Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I don’t wanna work, I just wanna doodle the day away…

I worked at the Halloween store both yesterday and Monday.

It was so boring…lots of customers looking but little buying yet.

That means I spent 5 hours on my feet, thinking about all the things I could be doing with my time if I was at home in the studio…

I could finish some beautiful doodling pieces like this to add to my 16 page journal… P9150012(I used my set of Micron pens in different sizes to create this piece a while back… )


(doesn’t it look gorgeous against this page of Fabriano Artistico water color paper that does awesome things with Golden Fluid acrylics ?Yummy !)

Or I could be packing and organizing things for the Art Friends Gathering Cape Cod Week Long Extravaganza that I am leaving for on Friday.


(See the cool ties I found at the Good Will store for one of our projects – a one tie purse that Terry will be showing us how to make ?)

The good news is that I am off for the next two days and I can finally get to the action instead of thinking about it as I have been for the last few days.

I am running a few errands to the craft stores today to get a  couple of last minute things, getting my groceries and then packing all the toys up to take with me.

Plus I want to bake some super decadent chocolate cookies to keep our creativity fueled…

The hardest part is deciding what art materials to bring and what to leave home.

You know, I can do a great page in an art journal with very little.

But I would hate to be on the Cape and be missing something that I have at home.

Mixed Media Artists and their toys…;)

I figure anything that can fit along with me in the Jeep Grand Cherokee is fair game !

Think there is any chance of fitting the whole studio armoire in there ?

Hee ! ;)

I know, I know, time to edit some !

I feel so very, very blessed ! This Lucky Queen is off to make some cuts !

Happy Wednesday, Beautiful Ones !


Kate Robertson said...


I know what you mean about packing art supplies. I always want to take everything. I used to leave the paint at home and just take collage stuff and pencils but it drove me nuts. I gotta have that paint. I took a whole container camping with me and i was much happier. I'd take whatever fir in the jeep too!

I am off to an art date today and have to decide what to bring...such decisions. Have a fun time.

Anonymous said...

40lbs of art supplies are already packed no doubt. Enjoy the Cape and your adventure. I am sure you will have a blast. Can't wait to see the tie project. xox Corrine

beth said...

that's why driving to an art retreat of any kind is SO great. fill that jeep up with everything !!!


iHanna said...

Those doodles are FAB! You could scan that page and use it over and over again to journal on. The doodles really look 3D on the yummy red. Mmm!

Olivia said...

My Queen, I hope you have a fantastic art retreat. Wishing you could stay home, too. You are so prolific and creative! Much love, O

Lynn Cohen said...

Yes the zen is divine.
I can't wait to see what you do with the necktie fabric.
Have fun on the Cape. It sounds like a ball waiting to happen. Excited for you.

Elena said...

Queen I want you to come here. Yep..I want to gather the batch of super creative bloggers and learn from you. Have a fantastic the doodles!

Paula said...

These doodles are just yummy, and boy do they pop against that gorgeous color! I know what you mean about packing art supplies; I really need a traveling art room on wheels. Have fun, friend!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I can see you now, scrunched up against the windshield because the back is stuffed with E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G in your studio and then some. Whatever you don't bring, someone else will bring and you will be inspired by their materials and you will share and the world will be shiny and bright! There - I hoped that quelled any worries about not having on hand what you might want. So many ideas, so little time! Travel safe and have the most fabulous time.

Julie Prichard said...

Um, hello? That doodle is better than any rubber stamp or clip art I have ever seen. Fantastic!

rachel awes said...

i love your
the day
your waves
of being

Sueann said...

Take as much as you can cram in there for sure!!
Love the doodles!!

arlene said...

Those doodles are fantabulous, and that background? Knocked my socks off sistah! Love them both a lot!
I am so happy you are off on a weeks arting adventures. I can't wait to see what you get inspired with there!

Susan Tuttle said...

i am enjoying all of these lush colors you are using:)))

I hope you are having a glorious Fall my friend.


arlene said...

Kim, I tagged you in a Q and A thing on my blog. It would be fun if you have the time, but don't worry if you can't, sweet thing. I'm sure you are very busy making someone's day!

Business Directory said...

What a fantastic piece of Art. I love that kind of Art.

Se'lah said...

you are THE coolest!!! I so enjoy your work.

how are you my pretty?

one love.

deb did it said...

Oh Lucky Lady to collaborate with other artists by the Sea!! PLease oh please, let us see the Tie Purse???