Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sandy comes…


While the wind and rain raged all day yesterday,

David and I worked pretty steadily, he in his office on the computer, and I at my table in the studio, staying focused on the present moment.

For many hours, listening to tunes and losing myself in the color,

I worked on this 20X20” canvas :



IMG_3228 IMG_3229



After she was done,  I realized what her name was.

Sandy, of course.

Did you notice her hurricane heart?

I think the inner artist Kim was painting her to try and ease her savagery and acknowledge her power.

A kind of painted prayer, I guess.


David and I, and the furry kids, are all safe and sound in our yellow house on Orange Street.

Many in NH are without power and there was a lot of wind damage from falling trees, etc, but we have been very blessed ! Our power flickered a bit yesterday at the height of the storm but we never lost it completely.

Today, as so many clean up and assess the damage from this crazy storm,

and weather through the resulting hardships, I am keeping the prayers and love lights going outward.

Big love, Beautiful Ones !

Monday, October 29, 2012

Moon day…


Wet waiting on this Moon Day…

A candle lit on the studio altar.

Sending prayers of light and love for all.

Be well, Beautiful Ones.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday morning being…

Sunday morning being, dreaming,  playing…


Thinking of her…


Remembering our play.

Putting out wishes to do more soon.


Love you, my Friend.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Haiku My Heart–For Real ?







Is that reflection

or real life before my eyes ?

Some days, I wonder.



I was in a bad mood yesterday. Teary, angry, sad, irritable.

I didn’t have concrete reasons for being so in my own life

but there was a multitude of crazy, sad, scary, unjust, annoying crap

happening to some people in my close circles,

not to mention the bigger world I live in.

(Frankenstorm ? Really ?

Stormaggeddon didn’t finish us off but maybe Frankestorm will ?)

So I struggled all day with shaking off those ick feelings, that crabby mood.

A trip to the beach for rocks and some gull and sand piper play was a beautiful distraction for awhile.

But mostly, I was unsuccessful at keeping the big grey cloud at bay.

Some days, no matter how much goodness and Love you see around you,

the crap just gets to you, you know?

But I am glad to report that after having given into it yesterday, I am feeling a lot better this morning.

Stronger, surer of my purpose on this planet, ready to chase grey clouds away with more  Love force.


I think the ick was just a reflection of what was happening around me.

I am ready to get back to real life now.

Sending big Love your way, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Friday!


Rebecca from recuerda mi corazon is off to Mexico for a Day of the Dead gathering.

I don’t know if there will be Haiku My Heart postings in her absence but I will keep the Haiku fires burning here while she is away. Winking smile

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Share the Joy–Falling in Love in my own backyard









"Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you sow will bear fruit,

so if you have any sense my friend,

don’t plant anything but Love."




For more joy sharing, visit Meri’s Musings.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WIP on Wednesday…





This one is almost done. Just a little bit of metallic gold and a touch of black I think, to make it complete.

“Honey Drop” – 12X12” canvas, acrylic paints & collage


This one has a lot more work to be done. It is also much smaller, only 6X6”.

Like this, it looks like a clown mask or a skeleton face, don’t you think ?


I am in love with painting right now.

Tunes on, sitting my my awesome space with sunlight streaming in,

and losing myself in the color and the movement…

Artist Kim is a happy camper !

Feels so good !

Hope you’re doing stuff that makes you feel good, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Check out these cool tools !


This amazing lady is Mary Beth Shaw. I got to know her in person at Art is You.

Love her !

Mary Beth has an awesome company called “Stencil Girl Products”, as show here by my friend, Linda Vanna White Esterly at Art is You,


Stencil Girls produces these really great stencils with designs from a bunch of great artists.

These stencils are out of the ordinary, very graphic and made of really durable plastic. They are wonderful for all kinds of different applications, like paint, spray inks  or texturing mediums like “wood icing”(another great product MB sells !).

Check out the cool tools at Stencil Girls here.

You rock, Mary Beth Shaw !!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday, inside and out.

It’s a good morning…




and out !


Look what came from inside…


out last night.


I created this.

Tracy Verdugo inspired the style and gave me the stepping stones

but I think it is all me.


I am loving intuitive painting very much right now.

And on Tuesday, I will have my friend Lois here at my house,

and we will let the intuitive creators inside of us out to play!

Enjoy the ins and outs of this sweet Sunday, Beautiful Ones.

Big Love !

Friday, October 19, 2012

Haiku My Heart–Smile Evokers





Smile evokers all

Close up, grouped together,

Little Happies rule.



There is something so soothing and present moment about placing things on an altar for me.

Each piece tells you where it wants to go if you listen.

These things gathered with my Little Happy Buddha this morning

all made me smile.

In remembrance of where they came from, how they came to me, and how they now feel right somehow, gathered together into this vignette, this moment in time and space.

Phew, philosophical, huh ?

Winking smile

Really, grouping little things together makes me joyful and calm.

That’s why I do it.

Do you do or feel the same ?


For some more lovely little things gathered together, visit the amazing Rebecca at recuerda mi corazon for a haiku or two…

Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !

Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Joy of Many Colors

From my Joy List this week…
Maple orange in my back yard.
My last orange rose and some yellow orange friends (which may or may not be from my neighbor’s garden), saved from the hard frost and placed in my favorite turquoise vase.
This kooky but cute doll who is a new little happy in my studio.
She is a creation of artist Linda Willis, who taught and sold her colorful, whimsical and perfectly off the wall art at Art is You. I had to have this Mini-Zombie doll. She called to me. My mom had given me $$ to get myself a treat at the Art Trunk show for my birthday,
and this little one, now named Little Heart Walking,
and her beautiful treasure keeper bag were my little happies of choice !!!
Thanks, Linda, and thanks so much, Mommy !
There is some other colorful joy in the studio this week.
I created this painting on a 9 X12 piece of watercolor paper using the techniques I learned in Tracy Verdugo’s “Sacred Marks” class.
It is kind of crazy and frenetic in some ways, but then again, so is my brain some days ! Winking smile
There are many sweet spots that grab me though…
Like this “Cat Creature”.
Or this “Bird Nose Beast”.
It even has little landscapes in it, I think…
“trees against a red sky”
“throw a rock in the pond”
I really like this piece and I love this style of intuitive painting, using symbols that mean something to me, that are my artistic language of sorts, and building layers upon layers by defining sweet spots.
I am excited to do more work in this style! I think my creative soul has some things to express this way !
I have a few have-to’s to work on as well. Momma’s gotta keep her art supply fund liquid !
But these have-to’s are colorful joys too.
I am making these “Moment of Quiet” boxes as holiday gifts for my mom’s office employees from the big boss’s wife.
Open the tiny decorated box and…
have a moment of quiet breath…
Sweet gifties, no ? Winking smile
I hope your week is full of colorful little happies and strong, solid joys, Beautiful Ones.
Love and light to you !
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