Friday, January 31, 2014

Where you been, Queen of Arts ?

I am missing blogging.

But life has been keeping us busy around here.

Surviving winter…

Kind of fitting that I started the month and the year with a barefoot romp in the snow,

and that I just ended the month poking my toes outside this morning.


I was letting out the dog and felt the warmth of the sunshine on the back deck and had to step out

and play with my shadow for a minute.


Not ready for bare feet walking out there at all but the minute I spent out there reminded me that warmth and spring will get here eventually !


Little Jayden has been conducting our lives a little as we help out his mom where and when we can,

keeping our hearts all mushy and filled with baby love !


That, and some major house de-cluttering, as well as some big life changing decisions coming down the loop,

have kept me from getting to making much art these days either.

I am feeling the itch of that though, as I always do when I go too long without getting messy.

Making a promise to myself to get back to that asap.


I was thrilled to receive my contributor’s copy of this beautiful new book by Patti Digh,

the Geography of Loss in the mail yesterday.


I was so pleased with how my art work was featured on page 19,


with a perfect “Embrace what is:” inspiration.


It is so special to see your own art work in a published work of writing like this !

I so appreciate how Patti encourages and supports artist in such special ways.

Thanks for letting me be a part of it, Writer-Lady.

There is more in store for us as collaborators coming soon !


So yes, big changes look like they are on the way for David and me.

If things work out as we think they will, this will be the last winter we spend in the North East US for awhile…

More news when things come clear.

Happy Friday, beautiful Ones !

Big Love !

Friday, January 17, 2014

Haiku My Heart - Let Love be the Guide.


Babes in the Wood -

(Art journal spread, Moleskine journal, spray inks, acrylic paint, India ink, Faber Castell pens, Distress Ink pens, and white paint pen)







Sweet, as you wander,

Keep your heart open to love.

Let it be your guide.



Keeping my big heart open.

Sometimes that is pretty scary.

As scary as things that go bump in the night.

Vulnerable, knowing hurt may be around the corner.

But choosing




That’s what feels right in my soul.

And that can’t be wrong ?

Right ?

Happy Friday, beautiful Ones !

May your heart be open to big old loving !


For more haiku love, join us at recuerda mi corazon.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Boo, black and white and shiny all over…

Boo, my oh so black black kitty cat,

came to visit in the studio as I sat down to lose myself in doodles today.



It would seem that since I was working in black and white


he thought that his blackness would be of help to me.


The black was inspiring, but the chewing on my pen and the lying down on my page was not.

In spite of Boo’s help,

this little black and white doodle emerged.





As I was doodling, I was listening to Pandora radio.

I was suddenly filled with thoughts of my friend Joe Spado who passed recently.

This favorite song of mine by David Gray came on the radio at that moment.

I wrote a note to Joe on his Facebook page.

I saw that some other friends and family are still writing to him there as well.

He is no longer here in the physical world,

but oh how I could feel his bright spirit shine today.

Sending love and peace out there to you and yours, my friend Joe.

Shine on, Man.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Sharing the Joy–In spite of it all…

It’s Thursday.

The coldest of the cold snap is over and today is a balmy 25 degrees (-3 C) today.

I haven’t been feeling very well physically this week.

Headache, body aches, maybe fighting some flu-ish thing.

Feeling quite a bit better today after sleeping most of the week away.

In the midst of the icks, I have still found things that made me feel joyful.

Like Black Cats in your lap…


or in a sunbeam.


Figuring out my inspirational phrase of the year…


and making a little rock with it for my Word of the Year Rock in a Box.

This phrase has saved me so many times when life gets a little too overwhelming or unsure.

Coming back to this moment reminds me that this is all we know for sure.





Finishing up little projects like this silly felted and embroidered owl make me smile too.



That was about all the creative juices I had this week, feeling poorly as I was.


Until this morning when this strange but appropriate journal page emerged…



“Headache” – Art Journal Page,

watercolor journal, spray inks, old dictionary page, india ink pens, white gel pen, Twinkling H2Os



Here’s hoping the aches are over !

I know that this afternoon will be joy-filled as I am taking care of my little buddy Jayden for a few hours.


So glad to be feeling up to that kind of snuggling !

Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !

May your day be joy-filled too.

Monday, January 6, 2014

‘Round here on this first Monday in January…

Outside my window, it is pouring rain, foggy, and extremely wet. It is also 53 degrees. Strange stuff ! Tonight the temps will drop by 40 degrees and tomorrow is supposed to be frigid. And an icy world, I think, when all this wet freezes over.

I am officially entering hibernation mode …


I am thinking about little things I can do to help my body cope with this hibernation mode. I am not making huge resolutions that I know I won’t keep but thinking about little steps first.

I am going start each day with a mug of warm water and lemons, after having read this article recommended by my cousin. I have been disliking the effects of coffee for a while now, and had switched to decaf. Now the idea of the benefits as well as the warm, soothing nature of this beverage appeals !


I am thankful for our new and growing relationship with our niece Amanda and her little boy, Jayden.


Being a Great Aunt is fabulous !

I get to enjoy all the squishy, yummy, loving parts of having a new baby in the family, as well as giving his Momma a bit of a well-deserved break which I know she appreciated very much.

From the kitchen, oatmeal with thawed out frozen raspberries and some maple syrup is for breakie.

I am wearing black leggings, a denim tunic, a turquoise scarf, and my turquoise Croc fur lined clogs.

Oh, and a terrible case of bed head.Winking smile

I am reading/listening to The Mists of Avalon by Marion-Zimmer-Bradley. Slowly! It is over 50 Hours of 3 unabridged audiobooks that I purchased from Audible. Fits perfectly with this misty, foggy, hibernating day !

I am creating a special heart for a special person who is collecting art hearts from friends.


My sweet felted and embroidered number will be in the mail asap !

I am hearing  rain falling on the back deck and Chica snoring on the daybed.

Around the house things are tidy and quiet, as we reclaimed our house yesterday after our lovely guests, Suzanne and the crazy puppy, Patine left to make their way home. It was a great and very fun visit ! It is also quiet since my sweet hubby went back to work at the office for the first time since before Christmas.


I am hoping that all my friends who are working through this crazy weather remain safe and warm and cozy.


A few plans for the week...continue the clean up in the studio here and there, help out our niece Amanda with some Jayden sitting, and getting myself back to painting in the studio ! My fingers are itching for paint !!!!

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !