Monday, August 26, 2013

Life is magical...

I was in the first place I truly learned the meaning of natural beauty as a child,
spending time in my wooden tent  on the Lake,with some people I love dearly, and getting ready to spend a few days alone enjoying the pace of nature...

when I received a call from a dear friend in need. Suzanne was facing letting her 10 year old Old English sheepdog, Sam,  go, as his body was no longer able to contain his special spirit and he was in a lot of pain.
Suzanne was blessed to find a veternarian who came to the house to help pet parents and the animals themselves through this part of life's journey.

So this amazing dog, who has attended kindergarten everyday with  teacher Suzanne and brought incredible joy and love to so many, was surrounded by love and friends as he took his last breaths here.

I feel so grateful that I was just 2 hours away and could make the drive to be here for my friend. Life sure works in magical ways...

So today, I head back up north for some more family time, a visit to Miss Katie and Thomas before their new school year starts, and back to the lake to soak in the last days of August 2013.


Feeling loved, blessed and grateful today.

I hope your week starts off with those kind of feelings too, Beautiful Ones ! 
Big Love !

Friday, August 16, 2013

Haiku My Heart - Lazy Summer Days

Lazy summer days
Soaking in and creating
Beauty all around.

Here we are at Friday again. Time is going so quickly this summer. I have had a quiet week this week, in between some lovely guests who are making my home feel full and my heart feel glad. 

I have been slowly creating bits and pieces, finishing up some needle felting on my Grey Together Being that I made with my friend Suzanne last week...

and stitching away on a lovely piece of eucalyptus dyed Korhogo cloth that amazing Elizabeth ( gifted me along the way.

Feeling a little low energy but maybe that is what the lazy days of summer should be ?
Whatever the pace, I am defintely so appreciative of and grateful for the beauty I find around me.

Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Semi-wordless Wednesday - What's up?

Stitching on this very beautiful August Wednesday.

I hope your hump day is a miraculous one!

Big love!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Share the Joy - Shine Your Love Light

( Sculpture by Dale Rogers, part of the Sculpture Garen at the League of NH Craftsmen Fair 2013,

I am having a great week with my friend Suzanne. It is so easy and fun to be with an old friend who just gets you !

Yesterday we went to the League of NH Craftsmen Fair  ( at Mount Sunapee Resort,  and saw so many inspiring and beauty pieces of art. We also met many artists who generously share their stories, talents and knowledge which was a real joy ! Art, best girlfriend, time and a sunny August day. What could be more joyful?

I also had a revelation in the last few days. I have been realizing how much I have let go of some of my favorite tools to wellbeing. Why do we do that ????

Well, one tool that I love and that brings me so much loving goodness, is giving freely without expectations. Getting out of my own mind traps and thinking about others, and how I can add just a little more love into the world.

The Rock Fairy has been a little lazy lately ! Time to get back in the action !

I have been painting some beautiful Rock Beings lately, getting ready to fill up the Etsy shop and sell some wares.

But I think it is time to give away these bits of loving art just for the sake of sharing it and spreading some love.

This"Shine Your Love Light" rock is going to be abandoned on my journey today. Not sure where, but it will be sent out into the world in a love bubble.

Even just thinking about giving like this fills my hear with JOY ! 

I am thinking a Rock Being giveway here on the blog is a good idea too!!! Stay tuned in the next couple of days for the details ! 

Happy Thursday, Amazing Ones ! 
May it be a joyous one !

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Saturday, August 3, 2013

They waited....

David and I had a fabulous time on our week's staycation

with my sister, Kristina, her husband John, and the kiddos, Katie

and Thomas. 

Lots of beach time, giggles, good food and good company! 

The house sure feels quiet now that they have all headed home. 

But it was nice to have some time in the studio this morning.

I am continuing in my newly rediscovered journal. These Rock Beings keep coming, with their painted backgrounds and found poetry bits...

These two emerged today. They have a chasm between them, it would seem.

Looks as those each one of them is waiting for the other to breach it, to span the great stretch.

Impatiently, they wait...

Could be a long one unless one of them opens their heart and takes a chance...

My own stretch of quiet won't be long 

as my dear friend Suzanne is coming tomorrow evening to stay for the week. 

More beach time, lots of arty fun and easy times with my old friend.
 Looking forward to it!

Have a great rest of the weekend, Beautiful Ones !
Much Love !