Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Heart is on the Move...

"Big Heart Walking"
art journal page - detail

When you are a Big Heart Walking Around, sometimes you feel like an antenna for the emotions and experiences of those around you.

I think that is one of the sweetest, yet hardest part of being a big heart... is the empathy you feel for others...

Main Entry: em·pa·thy
Pronunciation: \ˈem-pə-thē\
Function: noun
Etymology: Greek empatheia, literally, passion, from empathēs emotional, from em- + pathos feelings, emotion — more at
Date: 1850
1 : the imaginative projection of a subjective state into an object so that the object appears to be infused with it
2 : the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts, and experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner; also : the capacity for this

Patti Digh has posted some wonderful videos on her blog today with lessons that we can all use and remember. The first one I watched was about offering our neighbors empathy and how valuable it is for our own hearts as well.

I am going to love on my neighbor today, quite literally.

On September 9th, it will be one year since my beautiful neighbor, Katherine, died.

I feel the need to let her husband, Stephen, know how much I am thinking about him and how I am sharing his pain. We haven't talked much in the last few months, just waves across the fence again. But I can't seem to let this anniversary pass without acknowledging it. So I am writing him a note to let him know I am thinking of him and sending prayers his way.

I also want to let him know about the beautiful hydrangea that David and I planted in our backyard this spring in Katherine's honor. It bloomed beautifully this summer in spite of the horrible June and July we had. I like to think Katherine had something to do with that. I like to think that Stephen will feel the same...

This day could go by without me taking action to show my empathy. I could just do what I do most every day and keep my thoughts of sadness and compassion for my neighbor to myself. I could let fear prevent me from offering up some extra loving to someone I am positive needs it.

But you know what ?

Life is too short to worry about feeling awkward. Loving makes the heart feel whole.

Life is too precious to not connect however we can with those around us. We are all in it together after all.

So this Big Heart is off to do some walking this morning...right next door...

Maybe you could keep an eye out for someone in your world that needs some extra loving and empathy today ? How's that for a worthwhile job for this Monday ?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big Heart Walking...

art journal page - "Big Heart Walking"
(click to enlarge)

I love this morning.

It is pouring rain here in NH.

David and I are as cozy as can be.

Here's the plan...

Receive the delivery of our brand new Samsung Front Loader, Stackable, Energy Star Washer and Dryer sometime between 10:00 and 2:00 (my first ever brand new appliances!)

Do lots of laundry ! (Why does that sound exciting to me today ? Check back after the third load !)

Make a spaghetti sauce that can simmer all afternoon...

Play in the studio - some gifts to make, some rocks to paint, and some crafty things to get ready to sell at a craft fair in Novemeber

Listening to fine tunes as I play - maybe this or this .....feeling kind of mellow as you can tell ;)

Maybe a little reading and a snuggly nap with my sweet, sweet man in the late afternoon, listening to that pitter patter drip drip outside...

Sounds like heaven, don't you think ?

I am so very grateful for all the wonderful gifts given to me today.

I want to send a big "Thank You !" out to Deb at what's deb doing for her gorgeous love package of goodies that she sent me last week. It had some hand made treasures in it that I just love, love, love ! I will try and set up a nice shot of the treats some time today and share it with you. Thanks, Deb ! You made me feel special, beautiful and appreciated ! What more could a Chickie ask for ?

I hope you Saturday makes your heart feel big and huge !

Friday, August 28, 2009

Time of the Season...

So I came home a little early. The weather was changing from summer to fall as the week went on. (There were frost warnings in La Conception last night even though it was in the high 80's when I arrived !)

I felt a sense of urgency to get home.
Don't know exactly why, because when I arrived home last night, the urgency was gone, my head was kind of spinning and I couldn't remember why I had rushed home.

I felt like I was being "beamed up" on Star Trek, like I was in the middle of process and little particles of myself were still in the ether somewhere, and like I was not quite whole...

It is better this morning though, after a night in my own bed, cozy with my man. It feels right to be home, though like always, parts of my heart are still back in the place where most of my favorite peeps in the world are...

I took 303 photos in three days. Most of them where of a certain little chickie who has completely stolen my Auntie heart with her crazy language all her own, her incredible intelligence for one so small, her spontaneous dancing, her cheeky, squinty smile, and those eyes...not to mention the hugs and kisses that she bestows to those she likes a lot - and I am one Auntie she likes a lot ! Yay !

After sifting through the overflowing folder of photos, I decided to try and cut it down to my top ten for this visit to include here. It was sooooo hard. Some were great shots, some where heart-felt moments captured, and some were just plain cute ! My sister and her hubby sure make photogenic kids, I'll tell ya !

I finally got it down to the Top 12.

Ah, come on !

She is just too cute !!!!

Cute Kate

At the beginning of the week, it was still summer. We hung out at the beach
at Lac Vezeau. It was perfect for the kiddos - nice and shallow for a good long time.
Thomas is an expert swimmer and snorkeler at 6 years old.
Katie is a total mermaid at 16 months. She is utterly and completely fearless in the water.

Tom - the surfer dude.

Family Swim

Mermaid Katie

Baby Duckie All Wrapped Up

Some of my favorite shots of the girl are these crazy extreme close-ups.

Those are not tears.

They are water drops from the hose that had just sprayed herself in the face with.

And the eyes in this one where she is reaching for the lens...


Big Brother Thomas is no slouch himself...

He is pretty much the picture perfect example of a kid heading into the first grade...

the perfect toothless smile...

and a genuine love for learning that shines through all the time...

So what lessons did my fantastic teachers give me this time around ?

Be present and happy in this very moment,

Take your time and dance...

Focus in on what is right and good

because it will help you out a lot when things get tough.

Thanks to Kristina and John, as always, for making me feel like
a special part of the family...

and thanks to Thomas and Kate, the best teachers any Auntie could ask for !

Best lines of the week, bar none...

Sister 1 - "I am kind of a big mush ball, eh ?"

Sister 3 - " are a big huge heart just walking around..."

Love you, Sister 3, and thanks for that too !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

And I'm Off...

I am off to see her ...

and him...

and the adults they call Mommy and Daddy.

Hopefully there will be a day or two here...

Still trying my best to leave the worries behind me...

They will be here when I get back anyway...

And in the meantime,

I am off to enjoy life in a place, and with peeps,

that are soooo good for what ails me !

Have a great week. beautiful Ones.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wait to Worry...

So I watched this video on Jamie Ridler's blog this morning. It was 5 minutes and 32 seconds that I so needed today and I encourage you to take the time to watch it and enjoy its message...

After you finish reading my blog, of course ! ;)

I woke up feeling very challenged this morning.

Some "challenges" have appeared on the horizon for David and me. Challenges that normally send me into a flurry of all consumming WORRY. I woke up thinking "This sucks !!!" as the worry about what might happen, what we might have to do, what we might go though, threatened to completely take over.

Then from somewhere inside, I heard a voice.

The voice said "If you worry about it, will it change the outcome ?"

That made me pause for a second.

The answer is "No." of course.

But worrying is a pattern for me, an ingrained pattern that I have lived with all my life. Have a challenge, first thing you do is worry about it.

Second thing, make a plan of action based on that worry, and then worry about the plan of action...


"So what happens if you don't worry ? " that voice then said. there is a CHALLENGE !

If you don't worry, you could just live this day doing what needs to be done today, enjoy it as much as possible and not waste precious time in your head worrying about what may happen tomorrow.

If you don't worry, when the time comes for action, you can take the action but you won't have wasted your time waiting, or worrying, but instead be open for possible solutions.

Life is still going to happen, whether you worry about it or not.

Did I ask for these challenges ? No.

Did I do something to deserve these challenges ? No.

Are these challenges really something that will destroy my life ? Only if I let them.

If the worse case scenario happened, the things I am the most worried about came to pass, would it destroy me or David or kill us ? No. It would kind of suck big time, but no...

Then I got up out of bed.

I pushed the worry stuff away as best I could.

Then, over coffee, I watched the video above.

The main message is

"This is a Good Day"

"This is the only Day."

"Let's be grateful for for this very moment."

If I can do this to the best of my abilities, today, right now, I am rising to the challenge !

So instead of worrying,

I am going to be present today.

I am going to live my life this day.

I am going to celebrate the gift that was given to me as soon as I opened my eyes this morning.

Today is going to be




Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not as Flashy as Some, But I'll Do...

Art Journal Page inspired by Jamie Ridler's Wishcasting Wednesday

I wish I were more like the me that I am on the inside on the outside.

That said...

The Me I am


Pretty Damn


I think...

Here's some of the beauty in my world this morning.

Those crazy morning glories keep popping up everywhere...
like little messages to say "Go for it ! Bloom just where you are!"

This dahlia is about 6 inches across -
one of the few blooms on my "dinner plate" sized plants

- more like dessert plate because of the crappy July weather,

but so gorgeous and strong and tenacious anyway...

qualities I want to nurture in myself ...

And this one...thanks to my friend beth,

I saw her beauty this morning

though I am usually kind of scared by them - they move too fast...

The camera was my shield this morning I guess..


Anyway, I captured her in a still moment

She had built a web from the door knob to the dahlia...

talk about brave and strong and tenacious...

Reminded me of one of my favorite children's books of all time, of course

Looked up quotes from Charlotte's Web by E.B. White
and found this :

"Wilbur: I think you're beautiful.

Charlotte: Well, I am pretty. Nearly all spiders are good looking.

I'm not as flashy as some, but I'll do. "

And that feels like it fits today...

Off to see some more stuff...

Have a beautiful day, Sweet Ones !

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red, an White, an Green All Over

In honor of the beautiful crop of basil that grew on my back deck container garden (one of the only things that thrived with this crazy growing season),

today's post is called
"Red, an' White, an' Green, Capiche ?"



an' Green...

Capiche ?

No I am not Italian - not a drop as far as I know.

But the color scheme just came together when I made one of my favorite

Summer Tomato, Basil, Herb of the Gods, dish yesterday.

The recipe is actually my friend Suzanne's which is funny because

she's the type of gal who's favorite cookbook is the Yellow Pages, especially the pages with

restaurants that say "We deliver." This is the one and only recipe in her repertoire I think, but it is a goody !

This is Suzanne's version of Pasta Primavera.

So simple and soooo yummy !

Ingredients :

4 or 5 ripe summer tomatoes, diced but chunky

One 7 ounce jar of Salad Olives (lazy Chick's way - you can slice the whole Green Olives up if you hate pimentos but I like 'em)

A big handful of fresh Basil, Herb of the Gods, chiffonaded or chopped, or ripped or whatever

A block of mozzarella cheese cut into small cubes

One clove of garlic, put through a garlic press or grated on a mircoplane

A couple of tablespoons of olive oil - I do three swirls around the bowl

Lots of fresh ground pepper (no salt needed, the olives are very salty).

Chop,chiffonade, grate, press, swirl, all these ingredients and throw them into a bowl. Toss well.

Allow to sit for at least an hour.

Youra kitchen is gonna smell soooo gud, capiche ? Just like Luigi's Momma's kitchen...

Then you cook a batch of linguine up, nice and al dente.

Drain the pasta but DO NOT RINSE !

Plate the pasta up. Add the room temp. tomato mixture on top of the hot pasta and inhale the sweet aroma of melty cheese, tomato and garlic and olive yumminess...

Eat it with friends who love olive and basil as much as you do and it is even better ! (David hates olives and is kind of allergic to too much garlic so I ate mine alone yesterday for a summer time comfort food lunch.) This recipe serves about 4.

It will make you feel so good and comforted that you will feel like putting a whole lotta Love right back out there...

(Some Rock My World rocks, packaged and now on their way to Blogland friends, who ordered some Rock Fairy Love from my Etsy shop.)

Now, go and have a happy Wednesday, capiche ?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Help Is On The Way really, there is aboslutely nothing wrong...everything is okay, especially in this moment...

So why does the sometimes battle within still rage some days...

Those pesky "enemy" gremlin voices say " You aren't doing enough."

"You are not there yet."

"You are just not good enough today."

I know, I know, the gremlins are really my friends. And they are fighting for me, pushing me to change, to fulfill my spirit or to truly take notice of all that is around me already.

I have to say though,

I get tired of that battle.

But most of the time, lately at least,

When the battle gets a little too much for me...

I do what my Momma told me...

I give it to God or to the Universe or whatever you want to call that magnificent Spirit that is all around us and in us....

And I say... "Hi, God ! It's me, Kim....I think I need a little help here..."

Do you know that I get support and relief and Love back so very, very quickly,

It shocks me ???

(art journal page - "Help Is On The Way" - August 18, 2009)

It may not be the help I think I need in the moment.

And to some, who aren't open to receiving the kind of help they need, rather than the help they think they need, or the help they want,

it may seem like no help at all.

But I know...

My heart, my spirit, my soul knows that help is on the way.

The Universe wants the very best for me.

I just have to reach out and grab the life-line.

And then the battle is won...

Ah....peace out, beautiful Ones.

And a deep, deep gratitude to the Universe, and to some of you sweet Angels on Earth for your help. I am remembering my Shiny Self !

Monday, August 17, 2009

Zen Traffic Tips from the Queen

So Sunday was about 92 degrees here and very humid.

We decided to go to the beach to cooooool down.

So did the entire state of New Hampshire, it would seem.

Got to within about 2 miles of the beach and hit a total gridlock of traffic in the one lane of cars headed to the beach.

Did I say that heat makes me cranky ?

The air conditioner was doing its thing in the car, thank God !

Did I say that traffic makes me cranky too ?

Then I got Zen...

Be in the moment...

This moment is all we have...

Have camera

Will shoot whatever...

rust on post outside window

traffic face

don't take my picture, you are nuts face

back seat car behind us shot

camera reflection shot

feet below shot

extreme ear close up - Dave

extreme ear close-up - Kim

way too much cleavage but hey shot

make-up mirror smirk

So while the treasures we enjoyed at the beach once we finally got there were innumerable and so very valuable...

heart rock found in the surf

Man, I need a manicure shot

as were the lessons we received about being in the moment and living mindfully...

This Shot ?

Priceless ! ;)

Seriously, beautiful man, thank you for really being in the moments with me. And thanks for putting up with, I mean, for loving all my craziness ! Love you !