Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Squeeze ‘em tight !


The most I can do for my friend is simply be his friend.

~Henry David Thoreau

I am off being the very best friend I can be for a dear One who needs me.

Friendship is a gift and and honor.

Squeeze your friends tight today and make sure they know how much you love them.

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !


(This photo is one I snapped at The Butterfly Place two years ago, on a magical adventure with my friend Colleen. Love you, Sweetie !)

Friday, February 24, 2012

Haiku My Heart–What Fills You ?


(Art journal page for February 23, 2012)


Friendship, beauty, art,

soft touches, cat purrs, deep breaths,

and LOVE fill me up.




I hope your weekend fills you up, Beautiful Ones.

Big love !


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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Finding that momentary sunbeam


From Today’s Joy List :

1. The perfect rock for me today found in the bottom of my purse when I reached in for my phone.

2. New art journal supplies, ready for play !

3. Today’s quote in my new little quote notebook : “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Thank you, Gandhi !

4. New eggplant colored El Naturalista clogs in a sunbeam that showed up for a few minutes in the studio.


Today, on Share the Joy Thursday,

I needed to create a joy list today even more than I needed to share one!

I woke up icky, pms-y, rainy day grey inside and out…

I am realizing the importance of keeping myself filled up in order to have enough energy to keep on giving where I love to give.

When I don’t, the blahs can easily move in.

Looking for simple joys, listing them, celebrating them and sharing them

really does help deal with those blahs…

They are not gone but now feel much more balanced by

the sweet joys around me.

Time to crank up some tunes and go lose myself in some art making for a bit.

Another tool I know that fills up this loving Soul of mine.

I hope you fill yourself up with joy today, Beautiful Ones !



at Meri’s Musings.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Today is Tuesday Treasures

Today is Tuesday.

Today, lots of things popped into my world to be shared.

So here they are :

Today’s Quote :

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of life that no man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


(Re-read that a few times. I did.)


Today’s Rock :


“Help” as in “I need help”, or “help” as in “the help I need  is here”…?


Today’s Song :

I loves me some Jason Mraz.

His new album is coming out in April. This song is on it.

The title ?

Love is a Four Letter Word”.

Yes, Jason, yes.


Today’s Art Journal Page:



Silly pillow pictures of me taken with my IPhone Photobooth App.

They were printed out on David’s laser printer on regular photocopy paper.


Technology rocks !


Today’s Art Supply of Choice :

BIC Wite-Out Shake -N Squeeze Correction Pen, White

BIC Wite-Out Shake -N Squeeze Correction Pen, White

Kind of stinky but great for adding bold white lines on top of whatever you have on the page, or serving as a resist. And it dries very quickly.

Thanks to Traci Bautista for teaching me about this tool.


All of these little treasures came to me this morning to help me start my day.

Happy to be able to share them with you in the hopes that they make your day shimmer a little brighter too.

Big love, Beautiful Ones !

Friday, February 17, 2012

Haiku My Heart–Trusted Heart


Show me your true Heart.

I can be trusted with it.

For Mine feels the same.



Go and show that beautiful heart of yours to someone.

You could start at Recuerda Mi Corazon and enjoy some more haiku love if you want.

Happy Friday, Beautiful Ones !


(PS : Can you tell I am having a ball with my new IPhone photo apps ?! This photo of one of my rocks was edited with Snapseed. Beth, you created a photo editing fool ! )

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Capture Beauty and Play with it !

From this week’s Joy List…

1.Loving friendships that grow and fill us up…


Heart shadows from FLA 2012, for Colleen, photographed by Beth.


Heart shadows from Cape Cod 2010, Colleen, me and Linda, photographed by me.

2.Gadgets that help you capture beauty and play with it…


Chica and my new IPhone, complete with super photo editing apps !


like this lucky Sea Heart from Seaside, FL…


4. Unexpected blooms…


My hibiscus plant in the studio surprised me with the burst of red this morning!

5. Homecomings and Love Celebrations…


The card in the beautiful roses that David gave me for Valentine’s Day…


A detail of one of the roses…

This week was full of so many joys…the list is very long.

Recognizing them and celebrating them helps take the edge off the sorrows and hardships that accompany them in this bittersweet journey.

I am sending out light and love extra strong right now to some dear ones who really need it.

And focusing on the joys in my own life gives me the strength to do that.

Thanks for letting me share the joy with you, Beautiful Ones !

Let’s keep adding that sweetness to the world.



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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Seaside Love…

A few little glimpses into what a treat my trip to Seaside, FLA was…


My hostess with the mostest, the kind, generous, funny, talented, beautiful and brilliant, Beth !

(Yes, I love her to bits !)


Sunshine at the beach…a delight in spite of the cool temps in the 50’s and below.


Sherry and her hubby Al, who drove down from Toronto, Canada to meet up with us.

It was a sweet, sweet thing to see my fabulous Warrior-Woman, Sweet Heart again.


The three of us made quite the team !

Our specialty ? Girl talk, I would say, and of course…


Shopping !


The three of us did well at the annual Seaside Flea Market on the Green.

It was a fun scene and Sherry and Beth got to go a little hog wild as they are both driving home and didn’t have to worry about luggage rates on the plane !


Oh, and did I mention that I love, love love the sea ?


I find it so inspiring,


unbelievably beautiful…


and a place that fills my heart with peace and love.


I feel so very, very blessed to have had the chance to go to Seaside again this year and spend time with my friends in such a very beautiful place.

It made me feel alive and vibrant in many ways.


What more could any of us ask for in the one precious life ?


I hope you found things to make you feel vibrant and alive today, Beautiful Ones !

Big, big love !

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Where I will be…

seaside, january2011,beth 044

seaside, january2011,beth 166

seaside, january2011,beth 119

seaside, january2011,beth 142

This is where I will be for the next little while thanks to this awesome friend of mine.

seaside, january2011,beth 109

I promise to hug her and another dear friend really tightly while I am there.

Oh, and I promise say hi to the sea for you!

Big love, Beautiful Ones !

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Don’t forget your Cape !!!

While I love the arriving part when you see dear hearts who you haven’t seen in a long time,

I really don’t like the actual travel part of traveling.

The organizing so that you have what you need on the plane in the container with the right amount of ounces,

the security at the airport where you feel like you have done something wrong though you haven’t,

what to wear on your feet that will work from NH winter through airport security and onto FLA temps,

the take off and landings that make me nauseous (don’t forget the Dramamine!),

the claustrophobic feeling of being in an enclosed space where I can’t get out when I want to…

Okay, I am basically a whiney, neurotic mess when it comes to the traveling part!

I am really excited to be leaving for Florida tomorrow.

And I can’t wait to get there!

But I think my neurosis came through a little in my art today…


One Sketch a Day – Day 2


Art Journal Page…


Phew ! Now that I got all of that out on the pages,


hopefully I can take my Artist Self’s advice,


and concentrate on what is oh so good about this situation !


I am sure it will all be fine…

(image from http://www.getcapewearcapefly.com/)

I just remembered my cape !

Happy Tuesday, Beautiful Ones !