Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Month of Impossible Waiting…

How does a warm weather loving Rock Fairy spend the dull, cold days of February ?

IMG_7626Rocking a new hairdo and puffy, chapped lips.


Lighting candles and sending love to friends in need.


Painting rocks.

Trays of them.

For a spring wedding of an old friend.


Spending time with fast growing and oh, so sweet little Jayden and his Mom.


Trying to take good time for myself and get back to some creating just for me.

A great therapy and escape from winter blahs.

Which I remember whenever I put myself into the studio and give myself a little push !


Creating without any goal in mind.

Letting the spray ink blobs guide me…



Adding in color where it wants to go.


And on this page, finishing it off with some found poetry.

Grabbing a bit of text from a book and circling words that want to fit in…

Leading to a little tale of impossible waiting.


A tale this warm weather loving, winter weary chickie can relate to.

I hope your impossible waiting time is filled with love and light, and sweet creating, Beautiful Ones!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Looking up to the Winter Night Skies...

Ah, winter...

It really is the harshest season, isn't it?

Especially in the North, though its harshness has spread more south than usual in the US this year as well.

I am feeling very blessed this year.

My usual depression brought on by lack of sunlight and my hibernation mode hasnt really appeared.

(Knock on wood !!!!)

I think some of it may have to do with this incrediblely cute little boy ladybug baby.

There is something so instantly soothing, calming and heart filling about holding a little guy in your arms. 

And this little cutie definitely has my hearts strings all tangled up !

I have been spending a lot of time with Jayden, helping his mom, Amanda, when she needs childcare.

I am so grateful that my niece and I have developed a trusting, caring relationship and that she genuinely appreciates the bond that I have made with her son.

It has brought so much joy to my life.

I haven't been spending much time creating artwork these days though.

I am missing that.

So yesterday in the midst of a busy day full of prepping for a trip to Montreal, 

I made the time.

I grabbed my old Rock Beings journal, sprayed some inks, sloshed some paint, and made some marks...

then I collaged a Rock Beings shape made from old dictionary pages, and some found poetry on to my page

and "Winter Night Skies"  came into being.

"Winter Night Skies" - Rock Being Art Journal, February 12, 2014

It felt good to get my hands a little dirty and to dwell in that creative place for a little while.

I need to keep making that time happen !

David and I have headed north to Quebec early for a Valentine's Day weekend with our other favorite kiddos, Kate and Thomas, and my sister Kristina and her hubby John.

We wanted to miss driving in this next major winter storm that will hit today in the North East.
Today, David is working from my friend Suzanne's place and I am just hanging out. Tomorrow, we will head two more hours north to be with our peeps in their winter wonderland of La Conception.
Looking forward to seeing Katie's new smile, minus her front teeth ! That famous kindergarten smile of cuteness !

So to those facing the storm, espcially those in the south who are far less used to its kind of wrath, please be safe.

And to all of you Beautiful Ones,

a Happy Valentine's Day !
Be kind and loving to one another !