Friday, April 29, 2011

Haiku My Heart Friday–Love’s Bloom


Magnolia Heart

Broken by winter’s dead weight

Still filled with love’s bloom


For my friend Kim, who inspires me in so many ways.

Love you, Friend.



For more haiku beauty, head over to rebecca’s recuerda mi corazon.

Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Got All My Sistahs With Me !

So a while back, I was invited by Jaime of Artsyfartsy Me to take part in a great round robin exchange.

A group of 13 women artists/bloggers will be passing along one journal each through the mail, around the world.

At the end of 13 months, our books will come back to us, filled with art from all of the talented artists involved.

Our theme is “Time : A Calendar Year”.

In order to make mailing costs reasonable, many of us have chosen 5X8” Visual Journals by Strathmore with Mixed Media paper in them.

The journal comes with a plain brown thick cardboard cover.

You know I had to Queen-a-fy it !


Our first page needed to be a sign in sheet for our fellow ‘Sistahs”



Then we decided on creating a two page spread in our favorite color, giving some hints into our personalities to inspire the other people receiving our books. A kind of self-portrait if you will.


After my purple pages, I did a doodled page some more info. about myself.



Now that my journal has been prepped, it is time to send it off on its adventures!

I am excited to be participating in such a cool project with such a great group of talented women.

You can find out more about them by checking out their blogs linked just below


the button on the right hand bar of the blog.

Viva La Creative Sistahood !


Let the creative games begin!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday– For My Sister and Her Girl

Today’s soundtrack.

And oldie but a goodie..

Our soundtrack…

Kristina and Kate,

Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011, La Conception, Quebec.






I love you, Sister.

And I love the Mom that you are.


Big Love, Beautiful Ones.

Happy Wednesday !

Friday, April 22, 2011

Haiku My Heart – Earth Day Child





Girl with bright blue eyes.

What gifts you bring to my world !

Let’s celebrate you !


Happy Birthday to my Earth Day Child Niece, Kate who is 3 years old today !

Can’t wait to come a celebrate with you, Cutey-Pie !


For more haiku my heart, visit the fabulous rebecca at recuerda mi corazon

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday–A Top Ten List

The top ten things bringing me joy today are :

(in no particular order ! Winking smile)


1. Black Kitty Cat home and curled up sleeping in my lap.

2. Credit Cards in an emergency.

3. Taking time to art journal.

4. Many Rock My World orders, including donations for the Make A Wish Foundation, and a Breast Cancer fund Raiser.


5. Cutey Pie Niece, Kate turns 3 on Friday and I will see her for a celebration !

6. Loved Ones who gather to support you when things are bumpy.

7. A husband who is such a great partner, in good and bad times.

DSC027678. Spring is here, and green stuff is popping up everywhere.

9. Being an artist.

10. Prayer.


Share the joy today, Beautiful Ones.

Happy Thursday !


(check out more joy at Meri’s Musings – she has some wonderful stories of Holy Work today…)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Semi-Wordless Wednesday– Cosmo Kitty





DSC02351 (2)

Cosmo, aka Little Boo, aka Brat Brat Kitty Cat, my furry baby, is having surgery today.

Say a little prayer, okay ?

Big Love, Beautiful Ones.

**EDITed 04/20/11 - With some help from the wonderful vets at Lockridge Hospital in Manchester, NH, Cosmo was able to avoid surgery and is now free of the green necklace cord that he swallowed !!! The Brat-Brat Kitty Cat comes home this afternoon !

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gorgeous Mail, Kitty Cat Tails…

Having been away for a week meant coming home to some juicy mail !

David complained that he got all the bills and annoying flyers while I get all the colorful mail.

Just another example of what happens when you send the love out and it comes back to you tenfold ! I am blessed to be part of such a great arty community that loves to share !


The first package I opened was from my blogpal Bethany from Bloom.

She has been a little quiet in Blogland lately but a while back she send me a note saying she had picked up two copies of Pam Carriker’s Art at the Speed of Life by accident and wanted to share her extra one with me !



Of course I am thrilled ! This book looks like such a juicy one !!! Can’t wait to spend some time exploring it !

Then there were of course many wonderful pieces of art in the form of the DIY Postcard Swap that Hanna of  iHanna’s Blog hosted for so many of us.

Talk about your colorful mail !!!


One piece was from our hostess with the mostest, Hanna from iHanna’s Blog


This pointillism pretty is from P Strangetown in Spain.


The cactus beauty comes from Regina from CreativeKismet in Arizona.


Some playful painting from Mary from joyful ploys in Arkansas.


The gorgeous gift of collage from my long time blogging friend Roberta from RCS Creations.


My fellow Montrealer, Sylivie from The Art of Miss KoolAid sent this beautiful cuppa with a reminder to take time just for me.


This interesting piece from S.Arden Hill from Winnipeg, Canada at had me looking and looking…What do you see ?


This pretty stitched watercolor tag piece was from Charlotte from Sweden (not sure of her blog).


And this exquisite drawing is from Tari June at in Germany. I am in love with the heart in the hands…

I really loved doing this swap, both for the fun of creating pieces of art for others and for receiving these amazing gifts in rethurn!

Thanks so much again, Hanna, for all you do to make it happen !

One last treasure graced my mailbox yesterday.

That was these amazing teabag origami peace cranes that I purchased from Kim Anderson at art in red wagons.


Kim lovingly folded and strung these little treasures and has them for sale for just $10.00 in her etsy shop with all proceeds going to the Japan Relief Fund.


They will be hanging in the studio later today and I will be reminded of how grateful I am for all that I have every time I look at them.

While the mail art was a lovely homecoming, the less wonderful part of my first day home was that sill Cosmo cat swallowed a 15 inch linen cord from a necklace he found in the studio.


I got him to the vet quickly as I saw him do the deed ! But though they tried to induce vomiting to get him to throw it up, it was still in him after an afternoon at the vets.

Now after 3 doses of laxatives, and a night in his own private room in our house, he isn’t eating, hasn’t pooped, and just isn’t well.

A call to the vet this morning now has me bringing him back in for some more fluids and checking him back in to the pet hospital, and probably facing up to the fact that he will need a costly surgery to get the damn cord out of him.

Poor little Boo. Poor Mommy ! Bring on the credit card debt.

Send your kitty prayers for the little bugger, okay ?

I hope you have a sweet and colorful Tuesday, Beautiful Ones.

Big Love !