Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Doodles, Birthdays and Love !


This doodle spread began when I was on the phone and started finding shapes on the scrap paper I use to protect my current journal page around the edges, and for  over-spray with spray inks.

My fine black Faber Castell pen discovered all kinds of beings…


Then today, after I had spent a few hours painting Rock My World rocks,

I needed to escape into journaling for a bit,


so I cranked up the tunes and doodled and filled in color here and there and made this piece, with its Beings, Birdies and even a little garden of sorts.


Today is Halloween and also my hubby, David’s birthday.

IMG_6124 (3)

We won’t actually be donning costumes this year,


and we kind of celebrated the birthday a day early since we both were really in need of a dinner and drinkie out last night.

There will be cake and candles today though !


Happy Birthday, David !

I wish you every happiness and buckets of love, love, love !


Happy Halloween from the Rock Fairy, Beautiful Ones !

Friday, October 25, 2013

Haiku My Heart–Life Stacks



(Art journal page – “Life Stacks” – October 25, 2013)




Balance mixed with faith

Will keep the life stack erect.

Let’s choose our tools well.



My life stack is feeling a little wobbly right now.

Not enough balance coming into play, I think.

Hoping to fix some of that this weekend.

I hope your stack is standing tall, Beautiful Ones.

Happy Friday !


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Thursday, October 24, 2013

From where I am…

Magical skylines,



marigold mourning,


mysterious mariposa…



and looking for the light…



saved me today.

Big love to you, Beautiful Ones.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

She flew in…


This little bird flew into the studio this morning.


She spilled her story out onto the page


so beautifully.


She left this Artist Girl a sweet gift.


Thank you, Little Bird.

Monday, October 21, 2013

For today…

It’s Monday, October 21, 2013.
Outside my window... it’s beautiful and sunny, though a little crisp this morning. This is the view from my art journaling position.

I am thinking...that is was a good thing that FB was kind of down this morning so I could concentrate on working in my journal rather than getting distracted by random posts there.
I am thankful...for the creative juices that seem full up right now. I just have to sit down at my work table, and let whatever comes spill out. Love that !
In the kitchen...the clean dishwasher dishes and my grocery list are calling me but the studio feels better!
I am wearing...skinny jeans, a navy tunic t-shirt, pink scarf and cerise Chucks. Chica is wearing her pink collar and checking for squirrels.

I am creating... art journal pages from ink blobs, letting the shapes tell me what they want to be. When these two figures came to be, it reminded me of this dear quote from Ram Dass.
“We’re all just walking each other home.”
How beautiful an image is that?
I am wondering… if you have seen this video ?

It made me cry. It made me remember that Art is Love and Love is Art. It made me want to go and look at a stranger in a new way. There are no strangers, really, are there ? We are all in this together…
One of my favorite stitching randomly as I watch tv at night.
This is a rust stained piece of cotton gauze that I am slowly working on right now…
Letting these shapes speak to me too…
I am have to go grocery shopping in a bit. The fridge is pretty bare. Then, I think a walk in this glorious Fall color will be a must. And maybe some leaf raking too.
I am looking forward to...David’s birthday coming up (October 31st, my Halloween Baby !) and also a girls party up at my sister Kristina’s house in a few weeks. It will mean a reunion with an old friend that I haven’t seen in 8 years ! Time goes so fast ! Looking forward to seeing you, Tracy !
Around the house...there seems to be a thousand things to do to get the house ready for the season that shall not be named, and not a lot of energy to do those things !
I am learning…that even baby steps count. Gotta remember that !
Let’s keep putting on foot in front of the other, Beautiful Ones!
Glad to be on the journey with you.
Happy Monday !

Friday, October 18, 2013

Haiku My Heart–What Are You Building ?





What are you building ?

Does it reflect your Deep Soul ?

If not, make it so.



So I have a few visitors in my Art Journal today.

One is a teacher of mine who I was lucky enough to spend two days with last fall at Art Is You in Stamford, CT.

Tracy Verdugo, who is from Australia, teaches intuitive painting and I feel her influence in this piece in at least two ways.

First off, the elephant.

Tracy has been painting gorgeous elephants in her work lately and when I saw this red blob of ink appear on the page, with its curled trunk in place, that is what came to mind immediately.

Tracy also just happened to share this link this morning on her FB page.

She was pondering this same question “What are you building?”. That question seems to have inspired this whole piece, though it was the last thing I added with alphabet stamps.

The second visitor has to do with the elephant as well.

Today, I welcomed Ganesh, the Remover of Obstacles onto my page.

image from here

image from here


Ganesh’s visit makes a lot sense to me.

I am in a kind of limbo land for quite a few things in my life right now.

Focusing on the larger picture and what kind of life I want to be building, as well as staying in a place of great gratitude for what I have right now,

seems to be the work of this time.

I am up for it !

And having a bit of Ganesh’s help sure can’t hurt !



What are you building today, Beautiful Ones ?

I hope it is a happy Friday for you !



I believe our hostess, Rebecca is away this week, but be sure to visit recuerda mi corzaon for more haiku love soon.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sharing the Joy - Found & Lost





“Found & Lost”

-art journal page, October 17, 2013

-Moleskine journal, acrylic paint, India ink, collage, found poetry



I am always thankful for the joy,

escape, abandon,

freedom, discoveries,

found in

my art


Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !


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