Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Day Book and a 400th Post Giveaway !


FOR TODAY, Monday, August 9th, 2010

Outside my window...the glorious canopy of maple trees, shading the yard from the white hazy sunlight of the morning.

I am thinking...that I can’t believe it is August 9th when it feels like it should be July 9th!!!

I am thankful for...all the wonderful people I am blessed to have in my life, to learn from, to lean on, to support, to feel loved by, to give my best loving to, and to celebrate the good with.

From the kitchen...cooked quinoa for the first time and used it where I would have used rice in a veg/rice/chicken sausage recipe I make. (Kind of Mexican flavors, served with a dollop of low fat sour cream – we call it “mishmash”).  I found it very bland on its own but it soaks up the spice really well and has a nice texture. Nice to add something so healthy to the repertoire.

I am soft, light, turquoise indian cotton night shirt and flipflops

I am creating...some journal pages, a plan for a giveaway (it’s coming below !!!!) and the space for some $$$ to come my way in part-time job that feels good to my Soul (too much to ask you think ? I am hoping not !)

I am going...on a walk with the doggie this morning before the big, humid heat of the day moves in again.

I am reading...”The Friday Night Knitting Club” by Kate Jacobs – I got the book second hand while at the beach a last week. It is okay…I much preferred the latest Alice Hoffman book, “The Story Sisters”, which was intriguing and had that bit of magic that Hoffman always delivers !

I am hoping...that I find lots of ways to stay present today, stop thinking too much and find ways to just BE.

I am hearing...the whirring of the fan and the heat bugs even though it is only 8:37 am.

Around the house...the sheets were freshly put on the bed last night, the garbage is empty and at the curb and it feels like a Monday.

One of my favorite things...the 5 old books I bought at the Londonderry Flea Market on Sat. that are perfect for cutting up for collage but that don’t smell even remotely of mildew ! The seller said they were her uncle’s old school books from the 50’s and they has been stored in the attic ! Nice and dry…

A few plans for the rest of the week: Meditation Monday today, Arty Pool Party tomorrow afternoon, a long weekend trip to Montreal and then up North for David and me on Friday. Should be a good one !

Here are some pictures for thought I am sharing...

P8080003  P8080004



(Art Journal page – August 2010 – click to enlarge)

And to celebrate that you are here now and that I have been here, in this exact place for

400 posts !!!!!,

I have decided to do a sweet giveaway !

Leave me a comment on this post with a word or short phrase that you would love to see on a Rock My World rock

  and you will be entered to win the one of 4 gift packages from the Queen of Arts herself !

Each gift package will include :


1. A little bag of 13 Rock My World Rocks so you can join the adventure and spread the love.

lovenotefan leaveschangingcardpack

2. A set of 4 Original Artwork Note Cards (you can let me know if you have a favorite piece of mine that you would like to have on a note card in your comment and I will do my best to accommodate).


3. Three little one by one inch hand carved rubber stamps with a Queen of Arts Studio design on them to play in your journals with

and finally I will add in some bits of ephemera such as old dictionary pages, images or bits and bobs that will be lovely added to a collage or journal page.

400 posts so 4 packages to win!

I will randomly choose a winner on August 19th so that gives you 10 days to participate!

(don’t forget to add your Rock My World rock suggestion to your comment !)


Did you think about how much writing and connecting and art and life goes into 400 Posts on a Blog ????

Amazing, isn’t it ?

It feels like a great documentation of some wonderful bits of my life.

My mark on the planet in some ways.

I am truly grateful for the blogging experience and to all the great Souls that share it with me !

Let’s celebrate it, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !


fromthepines said...

ooh, am I first?! Congrats Kim and wonderful prizes!

I would suggest my mantra

"Thoughts become things"
and I like your "Be here now" too.

Stop over and see a post I did yesterday on an art journal spread of mine. Love to get your interpretation.


Bracha said...

what a wonderful idea god bless you for thining of such a beautiful idea to reach out and give love to others. my phrase is
"walk by faith not by sight"
"God will turn your mistakes into MIRACLES"

hope you like these and please enter me in your give away. god bless you and yours...walk by faith not by sight.

indie grrrl said...

Congrats on 400 posts!
My suggestion.... Art is Love!

Olivia said...

Congratulations to My Queen on 400 posts--whoo hoo!

My phrase is "You are beautiful!", and that you are, My Queen. Thank you for continual inspiration and big, big love that you share via your blog.

Love, O

jgr said...

Congrats to you on 400 posts!! I offer the phrase "You are ENOUGH". Have a great day!

Cheri said...

My phrase (which I have to keep reminding myself) is "I am ENOUGH" followed by "I am worthy" (of love, respect, appreciation...). I can't believe you've hit 400 posts already! Congratulations to you! One of my favorite pieces of yours was featured recently in a post and says "Your are part of something beautiful" - love that one!

Paula said...

Be curious...
Wild Adventure
Your Beautiful Life
Awake, Aware, and Interested
A Magical Connection
Don't Sweat It!
Keeper of Memory
Refuel Your Spirit
Exploring Many Paths
Being Brave
Inspiration Everywhere
Self Edit, Don't Self Censor
Simplicity and Balance
Silence Your Inner Critic
Slow Down & Listen
Don't Think Twice
Authenticity & Heart
Celebrate Everything
Authenticity Matters
Allow Yourself to Let Go
Be Your Own Superhero
A Story to be Told
Content with Being Me
Along Comes Life
New Beginnings
Step Back
Emerging From My Cocoon
Without Fear of Failure
Where My Story Begins
Time to Get Started
Endless Opportunities
Finding a Voice
Make Your Own Rules

So...I spent yesterday cutting up magazines. Hope these help!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy! Wow congratulations on making so many people so happy with all your wonderful sharings of your heart in this way! My phrase is "Rock On!" Not so original, but that is what came to me. So YAY on you my precious daughter. Keep up the good works and ROCK ON!

Dale Anne Potter said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the 400th post!!!
My mantra is always.....BREATHE.

slommler said...

400th post!!! Congrats! Very cool!
My word for the year is " TRY " !!!
So that is the word I suggest!!

dosfishes said...

Congrats on 400! Love this new page and I can see you in turquoise, what a perfect color for you. Rock my world words - Be Wild Always. xox Corrine

Corinne said...

Congratulations!! 400 posts... wow!! :)

I would love to see the following on rocks...

Love the Life you Live (is that too long?)
Write Now

(too funny, I think my comment is coming in right under my name twin - only spelled differently! :))

Little Bits of Love Art said...

Happy 400th Post
for the rock...I've got the power

Boot ~C said...

Congrats on 400! I love the saying "enjoy every sandwich" this is what the late great Warren Zevon said when David Letterman asked him for any advice or wisdom( he had terminal cancer, it was a farewell visit)to share w/ the audience. Take note of the simple things. I also like a line from a B Raitt song, "We can live in fear, or act out of hope"

lyle said...

kim, love your post for today. the picture is great!" You can do it" is my phrase for the day! will it fit. I think its a good one for anyone with an illness or serious worries! have fun!

Kelley said...

Love your journal page Kim - I truly believe we can each make a difference in the world by making a difference in our own lives.

Congratulations on your 400th post!! The two phrases I'm focused on right now are "Let Go" and "Go with the Flow."


Sherry said...

400 beautiful posts. So much amazing, soul stirring art...and this journal page? You, as always sharing your big heart to you!! xo

Dawn said...

Congratulations on your 400th post Kim. I always enjoy taking the time to hop over to your blog to see what creativity you're getting yourself into! Thank you too for your words of encouragement ~ especially in the past little while ~ it's been much appreciated.

My suggestion for one of your sweet pebbles would be "Bless Others".

Cheers ~

Terry Hartley said...

Wow--400!! Nice number--congratulations!
My phrase: Make the world more beautiful
I believe that is what you do, Kim. And by doing so, you inspire all of us to do the same. We all can strive to do this in our own way.
Big, messy, happy love to you!

Snap said...

Congratulations on 400 posts and many, many more!!!!!

I like one word: Heal

Then there is the one word: Listen

The phrase: Don't be critical!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,

You have been very inspired to post soo many thoughts these past months. Your inspiration is old-soul and comes in part from my brother, your Dad, who is very much alive in you. Love you Kim, and seeing that family should be excluded in this exercise, I will not accept winning, but would suggest: "Breath softly".


Sandy..... said...

Hi Kim~! You were one of the first blogs I started reading faithfully, when I first started with blogs... and both YOU ...and your art has always been so encouraging to me.

Thank you and Congrats~!

My suggestion: Have character~!


arlene said...

Kim, thank you for sharing your beautiful light for 400 !!!!! posts! The world is a brighter place for it. I send a suggestion to you to Rock My World...
"Look up". That is always where my help comes from.

Hugs, and congratulations. I'm looking forward, and up, and hope for many, many more posts from you!
xox arlene

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I'm going to enter this because you can't! Now I just may have a chance! Big Love back at 'ya.

patti said...

I loved hearing about your day Kim - it all sounds so peaceful & happy at your place!

Congrats on your 400th post!

For your beautiful rocks: I like, "stay with it..." My yoga teacher would say this to me when I was in a difficult posture. It always helped me to push past my fears and the urge to give up before I got to the good bit. He was always right!

beth said...

you are just so wonderfully lovable....

can i just sit and stare at you while you live and do and think and just be ?

and my rocks from you are already some of my most cherished gifts....especially my big one :)

i adore you!

priti.lisa said...

Yay!!! Congratulations! What a fabulous 400th post that was...I loved the little peek into your world. And I wish I had your turquoise indian shirt :)
Those prizes are over the top cool.
Your mom is right, You ROCK!

I like:

We are One.

Just begin.

and in my art lately, I've been using the ancient...
Harm None.

deb did it said...


deb did it said...

happy 400th Queen of heARTS!

MissKoolAid said...

Happy 400th post!
My rock line would be: It's all good.


Kikipotamus said...

A part-time job that feels good to your soul is NOT too much to ask. I know you will find it and it will find you.

My rock would say: Say YES to life.

Lisa H. said...

Here are my two favorites--the only two I ever really need.

Be Kind

I think we could all rock our world if we just remembered these two.

Kathy said...

To The Left
Deep Breath

I stole "to the left" from Beyonce but I like it. For many reasons.
BTW - I LOVED the words of encouragement you wrote on Marsha's (Tumblefish) blog. Great words. Pure Magic. Ooooh. PURE MAGIC is a good one too!


Elena said...

Thank you for your comments on my blog. You are too sweet. And your mom's comment above is just too cool. You know, I had to go back and see if your rocks I set in the trees were still there. They were all gone and I was ecstatic. Wondering what the person who found them must have thought. Wondering if it helped them on their journey. That's what it felt like finding your blog the first time. Like finding a well placed rock with wonderful inspirations at just the right time. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. Congrats on the 400th post and beautiful journal pages. I suppose if I found a rock right now that would speak to me the most it would say:


Sounds cheesy I know. But it's probably better than "don't make me kick you".

Seth said...

A big congratulations on 400 posts. I look forward to the next 400 too! What a generous giveaway. My ideas -- rise above, handle with care, what could be. Wonderful art piece in this post as well.

Randi Nervig said...

I wish I'd been reading you for all 400 posts, but alas! I wasn't reading blogs back then. You always inspire me and I love your art.

My rock contribution: Do it!
or Yes! or Now! Plus any of the other suggestions already given.

Parabolic Muse said...

400?!?!!? WOW!
I enjoy doing the street team crusades along with you. You are SO right about not thinking too much. I feel stressed right NOW from thinking and thinking. I want to just be. Thanks for the reminder.

What I'd like on the Rock My World rock is:

Be Mindful

Ironically, that doesn't mean to think think think. It means to be careful, be aware and do no harm.

Rock On!

Christina said...

Congrats on 400!
in my heart i am popping streamers for you! champagne too!

as for the rock..


: )

L said...

CONGRATS on #400!!! here's my mantra: Despite

you are a special gift, my waffle-lovin' friend!

Sharon said...

The phrase I'd love to see on a rock is "you are enough"! You put it on one and I'll buy it! I'll be back tomorrow to see if it is available. ;)

Marit said...

Congrants on 400 posts! WOW! I only recently discovered your blog so I haven't read them all *LOL* I love your art and I love your rocks! Great giveaway! I would like to see a rock with "Love and Peace" to give to my son, that's his "mantra" (at 18, can you believe that? They sure aren't all angry young men!)

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wonderful gifts! Happy 400 posts. My mantras...


Karin Bartimole said...

Happy 400th Kim, so much inspiration and love you have shared!!! thank you, dear one! I love the page you have shared above, and this post of presence, checking in on all the in the moment noticings. You inspire this for a rock phrase, "take notice" or "a moment to notice" if it fits :) big hugs, xox K

Joanie Hoffman said...

happy 400th posting.
My suggestion: "oh happy day"

Kate said...


Congrats on 400th wonderful posts.. My phrase is "Don't die with the music still inside you" I know its a little long but you can save it for a big rock.

I love those pictures of the ponds, what a beautiful serene spot they evoke. Your journal page is wonderful,I love the meditating woman and that you decorated the peasant blouse she is wearing. I like the sentiment too.

To be here now seem to answer your question, by being in the present moment we are able to deal with our own stuff which really helps the world in the long run.



Michelle said...

I love looking at your stuff and like the simplicity of the rocks with meanings on them being left around to give hope and inspire! You have a great heart and it shows on your blog!

If I had a rock I think it would say, "You already know the answer" because it seems like we are always looking for someone to help us decide things and ignoring the fact that we already know the answer!

Jeannine said...

Happy 400th!

Your blog has a peaceful vibe I like very much. A visit here makes one (at least THIS one) think, reflect, and smile.

elizabeth said...


What to suggest:

maybe just -- beautiful

Happy 400th!

martha brown said...

"To thine own self be true" is my mantra... followed by "carpe diem" (or seize the day). They would both be fab on your rocks, if you don't already do them!

Anonymous said...

Happy 400 posts! Some of my favorite phrases: "just breathe," "start now," and "be the change"


Operation Smiley Face said...

First, CONGRATS on your 400th posts! What an accomplishment that is in itself.

My word suggestion is: LOVE.

For me that sums it all up.

Lynn said...

400 is a lot of posts...and I would love to win a piece of your wonderful arT. Thanks for the chance.

EVA said...


I always enjoy your posts and your artwork!

For a rock...


and "You rock!"

(Probably you already use those! Your rocks are so cool!)

Anonymous said...

I am way behind,
catching up, but

big salute to you for continuing a blog full of paint and color and well wishing for 400 posts.