Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your task, should you choose to accept it...

For a dear friend...

and for myself...

and for anyone else that needs it...

Art journal page - "Find the Barriers"
November 18, 2009

Quote from Rumi
"Your task is not to seek love,
but merely to seek and find
all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it."

So yesterday was pretty restful which is what I needed. I am still way behind in terms of catching up with my peeps in Blogland but at least I am feeling a little more rested and a little more Kim-like after spending the late morning at play in the art journal, and the afternoon doing what these two precious Kitties were doing :

Azzy napping on the daybed...

Cosmo napping in his sunbeam basket...

Naps are good for what ails you.

Still feeling a little fragile but that seems to be the thing for many of my friends and family right now. Let's all try and be kind to ourselves, I say. You may not be able to count on life being kind to you or even on the people around you being nice, but with a little effort, we can at least count on ourselves !

Today is going to be about nesting a little and getting things ready for Sherry's visit. She and her man are coming for dinner on Sat. evening after Sherry and I spend out play day together.

Have you ever had someone you have never met for dinner ?

I haven't but I am looking forward to it. My main challenge is to keep things real and just be me. Not to notice all the little things that need fixing around the house or the dust on the base boards (I will keep the lights dim, I think ! ;)). I know Sherry sees my heart and I know that she will feel my welcome and that is what is important. (I keep on telling that to the Martha-wanna-be inside me over and over ! )

After the nesting time, at around 4:00pm, I am going on a little adventure. I met a young, talented artist at the craft fair last Saturday named Nick. He creates these amazing vessels out of carved cardboard - awesome ! Anyway, he contacted me on Sunday via email and asked to interview me for an assignment for his college writing class. They have to interview a stranger and he was intrigued by the Rock My World adventures and how I use my rocks to spread a little more love around. I thought it was such a brave thing to do to reach out like that ! I am very flattered and honored.

We are meeting at Barnes and Noble today so he can conduct his interview with the Rock Fairy. Pretty cool, eh ? I am sure she will be bringing him a little bag of love rocks to give out on his own adventures...

So spend some time today being really kind to your Self, beautiful Ones. We really do deserve it !

Rock On !


Theresa said...

Very nice page! The background is lovely and I really like the little village of houses on the border.

Sherry said...

Connections...they are everywhere. I love that Nick has asked to interview you for a paper. I think it's got to be difficult to approach a stranger and ask for something like this, yet he sensed from you a heart that would be open to his request. Just think of the joy you've given this young man and the wonderful paper he's going to be able to write. I guarantee he'll get an excellent mark with such a wonderful subject as you and your rock the world rocks!!

I love the idea of being good to ourselves, being kind to ourselves. We all need more of that.

I'm cracking up at the preparations for the arrival of what, "The Royal Family"!?! lmbo!!! Restrain your Marthaness and we'll be good...after our conversation a few minutes ago I burst out laughing when I read your post.

Dim lighting? Sets a perfect mood for any get-together!!! ♥

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

What fun - an interview! Things will go swimmingly, I imagine. As they will with Sherry. Although I have never met her, she seems very open and easy going. Of course we want to hear all about the visit next week. Sounds like you are very wise of late. Resting, taking care of oneself, very wise indeed.

Julie Prichard said...

Rock on is right! I just wanted to pipe in and let you know I really look forward to reading your blog posts.


Susan Tuttle said...

what a beautiful sentiment and gorgeous journal page my dear:))

your kitties -- how sweet and tender. I can just imagine their little purrs.


Anonymous said...

Love the journal page! So excited for you on the interview!! What a wonderful gift for both of you - him for receiving your inspiration and you for receiving his respect for your travels. Beautiful!!


Olivia said...

I'm on of those people who needed it today, Kim. Thank you!

It's so important to take time to honor what we need, isn't it. Work is vital, it's true, but honoring our own needs even more so.

At least that's what I think.

Beautiful art journal page for the message, too :)

Blessings, fun, rest, and love,


beth said...

I am doing just that...being kind to myself since being kind to my son is not what he wants right now....

and you my rock fairy.... are now a rock star !!

congrats on the interview !!!

patti said...

Fantastic about the interview Kim! Your magical rocks are starting to creep their way into the wider world, spreading the love. Beautiful!

henrysmom said...

today, despite the rain, was filled with sunshine...a beautiful box arrived with brilliant BIRDIES inside! and rocks! your birds are even more gorgeous in living color! they are supposed to be christmas gifts, but it's going to be hard to give them up! you just seem to spread joy & beauty everywhere! Linda

Kate Robertson said...

This is just the first interview, its probably getting you ready for the big time.

Wonderful page you did today. I agree that naps are helpful sometimes, Your kitties are so cute.

Commuter's Journal said...

There's a kind of I-ching synchronicity going on here, Kim. Your Rumi quote is exactly what I needed to see today. Now how did the universe know to do that?

How wonderful that you and Sherry are meeting in the real world! I cannot wait to hear how your adventure turns out.

Bethany said...

Wow, gorgeous page and just the quote I needed. Thank you. Love your writing too. Have fun in your interview and at art play and dinner!

Anonymous said...

Ms Thang;

This journal page has to be one of the most striking and powerful yet.

Youve changed your color palette?
something is really grooving with you here..

Anonymous said...
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What' a Mommy for!!! said...

Pussycats napping!! What a perfect inspiration to take time to do just that! I plan to do just that tomorrow (Saturday)!!!Can't wait to hear about your interview!
Blessings to all.
Love you,

Meliss said...

Thanks for the wisdom: We can count on ourselves. YES! I will be kind to me cause The Queen of kindness said so! YAY :)

I've got a Martha-wanna be in here too when people come over. Had a couple that we've known and loved for several years over (a youth pastor and his super awesome wife, Kim - who are both our age). I found myself cleaning like crazy until I said to me, "They aren't coming over to inspect our house." When I told Kim she said, "I KNOW, I do the same thing when you guys come over, clean like a crazy person even though I know it doesn't have to be perfect for you - you're coming to see me, not my house!" I'm still in recovery though.

Besides, dust at your house is just rock faerie dust - oh, it holds so much love and magick! YAY!

That's fantastical about the interview! Magick is afoot my dear. I'm so happy for you!

Carved cardboard? sounds interesting. Is there anywhere we can see his work?

aw, furry baby sleep.


Jennifer said...

The journal page is amazing! I could stare at the pice with the house and those perfect white lines all day :)

This kitties are so cute I want to just snuggle them. I love seing happy little ones, sleeping soundly ful of love and security. That is such a blessing because, like you said, the world can certainly be unkind!

Hugs to you and how fun that you are being interviewed. That is soooooooo cool :)

DMG said...

Kim, Loving kindness and acceptance radiate from you, and it is absolutely infectious. It's no wonder that you make friends wherever you happen to be. I think you must have some kind of magic force that you're sending out, along with your rocks, spreading love that inspires and encourages others to open their hearts. The layers in your journal page today are especially lovely, and the glowing colors reflect the warmth of your heart. I hope that you and Sherry have an absolutely wonderful time, creating and celebrating together.


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, I love this journal page! What a beautiful quote, too. I hope you've been feeling rested and better since this day. I've fallen behind on blog visiting, as well, and am doing such catching up tonight. Thank you for always making time to squeeze in a visit to me and for your always uplifting, heart-warming comments! That's wonderful that that young artist wants to interview you! His work sounds interesting, too - carved cardboard? I'd like to see that. Well, he's obviously got a good eye as he was drawn to your work! (wink, smile). (((A big hug for you)))

Anonymous said...

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