Tuesday, October 6, 2015

So Many Gifts...

Three days until my birthday...
The birth festival is in full swing !
I have already received so many gifts !

(Roman Glass Necklace - a precious gift created by my dear friend Donna Yarger)
I am filled with gratitude and joy !

(Crystal Singing Bowl - a gift from my dear friend, Linda E.)
I feel so very LOVED !
I had a little art tribe gathering at Art More Place hosted by my amazingly generous friend, Sherri, over the weekend. 
I wasn't feeling so hot last week, with perimenopausal nightmarish symptoms and anxiety on high alert.
But the healing, loving, playful time with my friends has made things so much easier.
Though some of the symptoms linger, I have new tools to hold on to, and new thoughts to think as I go through them, thanks to my amazing women friends !
I am surrounding myself with my all the sweet gifties I received and soaking it all it.
Check out how beautiful my lanai looks this morning with my treasures displayed !
I am finding the words "Thank you!" inadequate to express how grateful I am to my loving, generous, supportive and accepting friends.
But I am saying them over and over, and sending them out in big puffs of love from my filled up heart !
Thank you, my friends ! Love you so much !