectrum - thank you for that. It is all to be honored, namaste...

dosfishes said...

Glad your David, Chica girl and the ocean brought you back to balance, I keep hoping this is a massive lesson and that this time everyone will hear that we have to change our human ways to protect everyone and everything. xox Corrine

Suzanne said...

I don't know what to say except that I'm happy that you had a better day. This world's difficulties can bring you down...I was there yesterday. I guess we just need to try harder for our children and teach them to love our planet :)

Kate said...

I love that you took charge and went with what you thought was necessary. I wish I could drive to the beach. Well I can it just takes about 16 hours or more I can't actually remember the amount.

I do love going along with you for the ride though so I appreciate the pictures.


Lynn said...

Smart woman you,
calling THAT best friend,
going to the ocean
so refreshing
such a lovely romantic day.

I could go for that too!

Thanks for sharing.

Elena said...

How could I have never met you and yet have so much in common with you? What a beautiful day and wonderful gifts you received!

slommler said...

Beautiful beach pics!! Glad you could get away and feel some peace!

Jennifer said...

This was so beautiful to read! I hope an bet that your time with the water is a part of the healing that I hope comes to our world.

The heart rock is awesome! I thought about you today because one of my chicken nuggets was heart shaped *and* there was a heart shaped patch gouged out of the mini-golf course we visited today. I took a shot of the nugget, so maybe I'll post it.

I really love the journal page from yesterday. I don't know if I have a spirit animal guide, but the two that I resonate with most are lizards and frogs.

Bethany said...

ocean, blue sky, frolicing dogs, heart rock, rainbows and your man, WOW! you sure know how to turn that frown upside down! ;-)

Melissa said...

YUM. Thanks for sharing this awesome experience! Love seeing your toe'sies in the water.


rachel awes said...

don't you love
when you receive
just what you need
& you never could
have known that it
would a
rainbow?! & so on!
lol to you!