Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple Woman’s Daybook : Monday, July 25, 2011


Outside my window is a perfect summer’s day – warm, dry, a nice breeze tickling the trees. Awesome !

I am thinking…a lot about my sisters, as they both begin the holidays this week. Natalie traveling to Vancouver with her man, Dave, and her son, Nathan. And Kristina taking her week at our cottage on Lac Bibitte with the kiddos and her hubby John.













(Natalie, Kristina and Me a few years back at the cottage)

I am thankful loved ones, pink toenail polish, the weather this summer, and this gift of this day.

From the kitchen...time to make some Pasta Primavera – cubed summer tomatoes, chopped Spanish olives, basil, basil, basil, garlic, cubes of mozzarella cheese left to marinate on the counter all day and then spooned over hot linguine pasta…drooling and it’s only breakfast…

I am leggings, a purple t-shirt, flip flops, my glasses and a bedhead hairdo.

I am my journal, on canvas, in my mind and it feels so good !


(art journal page from this am.)

I am put together some orders from the Etsy shop and get them into the mail. Also need groceries kind  of desperately…

I am reading…”Something Blue” by Emily Griffinthe sequel to “Something Borrowed” which was just made into a cheesy chick flick with Ginnifer Goodwin and Kate Hudson. Pure summer trash.

I am hoping…that all the bridge trouble that the city of Montreal is having will be calmed down enough to make our upcoming trip up there relatively easy.

 I am praying for…a safe and easy flight for my sister across the country. Also for the hearts in mourning today, close to me and across the world in Norway.


I am hearing...the fan blowing in the window (yay, the AC is off for the day !) and the heat bugs a-humming outside.

Around the house...dust kangaroos are splayed all over the floors (How can 1 Yellow Lab have so much damn fur !!!!! ), my work table is covered in play stuff that needs to be put away, laundry needs doing and nary a house elf to be found !!!

One of my favorite things...the Rockwell Blade Runner saw that we bought this weekend – it just may be the saw that helps me get over my fear of electric saws for good !

A few plans for the rest of the week: Meditation Monday tonight, a Tuesday Artsy time at my friend Patti’s poolside paradise, Rock Painting to fulfill a few Montreal orders, and heading out to the hometown and our cottage next weekend. (Oh, and Katie will be there ! !)DSC03252 - Copy

Here are some pictures I am sharing

I like taking pictures of my art work on the back deck beside my zinnias in pretty pots.


A few of my favorite pictures from last week’s visit with Suzanne in Biddeford Pool, Maine.


Suzy at the beach


A hearted sign…


The gorgeous rocks and waves a-crashing

And my theme for the day :


Rock On, Beautiful Ones !

Happy Monday !


gwyn said...

This puts a big smile on my face!

deb did it said...

YES! W3e are all in this together! many layers to this post I love. First of all those precious little happy cheeks...I wanna go play with her and pick berries! ~calling all Angels~ is so beautiful. I can look at this journal spread all day long and it lifts me up! WAY UP! I adore your art! and even more since I arted at a table next to you, in awe of your talent! xoxoxo

beth said...

life is good based on everything you are seeing and hearing and tasting and touching.....

i love the rock and waves photos of the ocean....sigh

hugs to you.....i think you like mondays the same way i like mondays....they are refreshing to me and i seem to have more energy on mondays then any other day of the week.....xo

Unknown said...

Happy, happy Monday and have a HAPPY HAPPY week! The journal page is delicious!

Susie Riley said...

Whatcha gonna create with the kickass saw, girl?!!!

Sherry said...

I love it when you do your posts like this...makes me feel like I'm right there with you!!!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I reeeeallly need to start doing this again. Bed-Head hairdo, yup me too. xo tam

Kate Robertson said...


What a delightful post. I have two sisters too. I don't get to see them very often. One is 2000 miles away and the other is 500. Your photo reminds me of photos the three of us have taken together before. Your page brought back some pleasant memories.

It sounds like you have a lovely week planned. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog my Kimmie,
I will keep you on update about those stu....bridge. It was wonderfull having you with us at Biddeford Pool. I miss the sea already. You are missing one thing one the famous primavera receipt...garlic. I think I will take a chance and have the same thing tonight.
Luv you

rachel awes said...

oh dearheart,
an angel you are!
loooooove. xox

lynne h said...

i was going to say something else, but i'll echo rachel's words instead...

beautiful week to you, Big Hearted Angel...


patti said...

Oh I need a summer's day badly! Thanks for sharing yours Kim!

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

So much to say, Kimmypoo! Oh, bridges and construction holidays. Poo. Yay for perfect summer days and pasta primavera. I am suddenly drooling for some pasta myself!

Heather said...

what a fun post! I just found you through Artsee Bloggers. I enjoyed my visit, and look forward to more!

Olivia said...

We ARE all in this together--you and your lovely sisters, your artwork, your friend, and me, and the person reading this right now--and I love that. My Queen, I have no idea how you do all you do--from take care of your house, to do artwork, visit with family and friends, cook meals like you did today, and put it all together and up on your blog and FB. Thank you for sharing your Big Love with me.

BTW, that saw looks a bit scary too. Something about something sharp and thin twirling around making a loud whine...reminiscent of dentist offices and such...but bigger and louder.

Love to you today, My Queen, xoO

Katie said...

Hi Kim. Love your journal pages and rocks! Thanks for your comment on my blog- I checked out the link to that book-looks fun! Take care.

amber heagerty said...

I love rocks too! You made me smile today...keep doing what you do 8)
Happy arting!

Anonymous said...

So much beauty, so much goodness. What a lovely photo, of you and your sisters! I love the way you're holding onto each other and forming a sister circle! And this gorgeous journal page you made with it... just absolutely lusciously beautiful!! As always, your posts, so full of loveliness and an attitude of such gratitude, lift me up and brighten my day. XOXO

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic Monday. The angels were sitting on your shoulder. Enjoy your week and have a blast at the cottage. xox Corrine

Rosie said...

Kim, I LOVE this post! I adore your zinnias in pretty pots too - what a great background for that multi-faceted art journal page. You are such a bold and vibrant, wonderful woman - makes reading your thoughts so enjoyable!
Have a wonderful week Kim. xx

Nadeja said...

Kimmy, I am in together with you:) Love your beautiful work and the beautiful picture of my three amazing daughters!!!:) Love you, see you soon. Mom

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

beautiful adoring post!