Friday, April 26, 2013

Haiku My Heart–Big Pink Moon




Pink Full Moon brings change.

May it be soft and subtle

On our tender hearts.



This week flew by and here we are at Friday.

I am having a bit of a hard time digging my roots back into the usual routine after spending such an intense and precious time with my Mom.

I am looking for purpose and meaning in everyday things. I am also trying to find balance my need to take care of and nurture myself, and offer love and support to others….


Oh, SHIT!!!

Maybe I am just spending way too much time thinking and reflecting,

and far too little playing and living and soaking it all in.

Well, I am going to fix that !

The weekend will be spent getting some stuff organized,

and spending some sweet time with my Honey.

And then, I am headed north again,

but this time only as far as Charlotte, VT.

Oh, yeah!

I need me an  e.b. fix BIG TIME!

Creating, tea, wine, celebrating, dancing, looking, nature, nurture, Love !!!!

I am on my way, Magic Maker !

Bring it on,  Big Pink Moon, bring it on !



Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !

May the Pink Moon be sweet to you.


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Here at home…

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There is a magnolia softness to the day…


a kind of settling in and maybe pausing a little.


Taking time to be in the moment and sip and savor…


squeezing out and using the lasting imprints


as inspiration.



And also celebrating the newness…



Happy Wednesday from here at home, Beautiful Ones.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Haiku My Heart - Creating our Way...

No map is given
At the start of our journey
We must create one.

More haiku and beautiful hearts at recuerda mi corazon (

With just a few art supplies at hand here at my Mom's, I filled these little pages with doodles and tea stains.
Quite quickly, maps seemed to be emerging.
Maps of where ? To where ?
Not at all sure, but the map making is definitely part of this process of life, isn't it ?
Things are different now, having lived through almost losing my Mom, and seeing her strength, resilience and need to change some paths on the map for the betterment of her well-being, for the betterment of her Life.
Things are different for my path too.
Battered and bruised perhaps, but still certain that when the road is paved with love and light, we can all get where were are supposed to go...

Big love to you Beautiful Ones !
(Please excuse the funky post structure - using a limited Blogger app on the iPad)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mommy and I...

My Mom is doing well.
She's going slow to go fast, just like she always tells me to do.
It is very precious to me that I can be here with her as she settles in and works on healing.
We are all so very grateful for the love that surrounds us.

Today, we got out into some much needed sunshine and went to one of her favorites spots down by the lake. Good for the Heart and Soul.

Be well, Beautiful Ones. Soak in every sweet moment you can. And breathe...
Big Love !

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Where my heart is...

I am with my beautiful Mommy.
She suffered a heart attack on Sunday morning,
but thankfully, is okay, healing and on the mend.
I am so grateful that I can be here with her and my sisters and other loving family and friends
to support her through this process.
Grateful to the awesome staff at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal for wonderful medical care as well.
We would all appreciate your prayers and love waves, Beautiful Ones.
Big love!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Share the Joy–Dear Hearts

From this week’s Joy List :

My great joy is realizing how many sweet places my heart calls home.


(self-portrait and message to my self, heading north to visit family and friends)


(Beautiful birch at Lac Vezeau, Quebec)


(My favorite 4, almost 5 year old in the world, Katie !)


(Happy Breakfast from bro-in-law, John to his son, Thomas on Easter morning)


(Felted fun with my friend Suzanne, the felt artist)


(Tea for me from e.b. – a delicious time.)


(Lake Champlain, with winter winds fighting off spring in vain.)


(Sweet Chica-Lulu, welcoming me home.)

For me, Home is where the dear Hearts are.

And I am so blessed with so many amazing Ones in my life.



Settling back in at home after an amazingly sweet time away.

I think spring may be arriving today in NH.

Better late than never.

I hope your Thursday is filled with heart-felt joy !!!

Big Love !