Thursday, July 25, 2013

Share the Joy - Journal Rediscovery

This is the second time this week that I have taken an hour or so just for myself and my art journal.

It is coming back to me how important a tool this mediative, creative and self-focused time is for my well being.

This morning was very cool outside so all the windows in the house are open. Glorious fresh air and breezes wafting in.

I had my coffee at hand, tunes on Pandora, Little Happy watching over me, 

and time that I took for my self.

A painted background using stencils, spray inks, glorious Golden fluid acrylics, Faber Castell markers, and a few collage pieces...

turned into this

Moon over Rock Being.

I love it so much !!!

And I have to say that after taking that time for myself, I can already feel my mood improving !

Here's to the joy of creating, and to listening to that artist self loud and clear !

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Silver Rocks Rejoicing !

I did something just for myself today.

I dove back into art journaling.

I have been missing it for a long time.

I have been realizing that I have let quite a few tools to my own well-being fall by the way side. 

I have also realized that it is feeling like time to pick some of them back up ! Maybe since Mercury is no longer in retrograde as of today, I am entering a new phase too ? ;)

I began with an hour of play with spray ink, acrylic paint, permanent marker, old papers, imaginings, words and of course, rocks.

Here's where it took me today...

I am liking this new page a lot ! I think I many see a series of these Rock Being pages. Paint what your soul knows, right ? 

I am also liking the "Found Poetry" addition - words that kind of randomly came together so perfectly here from a page of an old encyclopedia.
My soul sister Marit from Marit's Paper World ( 
has begun sharing her found bits on her blog every Friday and I think I will add my journal pages to the fun.


Another amazing soul sister, Lisa from Sacred Circle ( ) 
has been sharing an inspiring and heart-touching series in her GREAT BIG SUMMERTIME BLOG HULLABALOO. Lisa herself and many other talented, creative souls have been offer up wisdom, love and tales of sweet life to help us through the chaos this being human can be. I am featured there today with a post I did about being a beach loving round girl. You can check it out here: .

I am inspired to be good to me today. What could be better ? I hope you find some similar inspiration, Beautiful Ones. We so deserve it !

Happy Tuesday !

Friday, July 19, 2013

Haiku My Heart–Beach Time





Those ocean blue skies

Waves soothe and tickle my heart

My parasol day.



As I sat under my parasol yesterday at Ogunquit Beach in Maine,

I was struck so many times

by how very, very blessed I was to be enjoying such a day.

It was hot but there was a glorious sea breeze.

The water was an unusual 70 degrees and a delight to swim in.

I was with some dear friends,

and I was free to do whatever I wanted!

It was a truly joy-filled day.

I am so grateful to live so close to the ocean and all its treats !

Thanks to Suzanne and Nathalie for sharing their beach day with me.


I hope your weekend is full of joyous treats, Beautiful Ones !

Big love !


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Friday, July 12, 2013

Haiku My Heart - Today's a blank page

What is your story, 
Filling blank pages today?
Does your heart write it?

Here's to letting our heart guide the story!
Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones!

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Felt play date at the Lake House

became this 
became this
and finally this 
today at my play day with my dear friend Suzanne. 
These cute felt beings will dry over night and be arty fun pieces that will remind us of how much good stuff we accomplish when we play well together! :) 
Love you, Suzie! 
Thanks for today! 

(Mine is the turquoise pear shaped one with rocks on the belly. More pics later when it's dry and there's daylight.)

Friday, July 5, 2013

Haiku my Heart - Lakeside


Bluebells, orange Lilies,
Artist and her furry charge,
Bloom by the lakeside.

It is hot and steamy in Vermont. Feels more like FLA today. Luna and I will stay as chill as possible in our lakeside hang out.
Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones! 

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Semi wordless Wednesday - I'm Packing

Rocks in boxes...

Packing up for some special VT time. 
Summer is precious!
Enjoy this fine July day, Beautiful Ones!