Saturday, November 30, 2013

Thanks for a lovely Black Friday !

Thanksgiving was a sweet gathering,

and yummy food eaten at David’s Dad’s house.

David, I and Chica spent part of our Black Friday at the beach.




It was cold but we were bundled up,

and Chica kept warm, racing after her favorite object on the planet,

the blue rubber ball.




and some turkey and stuffing sandwiches on white bread

made the day pretty much perfect !



Off to Montreal and La Conception for a birthday hug for my sister Natalie, and some Christmas arts and crafts with the niece and nephew.

Many hugs from other important people along the way, I am sure !

Have a great first week of December, Beautiful Ones !

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Rainy Wednesday, Pumpkin Paws…


Pumpkin Paws…

Woke up to a very rainy Wednesday before Thanksgiving.




Mini-Journal Pages – A Visit to the Circus in my Head.

That is fine with me !

So glad that it looks like we are getting only rain, and not the snow and other icy stuff the Weather Drama people were predicting.

Today is all about some Thanksgiving baking,

(Like this Flourless Lemon Almond cake I am making for my sister-in-law who has celiac disease),

and making a version of my traditional stuffing but keeping it outside the bird so everyone gets what they like and need with the Thanksgiving meal at my Father-in-law’s house tomorrow.

And then there will be time for some more play in the old art journal.

Perfect for this rainy day…

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones !

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Perfectly Blessed !

This photo is in response to Patti Digh’s post on 3X3X365 yesterday.

“We find happiness where we can. And that is everywhere.”


The Universe sent me this smile gift in the form of a food face last night.

Do you notice little gifts from the Universe?

Like food faces,

heart rocks,

or maybe a tune that the dishwasher brings into your head for you to hum along with ?

(Yes, I do need to get out more. Some of my Blogland friends do too! You know who you are !)


they are harder to see

than the bright shiny gifts that friends give us.



Like this glorious print that arrived in the mail yesterday from my loving friend, Sherry.


The piece is by artist and wise woman, Julia Fehrenbacher

and goes along with this incredible post she wrote last week on the Painted Path.


At a time when I have been struggling with loving myself just as I am, right in this moment,

and making each day feel of value to my life,

Julia’s words are like a friend reaching out in the darkness.

Just like my friend Sherry does!

Thank you to both of you for making me feel seen, and loved,

and most of all,

thank you for inspiring me to see and love my blessedly imperfect self !


Blessedly imperfect perhaps, but perfectly blessed, that’s for sure !



We are bracing for some kind of icky storm here. A crazy mix of rain and snow and ice and all the crap this time of year can throw at us.

I am off to get a haircut and do a little shopping today,

and then buckle down to some Thanksgiving prep. here at home tomorrow.

Be safe, and be thankful, Beautiful Ones !

Big Love !

Monday, November 25, 2013

Doing what you can from where you are right now…

Here we are at the last week on November.


These sweet ducks were swimming on the pond when I took a cold walk last week.


Saturday night brought the abrupt change from Fall to Winter weather.


I spent a lot of time thinking about those ducks and the little birds that have been happily eating at my bird feeder on the back deck

when that cold, cold, cold wind was upon us yesterday.

I was thinking about their bravery and strength to face the winters here,

exposed to the elements as they are.

Also made me think about the people who were not as blessed as I am

with a cozy shelter, heat and an abundance of warm clothes to choose from.


My thoughts led me to great gratitude for all that I have and for how really blessed I am.

That carried on into this mornings meditation, where I placed this little green treasure on my simple altar during my quiet Being moments.


My blog friend Kim from “art in red wagons” has created these little sea glass treasures to help raise funds for ShelterBox to help those stricken by the typhoon in the Philippines.

As we celebrate and give thanks for all we have this week,

I hope to spend time remembering those who do not have as many blessings as myself in this moment,

and find little ways to help

and do what I can do to share the love.

Happy Monday, Beautiful Ones !

Be extra kind where you can today !

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sharing the joy–Welcome, Brave Ones !

From this week’s joy list…


1.The green eyes of this Pumpkin cat and her beautiful bitchy kitty face.


2.Chickadees et al. at the brand new bird feeder on the back deck. After three days of empty, they finally showed up !

Those sweet little black headed guys are the bravest!


3.New 3.5X4.75” watercolor book that feels just the right size to play in, no matter what else is going on or has to be done.


4.Bizarre creatures from my imagination that come to life with a bit of time and my hand.


5.Returning to my meditation class after over a year away.

It felt so good to be physically in a group of people who all had the intention of being in the moment and radiating love and gratitude out into the world.

I need more of this.


Happy Thursday, Beautiful Ones !

For more joy sharing, visit Meri at Love, Meri.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quick Art - Your Heart Knows.


New mini-watercolor journal.

3.5 X 4.75”.

Easy little pages to fill in an hour or less.


Page inspired by today’s meditation from Deepak and Oprah’s Desire & Destiny 21 Day Meditation project.


A bit of collage, a bit of spray ink, a bit of doodle and draw,


and the question of the day is documented.

Kimbo was here.

Happy Hump Day, Beautiful Ones !

Monday, November 18, 2013

Morning Gifts

From where I stand this Monday morning, November 18, 2013.

New art doodles, new Rock Beings, new day…












Centering Thought : A gift resides in every moment.

(From Deepak Chopra)


May your Monday be full of light, Beautiful Ones !

Friday, November 15, 2013

Haiku May Heart–Filling up



Fill the inside up

With joy, love and gratitude.

I need to start from there.



Working really hard here to keep my insides filled with the good stuff.

This darkening season is always a challenge for me.

I have picked up my gratitude journal and placed it by the bed, so the last thing I do at night is write a few things I am grateful for that day.

I have re-dedicated myself to my meditation practice, with the help of Deepak Chopra and Oprah’s Desire and Destiny 21 Day Meditation.

Next steps include bundling myself up and getting outside everyday for some daylight, even as my body cringes at the idea of the cold right now.

And also working with cutting back on comfort foods and sugar and putting nourishing stuff inside this one vehicle I have to get me through life.

I think the one thing I really, really have to work on is having self-compassion.

Even if I was to do everything in my power to help myself with my seasonal depression symptoms, (in other words, be perfect ! Winking smile),

there will always be days when the dark over takes the light.

After about 30 years of this, I know that to be true for me.

I need to learn to give myself compassion on those days, especially.

And keep looking towards the light.

Fill your insides up with the good stuff, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Friday!

For more haiku beauty and a loving community of haiku writers,

visit recuerda mi corazon every Friday.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Share the Joy Thursday–Round here…

From this week’s Joy List :


1. Princess Chumba Whumba, (Pumpkin), the bedroom cat, who gives the best nose to nose kisses ev’ah!


2. Azzy ,(Aslan) who is Puss in Boots cute even upside down !


3. Boo, (Cosmos), my talking Black Beauty of a kitty, who loves to join me in the studio, whether I like it or not.


4. The beautiful Chica-leeka-lulu,(Chiquitita), who dreams of squirrel catching through the closed studio doors.

(Why do we bother giving our pets real names when we end up having a bazillion nick names for them ?!)


5. Having creative time in the studio and being visited by new Rock Beings !

It feels good to have some new things in my Etsy shop as well.


Rock Being – Who Are You ? (SOLD)


Rock Being – Little Wise One 

(Available in my Etsy shop)

6. Finding beauty in the darkening season, even if it isn’t my favorite !


Moon through the bare trees, 4:30 pm yesterday afternoon. (toooooo early for dark!)


Focusing on the joy and small graces is such a comfort in these chaotic, challenging times. I think it is actually our biggest, most important work during our time here on the planet.

Thanks to my friend Meri for bringing joy into focus every Thursday !

Share the Joy Thursday at Love, Meri.

Have a joyous Thursday, Beautiful Ones !