Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Top 5 Photos, Snow in April, and a Busy Little Blogger...

Top Five Photos from Katie's Birthday Weekend - April 24, 2010

No. 5 : Bave does Groucho

No. 4 - Kristina and Her Boy

No. 3 - Kate is a Monster !

No. 2 - Momma and Her Chicks
(Me, Nat, Mom, Kristina clockwise from the top left)

And the Number 1 Favorite Photo is ....

Auntie Love.

There was lots loving, laughing, playing, snacking, fine wining, hugging and kissing over the weekend with the family.

Such a sweet time.
And for me,

what life is all about.

Time with the people I love.

Today is Wednesday.

It is cold outside (only 40 degrees) and raining with snow mixed in at times.
Yup, it is the end of April but feels more like March.

Yesterday, before the cold and rain came in, I went and cut this bouquet from my gardens outside.

It has to be one of my favorite bouquets of all time.

The lilacs smell so heavenly and the colors of the tulips and azaleas popping off the white is so girlie and perfect.

I am thankful to have this taste of Spring in my studio with me today, in spite of the crappy gloom outside.
Here is my latest journal page :

I read this quote from the marvelous and always inspiring Kind Over Matter blog this morning.

Beautiful and true words from the incredible Maya Angelou :
As I worked on the page, I began to feel pretty good about myself.

I think I can say that the connections that I make with most people in my life are positive ones

and that I am pretty good at making people feel good, respected and/or loved when I interact with them.

That is a practice in my life that I am truly proud of.


Looks like the next few weeks will be really busy around here.

The ta-da list includes some exciting things like creating art for possible publication,
a weekend away with a group of new Arty Friends,

a 65 birthday party for my Mom,

an updating of the Rock My World project with some help from a sweet benefactor
(more on that soon)

a new look and specially designed banner for the blog.

I was lucky enough to win (yes, I do seem to be on a nice streak there !) a banner design from Beth at "be yourself , everyone else is taken" in her recent giveaway so I am looking forward to working on that with her.

And the Computer Geek Hubby extraordinaire is also giving me a hand to spring things up around here.
Now I just have to gain the energy and momentum I need to move through all this excitement!

I am starting the energizing with a late-afternoon art journal time with my pal Colleen who will
be here soon,

followed by a supper for three with some yummy Oyster Bay Chardonnay.

Rain-Shpain !!!

Go Blow, Snow !

Kimbo is making the most of this Spring day anyway !!!!


Rita Vindedzis said...

I really like this journal page-your work should really be published.

Your mom rocks 65! Have a great party.

Sueann said...

Auntie Love pic is so beautiful! And your flowers are gorgeous! Art for publication.,woohoo!! Super news! Have a great journal making day!

beth said...

snow ?......i'm covering my ears so i don't hear that word, k ?

and anytime you are ready to tell me what you're looking for banner wise, i am here and ready to play !

love love love the auntie sweet !

Snap said...


Paula said...

Welcome home, friend! It looks like you had one awesome time, and yes, absolutely, this is what it's all about. Friends. Family. Love. The bouquet is stunning, a real breath of spring!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

No kidding, you have been one busy girlie. The good weather should return by tomorrow (she says with her fingers crossed). Nice souvenir photos of your trip - Kristina should be thrilled with the one with her son. Ay Carumba! So much to do these next few weeks here too. I'm going to put my head down and my shoulder to the wheel!

patti said...

You have been SO re-charged by your family get together, I can tell :) Lots of energy bursting out of this post!

Your bouquet is gorgeous and so warm - makes me want to reach for a paintbrush!

Anonymous said...

Great photo of David and lovely family pics. You have a lot going on girl, great for you. Journal pages pop and your flowers - I can smell the lilacs.....


gretchen said...

Lilacs? You have LILACS? Amazing how far behind mother nature is up here in the Upper Valley- we had steady snow all day yesterday! But today is filled with sunshine- even more so after reading your happy happy blogpost filled with flowers, love and inspiration! Enjoy your afternoon with Colleen and hugs to you both!
xoxo, gretchen

Kate Robertson said...


Thanks for your comments on my brother, I appreciate it. I love the pic of you with your mom and sisters, how precious. We are also having that yucky weather this week. I am ready for the sun to come back. Can't wait to see what your new banner looks like.

Loved your status msg on facebook too.


lynne h said...

ah, love seeing your smiling face, kim!! xo

Jennifer said...

The pictures of your trip are wonderful! I love and appreciate your journal page too! Have a wonderful time working through your ta-da list!

SE'LAH... said...

What a loving family you've got, Auntie Love.

Stunning bouquet! Hope you are enjoying your week.
one love.

Bethany said...

Hi Kim.
For the life of me I could not get my comments to go through the other day. I really hope this one does. I love your bouquet too!
And I agree about how you make people feel. Wonderful quote.
Love love love your page, as usual. Good luck with all the new, exciting things.
Can't wait to see more.
Happy chilly spring.

Bethany said...

Oh and fantastic photos from your weekend. That auntie one is just dreamy.

Julie Fillo said...

Kim, love this page!