Friday, April 17, 2015

I’ll sit with you.

  Loving Florida in many ways.

But not so in love with all the creepy crawlies !


Last week I swam in my friend Sherri’s pool with a Python.

Okay, I’m totally exaggerating!

It was just a 10” black snake with red and yellow lines on his head.

But he moved very fast and gave me heebie jeebies big time.

Now we have these locusts!

Okay, just mega grasshoppers, but they are the size of a little girl’s hand !

Thank God for screens !

Still, this Florida life is a sweet one.


I found this sweet quote on pinterest or facebook.

(sorry to the creator of this image – I was unable to retrace my steps.)

I just love it.

Can’t always see the bright side in some moments.

I love the idea of a friend just sitting by until the light returns.

Because it always does, doesn’t it ?

I think the quote may have been influencing my journal page today.

IMG_1558[1]This pretty sea of turquoise blue


became a bit of a dark garden.


The BEings look a little concerned or worried.

IMG_1577   But at least


they have each other…


to sit with until the light returns.


It feels really good to be playing in the journal right now.

There is an upcoming trip to Canada that will probably interrupt the newly re-established routine,

but in the not so mean time,

I’m enjoying the flow.

I hope you have creative flow and lots of peace this weekend, Beautiful Ones.

Big love !

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Go Fish…

Look at my poor sweet Chica’s new shaved do !


The do is a result of her ultrasound performed yesterday.

All results showed that her urinary track and kidneys are looking normal.

That’s good to know.

We are now thinking that she has been in pain in her spine and hips and that that is likely the cause for her waking us up multiple times a night to exit the crate where she usually sleeps and go out side, where she proceeded to just stand there.

For the last two nights, she has slept on her bed, placed the floor by our bed, and we have had the first solid nights sleeps in our room in about a month.

Yay ! Let’s hope this continues !

Love that furry blond 10 year old girl !


I happily played in my journal again this morning.


This Fish Girl and her friend floated onto the page.



I like her and her Soul Wisdom a lot !

Hope your day goes swimmingly, Beautiful Ones!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

“Like A Garden for my Eyes” – April, 2015

The last six days have been filled withIMG_1494  the heady scent of eucalyptus,


beautiful marks on wools, silks and papers,


smiles, laughter and chats with amazing women,


(and other beings like Zola).


Stitch time gave way


to a bit of glorious beach time,


followed by a larger sit and stitch gathering,


that filled the soul’s need to just BE

with like minded people in a safe and creative space.

IMG_1527        My dear friend Sherri has provided such a space for creative people to gather at her

art studio, Art More Place, in Melbourne, Fl.

And we have provided one another with a deep, rich and oh so comfortable friendship that makes me so very grateful !

Love you, Sherri !


I arrived home yesterday, happy to see my honey and my own furry creatures.

This morning I took the time to work in my art journal,

something I have been missing a lot and

a wellness tool that I am determined to pick up again.

 IMG_1542 Pumpkin was determined to sit and purr on the journal instead !


So we compromised. ;)


This is what came through this morning.


I can see the influence of stitches, gathering, friendship and a garden of color from my trip.

Can you ?


Hope this month of April is filling up your Soul, beautiful Ones !

Big Love !