Thursday, August 27, 2015

Some acts of L,C&C…

Some acts of L,C&C…

As part of my 50 Acts of Love, Compassion and Connection days.


(Loved this grandfather carrying his uv umbrella and shading his granddaughter in the surf at Fort DeSoto last weekend)


Paying for the tolls for 4 cars behind us on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge on the way to the beach.

Returning the shopping cart to the rack for a busy dad trying to load up his kids into the van.


Leaving sea shells with secret messages on the shore.


Sending Rock My World rocks to friends in need.


Taking time to visit, make art with,


and get to know old friendly acquaintances


(Toni, Lyle and I reconnect at after six years or so at their new home in Winter Garden, Florida)

and make them into good art tribe friends.


And the journey continues…

Big love to you, Beautiful Ones.

Friday, August 21, 2015

For the next 50 Days….

So in 50 days from now,

I will be 50.



How the hell did that happen ?

So quickly ?

Ok, I am a little freaked out about it.

Even though all my over 50 year old friends

(how did my friends become over 50 years old ???)

have told me that 50 is great, liberating, inspiring, the new 40, etc…

It still freaks me out that I am entering this new decade.

I’m working on accepting it and recognizing it is a thing to celebrate.

I also felt that I should think of a special way to ring in this new time in my life.

So in the spirit of focusing on what I want to see more of in my world,

I have decided to dedicate the next

50 days


50 Acts of Love, Compassion and Connection.

I have gathered a mental list of some things I want to do, and I have a new little gratitude journal all ready to record the acts.


Some will be small gestures, like leaving a Rock My World rock for someone to find.


Others may be a little more elaborate and push some of my boundaries and fears.

(More on those later in the 50 days…)

I will also try and record some of them here and share what happens when I make this intention.

I have a feeling that the circles of love, compassion and connection will ripple out beautifully !

I’m excited to see what comes my way as a result !

For my first conscious act of Love, Compassion and Connection,

I was inspired by my scheduled haircut today.

My hairdresser, Genesis, is a sweet heart and always makes me feel special and cared for when I visit her. She is an amazing artist with hair. She recently moved into a small apartment of her very own down by the bay. We spoke about her love for candles at my last visit so I made this little arty bundle of love and thanks for her:


Some clean burning beeswax candles, some special rocks, a string of white twinkle lights,


all tucked into a cool cigar box with a pretty fabric nest.

  IMG_2853 A homemade card on some cool rusted paper

IMG_2854 (2)with a love message inside.


packaged up and


tied with a bow for my friend !

Can’t wait to see her smile !


I’m excited to share this 50 day journey with you, Beautiful Ones. If you have a suggestion for an act of Love, Compassion and Connection, please send it to me or leave it in a comment. And if you are inspired to join in the fun with committing acts of LC&C along with me, that would totally thrill me !!! Please share your stories with me. That would be a an awesome gift to receive !!!

Big love to you !