Wednesday, January 7, 2015

This day is savable.

Hard to believe that the holidays have come and gone.

The visit to Montreal and my peeps was awesome !


And so was the visit with my friend Suzanne,

who came and spent a fun New year’s week with us.


Now she’s gone home,

David’s gone back to work

and I need to re-find a routine that makes me fill fulfilled and like I am living towards my purpose.

Big ambitions, huh ?

Winking smile

Well, I started off small, which always works better for me.

I have pretty much given up coffee in the morning in favor of protein shakes (gluten, dairy, sugar free vanilla veggie protein powder with fresh fruit, spinach, water and ice in the blender).

They are super yummy, and keep me full and energized until lunch most days.

I have also re-committed to a meditation practice each morning.

I tend to have pretty lousy self discipline, but so far this new morning routine is really comfortable.


Pumpkin likes to join me at meditation time and perches herself on the arm of my chair.

Sweet Cat vibes add to the goodness.

The next addition will be some more physical exercise. Walking and/or a bike ride on my new bike that Santa Dave got me for Christmas.

My 7 speed cruiser in retro lilac ! Cute and comfortable.

Won’t be in any triathalons on it but good for getting this butt moving !


Another important piece to reviving my self-loving routine

is to bring back the ART !!!


Worked on a little 6X6” canvas today.

Acrylic paint and collage.


I was flipping through an old dictionary looking for a title and

the word


popped out.

“Capable of being saved.”


I think we all are.

I hope we all are.


I’m planning some fun arty days with some East Coast Florida friends soon. I really need that art tribe to make me feel complete.

I hope your new year, new month, new week, new day

routines are off to a good start, Beautiful Ones.

Big love to you !