Friday, June 18, 2010

Thankfulness Thursday, Everyday...

(me and sue - 2002)

I am off doing what I love - hanging with a really good friend, doing a little creating and being in a space and place where I can completely be myself, warts and all.

How perfect it that ?

Feeling very thankful for that today.

Just wanted to share this beautiful video this morning that I found on the Soothe Your Soul Facebook page.

Consider it from me to you, Beautiful, Lovely Ones.

You are loved.

Happy Friday.


Mary said...

yes, it's good to hang with friends and be able to be who we are - warts and all!!

loved this video. Our bodies can go without food longer than our souls I think!!

Thanks Kim!! Have a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Kim - beautiful. Have fun on your trip and don't forget to love YOU (warts and all).


dosfishes said...

Glad you are having fun with a friend, love those groucho faces. Thanks for sharing. xox Corrine

fromthepines said...

That was wonderful Kim.

Thank you.


Kate said...

Thanks for telling me I am loved. I needed to hear that today. The video was quite beautiful and moving. Have fun with your friend.

Big Love,


Jennifer said...

hee, hee! Nice faces :) I'm glad you had fun!

beth said...

i adore you...even with that hairy thing growing under your nose...want to borrow my tweezers....LOL

Anonymous said...


be your authentic self!!!

slommler said...

Being yourself with someone who will let you be is priceless!!
Love the faces!!

Melissa said...

You are so cute! And LOVED too!


SE'LAH... said...

I want a pair of those glasses ;)

Enjoy your week, big Heart!