Monday, May 30, 2011

Spending the day…



feeling blessed

napping where needed

saying thank you to all who have given so much to make that possible

loving this life


May your Memorial Day be full of softness and love too, Beautiful Ones.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday–I Won’t Worry My Life Away…

Simple joys to share…

These flowers for my planter boxes on the front porch,

traditional summer annuals for the North East,

in a palette that I love…


purple petunias…










yellow marigolds,


fuchsia geraniums,


and delicate white lobelia.

Some little vignettes from my home that make me smile…


My bedside table with all the essentials.

DSC03112 A shelf in the bedroom, my art, with a few glass hearts…


My rocks in my Grandmaman de Broin’s silver candy dish. I love the clang they make when they hit the sides…

The other residents of my cozy home…


My Love in his fuzzy, Pasha bathrobe, on his computer in the am…


The brat, brat Kitty Cat, Boo, on my bed (see the Valentine I made for David still hanging on the wall in the background?)


The wise and wonderful Aslan, the best purrer in the Universe.


and the kind, patient and loving Chica-dog…


who even puts up with kisses from a certain mischievous little bro.

Sweet joys of life…

I have a feeling that your positive prayers and juju are taking effect, as well as my own,

because I am feeling so much more peaceful and strong this morning.

My vision of what will be tomorrow is very different now that I have let myself be filled up with Trust, Love and Light.


Armed with those Three, and my own Wonderful Kim-ness, I am ready for whatever the day will bring! Guess that’s the Remedy that I needed !

May your day be Worry-free and Joy-Filled, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !

(for more Sharing the Joy, head on over to Meri’s Musings)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Light and love, Baby. Light and love…

Looky here !!!!


Yes !

That is the sunshine and blue sky above the gorgeous green maples

I get to watch everyday outside my studio !


I have to tell you that this sunny day means a lot to me and my morale.

I have been living in a place of worry, fear, and even moments of panic for the last few days.


I get kind of disgusted with myself, because in my heart and Soul, I really know better.

I just seem to let those old patterns take over sometimes.


I really do believe that life will keep on sending those lessons to learn until we break those patterns and realize that they are no longer necessary.

Not sure if I got an A on this lesson this week, that’s for sure !

But I am working hard at bringing up my grade. Winking smile


Anyway, the sunshine and warm day, like the end of May should be, is going to be a definite help in shaking off my “greyness”.

I did manage to do some art this week, in spite of feeling like crap. It was actually a nice escape from my own head !

This is the two page spread in Andrea’s lovely book for the Sistahood of the Traveling Sketchbook swap. The book will be on its way to Jennifer later today. I had to do something for the month of May and here’s what filled the pages :


The two figures in the tulip represent my Mom and me.

My mom’s birthday is in May, as well as Mother’s Day and that makes the month especially significant to me.

My Mom and I have a very special relationship; one that grew out of some major healing on both of our parts,  and it has become like the phoenix, more powerful after the fires have burned away the past.

One of the most special moments in my life was when my Mom took me in her arms and rocked me, like you would a little girl with big hurts. I was in my late 20’s at the time.

Being an adult and accepting that sweet loving from my Mom went deep inside to heal hurts from my childhood. And for my Mom, I think it healed many of the regretful or guilty feelings she had had about some of her mothering skills when I was little.

What I do know for sure was that was a moment that deepened our connection, and made me open to an amazing, loving relationship with my Mom. For this, I will always be so very grateful for that moment in time.


So today is Wednesday.

Friday morning, I am having my 4 wisdom teeth pulled under intravenous sedation.

I know everything will be fine so I won’t as for your prayers or wishes on that front,

but if you could add some sweet loving ju-ju to help me feel brave and let go of old fears that really don’t serve me well any more,

that would be appreciated beyond words.

May you be open to love in its many forms today, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Wednesday !

Monday, May 23, 2011

“Let the light inside shine from the inside out.”


Yes, it is grey and rainy here again.

Looks like I will have to dig deep and use my own gentle strengths to

provide the Light that I need.


“Let the Light inside

Shine from the inside out.”

As on of my all time favorite songs says.

     “This Is It.” – by Hot House Flowers 

May you fill your Monday with the Light you need.

Big Love, Beautiful Ones !

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Artwork–No. 3

We had about half a day of sun yesterday. Enough to do a little yard work and feel the warm rays on my back.

Today, the grey is back.

And with it, a little grey-ness in my mood.

Time for art.

Begin with some of the great new stamps I bought from Scrollwork, this great little stamp company which is unfortunately going out of business. I treated myself before they are all gone…


I found this prepped page in the art journal – bits of spray residue in a perfectly greyish palette…


What do you see in the blobbies ?


I saw the profile of a woman, and added the pointy hat stamp with StazOn in black to form a crown of sorts.


I pinked her up with Twinkling H20’s and Inktense water color pencils and some blending with a paintbrush and water.


Added the birds on a wire (with some Twinkling H20’s on the birds for some shimmer),

and the “ No. 3” with the black ink and my stamps,

followed by a few lines from a Fleetwood Mac song…


and the piece felt done.


I love this sweet spot…

Going to spend the day looking for more sweet spots in spite of the greyness.

Listen to this cool version of this song if you have a chance…a sweet spot moment.

Happy Sunday, Beautiful Ones.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Haiku My Heart Friday–Amongst Other Things




every perfect drop

holds a reflection of sky

amongst other things…



The sun has not shone here in 7 days.

Not one sunny period since last Friday.

It is getting to me a little, I think…

Amongst other things.

Trying my best to focus in on things that are good.

Like the raindrops on the lupin leaves.

Have a sweet weekend, Beautiful Ones !


for more haiku, visit Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wordy Wednesday–Be More Fear Less


Art Journal page, May 17th, 2011






Where are you the bravest ?

I am bravest in the pages of my journal.

I am quite fearless there really.

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones !

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Your Weird is showing…

Want to create some weird art ?

Here’s the technique.

Take some spray ink in whatever color you want – in my case, it was pink and purple.

Spray the ink into a blob on a blank page of your journal.

Let dry.

Go back a few minutes, days, weeks later and look into the blob.

This works best when you are suffering from a little PMS or feeling funky because of the endless grey skies, or how messy life can be in general…

Make sure to put some moody tunes on the jukebox for added funk-a-tude.

Take a black charcoal pencil and trace out whatever shapes you see in the blobs…


Maybe it will be flowers and pretty girls with flying hearts…

Or maybe it will be bizarre snake-like monsters

and sad looking girls, with mascara running, who seem to be falling…


Or feeling a little empty inside…


After your “shapes” are defined with the charcoal, fill in the rest of the page with watercolor in a loose, watery, blendy way, drying often in between with a blow dryer, to create a lovely background of colored chaos.


Then, let loose with the black paint, pencils and pens,

outlining, creating new shapes, journaling whatever emotion evoked from the stuff spilling onto the page…

in this case in handwriting that no one can really read…


A white gel pen used in the loosest of ways to outline and add some details can be a way to go too…


Then, stop every thing.

Back up for a second…

Or go check your Facebook or blog for the hundredth time today…

And when you are ready…

Take a deep breath

and look at what you have created…


Look at it for a while.

Does it kind of blow you away that this came out of you ?

Can you believe that you let go enough to just let it flow and morph however it wanted to ?

Can you give it a name or title ?

Mine is called “Empty.”

What descriptors can you give it ?

“Pretty.” ? No.

“Powerful.” ? Yes.

“Beautiful” ? Yes, in the eyes of its maker anyway.

“Art”? Oh, yes.

“Weird.” Yup. Pretty weird. But in a “let go and let all hang out” kind of way.


All of this done, you can choose whether you want to share your weird art or not.

Maybe it is just for you, an expression of one moment in your life, one facet of what makes you tick, and the only one who needs to see it is you.

Or maybe you will feel that if you share it, you will allow some other Artist to feel freer to just go there…

to allow themselves to make weird art and know that it is all okay.


“The world today doesn't make sense,

so why should I paint pictures that do?”

– Pablo Picasso

Give yourself permission to make that weird art if that is where your Artist Soul wants to go.

Who knows what you will discover along the way…

Big Love to you, Beautiful Artist Ones.