Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blue jay day...

It's dry and cool-ish this morning out on the lanai. 

That meant morning meditation was headed outside today.

I even opened the slider a bit so my furry friends could join me. Pumpkin, the meditation cat, settled in right away! 

The blue jays, butterflies, dragonflies, bright blue sky and the gentle breezes helped me ignore the drone of the ac units near by.

All decked out in my new feather earrings I made for myself, I started the day off right. 

Headed in to the studio for awhile. Still being totally inspired by Tracy Verdugo's Paint Mojo e course. 

This butterfly flew into being yesterday after a mono printing exercise. 

Happy bluejay morning, Beautiful Ones! 

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September in the Queen of Arts Studio and a L,C&C Giveaway

Wow !

I can’t believe how fast time is going ?

Don’t you feel like the days are just flying by ?

Here we are the 22nd of September already !

Only 18 days until I turn 50…


But more about that later…

September has been all about the Tracy Verdugo Paint Mojo E-Course for me.

This is a great class in creativity and in intuitive painting.

Tracy is so very generous and dedicated to giving her students a positive and rich experience. I have been totally immersed in the activities and in the creative flow that Tracy has inspired. Loving it !

One thing we are doing is gradually adding layers to a canvas,

a bit at a time, over the six week class.


My blank 24X24” canvas went from white to this with symbols and marks…IMG_3069  to this with the addition of a bit of pastel color


to this with the washes of warm and cool colors.


In week three, we went in deeper and added more layers…

IMG_3085[1]And this is where my work in progress piece is now. Loving that purple ! 

Three more weeks of layers to go !

Another thing I love about Tracy’s class is that she encourages you to see everything as a potential art piece.

Everything including the palettes that you use to spread your paint on.



These two pieces are from watercolor paper that was used as a palette and the shapes left behind inspired the bird and the angel to emerge.

I am excited to see what else will develop as I continue this Paint Mojo journey for the next few weeks !


I have also been continuing my 50 Days for Love, Compassion and Connection leading up to my 50th birthday.

I have to admit that my crappy accounting skills took over and I don’t have an exact count of how many acts of L,C&C I deliberately committed.   

I will say though, that when you make this intention to spread the love, opportunities arise all the time and when you share what you have done, other people get inspired to join in. I really love that part of the journey!

It becomes a lovely love ripple flowing out from that centering intention.

Some of the things I’ve done include providing food and water for a homeless person I passed in my car one day,


paying the entry fee at Fort DeSoto state park for the car behind us,


sending out surprise love notes and thank you cards to some dear ones,


donating some time and some Rock My World rocks to some fund raising  for causes close to my heart,

and working on looking people in the eye and making a genuine connection with a smile whenever I can.

This experience has been wonderful for me. I definitely see how life can feel much more positive when you make kindness and connection a focus in your world!

And now :



I will giveaway 5 bags of 13 Rock My World rocks to the first 5 people who comment here.

But instead of sending the bags to the winners, I will send them out to the person of their choice with a little note of love and appreciation,

To win, leave a comment on this post with the first name of the person you would like to receive the Love Compassion and Connection rocks and what you would like the love note to say. Also include your email and  I will email you to get the address of your little gift recipient.

I will be sending the rocks out by the end of this week.

Thanks for reading through this long post !

Sending big love out there to all of you !

Pass it on… ;)