Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lovely new head gear…

Little Happy will keep my new tiara warm for me



while I head north for some much needed peep-visits.


Thanks so much to Lynne Suprock for sharing her skills with us yesterday to make the tiara. It was very fun and she is an awesome teacher ! It was also great to meet her daughter-in-law Joanna, and her 8 week old sweetie, Baby Benjamin. And thanks to my friend Patti for hosting so beautifully as always !

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, Beautiful Ones !

May the Spring be with us !

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Saying Yes…

I am not sure if it has been influenced by cabin fever,

the long, long, long winter,

or what,

but lately I have been saying “Yes.” to some new things.


There is a lot of trust involved in some of these decisions and just a little faith in others, but it feels good to be expanding the box, and letting new opportunities to blossom in their own way.

Letting go of the need to know all the details and permutations ahead of time is new for me.

But somehow, I have really begun to know the lesson that things will fall into place as they will, whether you worry about them or not.

And that is a lesson I am happy to be putting into practice !

So one of the thing I have said “yes” to is participating in this amazing new project with Patti Digh.

When Patti asked me to participate in the Design Your Life Camp and offer a workshop,

I decided to say “Yes!”, in spite having no idea at first what kind of workshop I would offer, and how all the details of getting to Buford, Georgia in October 2013 will come together.

But allowing the positive creative energy that surrounds this event into my world was a no brainer, really ! I am so thrilled and excited to be a part of this amazing gathering of so many incredible people !

Maybe it is something you need to say “Yes!” to as well, and we can rock it together ? Check out all the details and the early bird registration deals here.



Today, I am saying yes to trying out a new project with a great teacher, Lynne Suprock.  Some of my Artsy friends met and worked with Lynne at Art is You in CT last fall and made friends with this talented artist. Lynne is here in NH now and we are going to be making soldered tiaras today, at my friend Patti’s house!!! Lucky Artsy Ladies !


And you know this Rock Fairy/Queen of Arts loves a tiara !!!

Oh, that reminds me of one of my very favorite scenes every on Big Bang Theory :

Hilarious !!!!


So is there anything you want to say “yes” to ?

I encourage you to take a chance and see what happens when you do.

And trust that the Universe is conspiring in your favor !

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Share the Joy–Showing the way…

From this week’s Joy List :

I learned a new word recently.

The word is


I learned the word from my friend Kriss,

who has gathered some wayshower friends together

to inspire us to live a more heart-centered life.

Her project is called The Visionary Heart.


Kriss called me a wayshower.

I sat with that for awhile and the word just really fit for me.

We are all in different places on this journey of being whole, happy, really alive.

I have discovered something that really feels true for me.

And that is that “Love is the answer to every question.”

Having found how this truth makes my own life richer, real-er, and really worth living,

I have also discovered how much I want to share this truth for others on the path that need it.


And my strongest voice is in my art, my writing here, and my own attempts to live a life where love is the focus, and sharing what that is like.

So yes, I think I am a wayshower.

And in accepting that, I have also become aware of how many other shiny-hearted people in my world are wayshowers for me !

This deeper level connection, knowing and providing for one another at the heart level, is a great source for joy in my life.

Let’s lovingly show each other the way !




Kriss Bouchard is a beautiful friend who I met here in NH, but who now lives in California. She contacted me recently to do an interview for The Visionary Heart website about art, healing and heart-centered living. The interview can be found here . Thanks for making me feel so shiny, Lovely One !



For more joy sharing hosted by another wayshower I know and love, visit Meri at Meri’s Musings.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Semi-Wordless Wednesday–1st Day of Spring


It’s the first day of spring ?

How come it feels like a giant bird just pooped on top of my whole world ?

Winking smile

Just jokin’

Happy Spring to all !

(Melt, you damn white stuff, melt !)

Oh, and

Happy Birthday to my brilliant, awesome nephew, Thomas, who turns 10 today !

Love you, Kiddo !


Friday, March 15, 2013

Haiku My Heart–I Choose.

Messages bombard.

Stop that, eat, think, do, be this.



I choose. Be me now.




Trying to remember that I have the all the answers I need,

right here in my heart.

Just as my beautiful friend Rebecca reminded me this morning :


"Your work is to discover your world

and then with all your heart

give yourself to it."



I’m working on it !

Wishing you a happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !


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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Share the joy–Life in progress

From this week’s Joy List :

1. Rock Beings in progress…





2. Painting in progress…

IMG_4533 - Copy


3. Crochet/stitching projects in progress…



4. Kimbo in progress…


5. Life in progress…

(image credit)

Let’s keep moving…

Big love, Beautiful Ones…



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Monday, March 11, 2013

Day Light Savings Time Weekend…

On Saturday, my honey wasn’t feeling well. Sad smile

I was bummed for him, and myself as well.

It was a really beautiful day, and I wanted to get out.

But I really didn’t feel like going out alone.

So instead, I went in as my honey rested.

With a window open in the studio, good tunes on Pandora radio, and sunshine streaming in,

I took a 20X20” canvas and went in

to wherever my intuitive artist wanted to go…






I got to this point and really liked what was happening.


Then I added the purple here and felt like I had ruined it somehow !

Especially in that upper left section. Too dark. The spring feeling was gone.

Suddenly, I hated the thing !


Time for a good break.

Brushes washed, kitties skritched,


and a late afternoon nap with my man

and I was able to come back to the painting in the evening and complete it.


I didn’t take photos of the process as it was pretty dark in the studio, but I gessoed over a lot of the piece, and then went in with the cobalt blue/purple color, lots of detail stuff with white and black acrylic ink,


and brought the painting to where it felt finished.


Now I am much happier with it !


“Sprung” – acrylic on canvas, 20X20”

Luckily, David was feeling better on Sunday and we went for a scenic drive along the seacoast. We saw a lot of damage from last week’s storm where the high waves breeched the sea walls.



(crazy waves and kooky couples in North Hampton)

The Rock Fairy beaches still have some rocks but very little sand left.



(Swan couple in Jenness, NH)

Then we drove on to Kittery, Maine to hit some of the outlet stores and did a little bit of retail therapy.

It was a sweet afternoon and did both David and I a lot of good.

Oh yeah…

I also stopped at Michaels on the way home and bought another 20X20” gallery wrapped canvas on sale for 50% off…

More intuitive exploration to come !

Hope your week is off to a good start too, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !

Friday, March 8, 2013

Haiku My Heart–The Words Said…

The pursuit wears on.

Strive, change, chase, never enough.

Just be happy NOW !


(Little Happy decked out for the day in the studio)


This morning I awoke with that striving mode, self-defeating monkey brain crap in my head.

“Yeah, you’re making changes but you have so much to change, you’ll never get there !”

“Other people have the answers and are applying them and having “success”. It must be you who is weak.”



Man, it sucks to wake up like that.

I got up, poured myself a cup of coffee and headed to the computer.

One of the first things I read on Facebook was this :


(SheRecovers image)

This morning, these were the exact words I needed to banish the monkey brain and those negative thoughts !



Those words started ringing in my mind like a sweet chime.

I took a bunch of deep breaths and thought “Yes.”

Felt “Yes.”


Of course, monkey brain tried a few times to put up a fight, focused on what was “wrong” and “not enough”,

but the real me is finding the strength to tell that pain in the butt part of my brain to f-off !


So the plan for today is focusing on





And just maybe,

with a little help from my monkey brain banishing friends,

I can BE there for awhile.



Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !

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