Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CSI New Hampshire - GPP Street Team Crusade #28

(This is an interactive post - please follow my little directions here to play along ! ;-) )

Step 1 : Okay - Play the Video - Cue Music

(Step 2 - Read this, imagining me trying to look cool in my shades and parka (hey it's NH not FLA!!!), talking in a sexy, husky cop voice...)

"Welcome to CSI New Hampshire where our crack team of investigators, (okay. just one investigator!) take on challenge of locating important evidence in the Case of "Portion Control".
(Inspired by GPP Street Team Crusade #28 - designed by Michelle Ward, yes, The Michelle Ward !)".

Never fear, the Creative Scene Investigation is on, Baby !

It is believed that the suspect we are after had been too heavy handed with her stamp and stencil technique in the past which made her easy to track down. The suspect has now learned portion control, where she leaves much more subtle traces of her weapons of choice in the act of creating !

Check out Exhibit A : Here, quite distinct hand prints made with a hand carved rubber stamp were found on the workspace blotter on the suspect's desk. Obviously this was an early attempt as the control was somewhat limited. The high degree of gold metallic paint was an interesting twist though.

Exhibit A - Blotter stamped with hand carved "Hand" stamps in Lumiere Gold paint

Then there was Exhibit B : Here, we can see that the suspect has already become quite masterful (or is that mistressful, nudge, nudge, wink, wink) in her use of portion control - see the subtlety of the yellow hands against the black jungle-like background. An air of mystery is definitely present here.

Exhibit B - Background - old dictionary pages collaged, washed with green and then randomly coated with Golden Black Gesso, Hands - stamps again with yellow paint

This brings us to the third piece of evidence, or Exhibit C as the suits will call it, where the suspect took a very different turn. Note the use of the vintage substrate here (substrate=any stratum lying underneath another, ie: the paper !!!!). It is believed to be a page from a 1927 LaRousse French Dictionary which features the word "la main" or the hand in French ! Man, this chick is good ! Also check out the use of both the positive and the negative hand stencils with the distress ink ... it gives the piece some really interesting movement.

Exhibit c - French Dictionary page, Hand Stencils - positive and negative, Ranger Distress Ink in Walnut applied with a sponge.

The Creative Scene Investigation finally brought us to our final piece of evidence in this case. It would seem from all of our careful research into the use of portion control by this suspect, that the Artist in question has learned that keeping her audience guessing, and leaving subtle traces of her tools behind can create very intriguing pieces. This is clearly shown in Exhibit Z, a piece the Artist herself likes to call "Trust the Angels" :

Exhibit Z - Trust the Angels*

*(They have been around the block a few times) - art journal page

- angel wings are hand stamps. Also subtle use pink and magenta ink on a bought foam stamp for the heart squares in the background. Image from an old anatomy book found in Flickr

CSI NH has done it again ! Our investigation has shown that practicing the act of portion control as an Artist can lead to a life of intriguing art. Okay, that's it for this episode. I need a donut and a hot coffee....Cripes it is colder than a witch's tit here in NH !!! (a little crude cop language there - guess I should have said this episode was rated PG !)

(Return to the top and play the video gain for closing music...same as opening music ! ;-))

I know, I know...

I need a life !!!!!!!!Let's just blame winter and cabin fever okay ? It's snowing again....

Onwards, Crusaders !


Anonymous said...

YOU FREAKING ROCK!! LOL!! oh la la...that's french for pretty great portion control, maam! I LOVE the CSI!!!

Sandy..... said...

Fantastic! I lauged all the way through~! ;)

michelle ward said...

I AM LAUGHING MY A** OFF! This is so fab Kim, in EVERY way. Very clever and gripping narrative AND evidence. You make a compelling arguement for the defendant, PC. The evolution of the investigation makes a solid case.

I am blown away by your genius-ness, both in art and presentation. *claps wildly*

Kate Robertson said...

I love it this was so fun... love the art too...


Anonymous said...

What a great post! Very clever and fun - and the art was great too!

Julie said...

You do indeed ROCK as Julie said. This is an awesome post and a brilliant way of showing the portion control. Love your hands, love your angel! Beautiful!

Genie Sea said...

LMAO! Okay that seriously was one of the most creative posts ever!

Love the "mounting evidence" but there is no crime here, just amazing-ness. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
from the CSI Amersfoort. Holland i can tell you that all found exhibits are evidece for the case of 'shaping up'. Specially exhibit c took my attention, the positive AND negative hand... WOW
(i had a good laugh reading this one, thanks!)

Judy said...

Great post. Sure got my day off to a smiling start. Great art work too I especially like the positive & negative hands.

Way to go!

Regina said...

you are SO funny and you can make art, too! That's a pretty cagey portion controller in any crime fighter's book. LOL
Love the variety of ways you got creative with your shape.

debi lynn mattingly said...

Not only is the art beautiful and creative....the way in which you wrote the post is extremely creative! I was laughing till I almost peed in my big girl panties!

I look forward to seeing and reading more!

xo...deb (the junkin' yaya)

lynne h said...

thank you, kim! i *need* to learn about this portion control!! i LOVE your angel... xo

Anonymous said...

I would've never believed it if I hadn't seen this episode from start to end. And I like so much you didn't add in commercials every 10th row of words! ;-)

I love (C) - it's awesome and the rest too. I just carved me a stamp yesterday, an owl. Not portion controlled, just a new friend in the stamp box! take care and have a swell weekend!

Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!! You ROCK, girlfriend! This post must've taken some real time to put together... my hat is off to you, madam of mystique, reveler in the reveal... (get it?!?)... oh, who am I kidding... I'm no where nearly as clever as you, my friend! BRAVA!!! Abientot, K. xoxo

Kathryn Costa said...

Very clever and very fun!

Robin said...

Very very creative and fun. And great idea to mask your hand...might have to "borrow" that one!

Anonymous said...

Your post cracked me up - I love CSI and all those forensic programmes, and it's what I read too. Give me a serial killer any day! I think your portion control worked really well and I especially liked the hand angel wings.

Elizabeth said...

What fabulous fun, Kim!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

lovin' your sense of humor, and your art too...especially liked "C" because I'm into the whole positive/negative thing right now. great job!

Mescrap said...

You're creative to bring out your art.

Marlynn said...

OMG - I recognize that angel. Serial ??, you be the judge. OH, you are! LOL - thanks for the art and laugh. Marlynn