Friday, September 27, 2013

Haiku My Heart–I am the Artist








The light is in me.

It flows out into my world.

I am the Artist.


Here we are Friday already.

This week has been all about me.

Selfish, eh ?

No, not really.

Self-serving, yes!

In the very best sense of these words!

I re-found my Artist spirit.

I journaled and painted.

I spent time with some friends who understand the value of creative time.

I spent time with a friend who really gets me and sees my shiny.

I slept late, made my Honey laugh, hugged and loved him tight, though the bumps that life brings us.

I let go of some hurt/”please love me”  issues that have been plaguing me.

The very, very best thing of all is that

I rediscovered my own power

to make this life a reflection of the brilliant, powerful being that I am.

I remembered how frickin’ Awesome I am !

Huge stuff, right ?

From the outside, nothing would seem to have changed in my life this week.

But on the inside?


Now to take this rediscovery,

and my big bad awesome Self,

and continue on my bittersweet, glorious life journey.

Can you tell I am excited ?

Remember, you are the Artists, Beautiful Ones.

Color your world !


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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Share the joy - It’s like riding a bike !

Riding a bicycle is also a great way to keep life balance.  After a frustrating class I was able to power ride home to let some steam out. I love that I've become invested in biking because it gives me time to think at the beginning and the end of the day.


I am so thankful for my own power and light.

I found joy in not letting anyone else try and dim that brilliant light in any way today.

This Libra girl is going to keep on riding !


Deep breaths and focus on the joy, Beautiful Ones !


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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Semi-Wordless Wednesday–Trying to understand






“Trying to Understand” – Rock being Journal Page

Found Poetry text, Collage, Acrylic and India Ink


Happy Hump Day, Beautiful Ones !

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Building a bridge…

I emailed a dear friend yesterday morning as said

“Do you ever have a day when you just hate most people in the world ?”

I was kind of in that mind frame a little.

I think that I was on the top of the list of people that I wasn’t enjoying being around.

But, as my wise friend suggested, the best way to turn that feeling around is to practice some good self-care.

For me, that includes getting out of my head, being in the present moment,

and taking time to look up…


and look down,


to breathe in and notice beauty around me.

To surround myself with things I enjoy and

put on clothes in color that makes me feel happy.


Nothing like a colorful scarf or  my favorite purple Chucks!

With the intention of helping my mood by spending some quality Me-Time in the studio,

I also dug out my favorite painting shirt.



The hand prints on the boobs are my own, and the pink “beautiful” bit on the back was stitched on by my friend and Mish Mash Queen, Deb Taylor when we both joined Beth McWilliams for a amazing visit in Seaside, FL a few years back.


I then sat down without a plan, with a blank 12X12” canvas and my glorious Golden Acrylics,

Pandora Radio on the Bose speakers playing some favorite mellow tunes,

and let the paint take me where it wanted to go…


“Build a Bridge.” – Acrylics and collage on 12X12” canvas




By the end of this exercise, I was definitely more my true self again.

Not only that, but I kind of fell in love with my Self.

Proud that I had taken the time to return to center, that I had given a voice to my Creative spirit, and that I had brought some more beauty into this world.

Practice makes as close to perfect as we will ever get, Beautiful Ones.

Let’s go love on ourselves today !

Happy Tuesday !

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Share the Joy–Joy Visits

From this week’s Joy List :

Furry kid love…


Bedroom cat, Pumpkin who is the most loving purr kitty around,

as long as it is with me,

and not another furry kid.


And this pig pile of cats and dog at the end of the couch.

Pile of cuteness !

The Mish Mash fun I am having with Deb Taylor, who encouraged us to make prayer flags this week.


My stitched Rock Being Balance flag is now winging its way to a dear friend as a special gift filled with love and faith along with some other Rock Fairy goodies.


A last bouquet of flowers from around the house.

Black-eyed Susan, Sedum, and one Rose of Sharon joined the Hosta leaves.


to make a bouquet for a little welcome altar in the guest room.


All ready for a visit from


my Mommy !!!!

Yay !

My Mom is driving down for a long weekend.

It is supposed to be gorgeous for the next few days and you can be sure we will take advantage of it with a trip to the beach…



for a replay of our fun last year,

as well as finding the time for some shopping, and snuggling and loving.



Should be a joy-filled visit !

Wishing you a joyous day too, Beautiful Ones !


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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Handing over fears…

Saturday morning should be dreamy, quiet, play time, don’t you think ?


Well, my Saturday morning was invaded by noises that make me cringe and racket all around the house.

Don’t get me wrong, now.

Part of me is very, very grateful for my father-in-law and brother-in-law who came to help David replace our rotting back deck stairs.

I know in the end, the stairs will be safer and look much improved, which is awesome.


The problem is that I have this stupid, somewhat irrational fear of saws and power tools, and also huge fears that David will be the one getting hurt.

So I sit the whole time the guys are working, waiting for one of them to call out in panic that they have lost a finger or something.


Stupid, I know !

I try other things, like leaving and going shopping.

Or putting on relaxing tunes really loud and trying to make some art.


But I think the worry I feel even comes out in that art !

Check out the expression on this Rock Being ! Winking smile

Anyway, since I have been a bit on edge anxiety-wise  these days,

sitting in the studio yesterday was a kind of torture.

After creating my art journal page,

aptly entitled “Hand over your fears to the giant silver fish in the sky.”


Rock Being Art Journal page - “Hand over your fears to the giant silver fish in the sky.”, 09/14/13

I went out shopping to Tar-jay and took a break from it all.

I got home to find out that David had sliced his thumb with a carpet knife, and we spent Saturday evening at Urgent Care getting him stitches and a tetanus booster shot.

But guess what ?

All that worry and anxiety doesn’t change the outcome.

It only changes how I experience the whole event.


This morning, the guys are back to finish up.

I am breathing through the saw sounds. I got my favorite socks and shoes on and I am taking this body for a walk around the neighborhood.

Going to see if I can hand over those fears to whatever shiny big thing is up there in that cool blue sky.

Happy Sunday, Beautiful Ones !