Friday, February 19, 2010

Abigail Knows !!!

So ENOUGH with feeling like a Gloomy Gus !!! Argh ! I hate that !

Can't stay there for long !!!

I know it is winter (the season of my discontent!) and

traumatic February on top of it ,

but really I have come so far from how winters usually are for me.

I need to allow myself to celebrate that a little !

Last Winter was soooooo rough - this one is a lot better.

The best one I have had in recent memory, actually.

So I am allowing myself to feel the ickies and be a little blue

for a bit because those feelings are real...

but at some point it is time to shake that off ! Or at least try !

So what to do to feel better ?

(art journal page - 2008)

Ah, yes...

Need to take a page out of Abigail's Book...

Time to put those wings in motion !

Fuel them up with art making, time with friends, walking, breathing, being grateful...

Start flapping

and before I know it, I should be using those wings to fly again...

So that's what my plan is for this weekend, Beautiful Ones.

Some sweet Wing TLC.

Dinner and a movie with Sonia tonight (Chick flicks RULE for the Blues!)

Shopping for some Mexico duds tomorrow (yes, I leave for Mexico in 11 sleeps ! what do I have to complain about ?!)

Some cozy time with my man in our sweet nest over the weekend.

A few walks with the Chica Dog in the warm winter weather we are blessed with right now.

And Art Journal Love Letters play time with Connie and the gang !

You bet I am grateful !!!!

Here's my song for it so much !

"Take these broken wings and learn to fly..."

Do your wings need some TLC ?

Well, I am sending them the "L"...

I hope you give them the rest...

Big Love to you and your wings, Beautiful Ones and have a great weekend !


Sherry said...

Inspiring, inspiring, inspiring!! Even when you are down, you are you see that? Abigail certainly knows a thing or two!! And it's okay to have those down days...they make the up days so much sweeter!!

11 sleeps...woot!!!!

beth said...

big love right back atcha !

and did I know you were going to mexico ?
just a vacation or a class ?
am I jealous ? well if i had a photo of me sticking my tongue out, I'd use it on you :) LOL

my daughter just got from cozumel.....sp? anyhow. loved the snorkeling and parasailing and jeep safari....lucky girl !!!!

tell me more !

Sueann said...

Thank you so much for your inspiring and encouraging words!! I am going to don my wings and fly today as well. I may not get off the ground; but I am going to flap like hell!! I will get wait and see!!

Kate Robertson said...

I wish a bright sun shining day to you. This is my second day of sunshine and I am loving it. I am taking Abigail's advice this weekend. Lots of time with friends and a little art thrown in. Doing some art always brings me out of the blues. Have a great weekend my friend.

Sophie said...

I love that song.
Great post. I'm looking at the bright side too.

jgr said...

Hi Kim,
So glad you have warmer days. Spring will be here - really. I know you will have a blast in Mexico . . . margaritas I'm thinkin'!

Anonymous said...

This winter has ravaged me less than previous ones, too. Good for us! I sure envy you the trip to warmer climes, though.

SE'LAH... said...

wishing you lots of warmth and light.

p.s. you have the most endearing eyes. and they say the eyes are the light of the body.

keep smiling. keep shining.

one love.

Teresa aka Tess said...

You look so much like Nina Bagley that for a moment I thought she was on your blog. LOL!! OK, SO I fully understand your feelings and I go throught the same thing. I am getting over bronchitis and even though I have been sick this past week has been a two fold week because I did a lot of journaling, and some quiet crafting sitting in a quiet house. I loved it for th most part. Minus the broncitis it would have been heaven. I plan to see some family this weekend and mail my OWOH packages out. Get ready for work again next week calls for a Sunday afternoon nap. Have a great weekend...

A Miraculous Meliss said...

HAAAAAAAAAAA-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Oh I LOVE that picture of you with your tongue out! Hysterically Wonderful! Thanks for helping to cheer me up.

Have fun in Mexico! I hope to make it there one day.


angel said...

Adorable post, adorable YOU! Love that pic of you stickin' out your tongue - you sassy girl!
Have a great time in Mexico...wish I was there.

deb did it said...

~~~you are FABULOUS~~~ I am smiling so BIG right now. YOU GO GIRL....~flap flap~