Thursday, September 29, 2011

Share the Joy Thursday–Balancing the Shiny

This week has been filled with opportunities to connect, to create, to branch out…

many of which have brought me joy in shining my light.


Art journal page – Balance the Light, September 29, 2011

But in this world, with so many of us looking for light,

it can be hard when you open yourself up, shine that light brightly,

and really share yourself with the world.


Sometimes, people try and take your light away, like a magpie who has noticed something sparkly in its line of vision and wants to take it home to its nest.

Sometimes, those old fear demons that live inside us, rise up and try and squelch the light from within.

And sometimes, the validation of our shiny-ness from outside, which feels so wonderful in many ways, tempts us to stretch ourselves too far,

and to wander away from the true light we are trying to bring to the world.


One of the best joys of  this week has been when I have done something to protect myself and my shiny.

Like saying no when an opportunity comes along but that doesn’t fit with what my heart’s work really is. (This is hard !)

Like making my fear my friend in a way, and acknowledging it but choosing to risk anyway. (Those fears are ugly but they really only want to keep me safe.)

Like taking time to be present and enjoy life exactly where I am ! (The only shiny I know for sure is the one in this moment !)

So this week, I am giving myself a blue 1st place ribbon for the care I have given to my shiny !


My friend Colleen and I with our blue ribbons, yesterday at the Deerfield Fair school building where we served as judges for the student artwork competition.

There is a lot of joy in presenting that kind of prize to your Self. Winking smile


For more joy, make sure and visit the Lovely Meri at Meri’s Musings.


Happy Thursday, Beautiful, Shiny Ones !


Anonymous said...

Kim, wise, wise words! Keep shining!

Unknown said...

This is so lovely!! I love the journal page. I'm also in the same "space"- I realized last night that sometimes there are things that I do that don't *feel* important because I enjoy them so much but really *are* important, and I need to make space for that and honor that process. It's part of my evolution as a person. It was sort of a "duh!" moment, but also very joyful...

Meri said...

Your post fits perfectly with mine -- we have to shine on, even if we grew up thinking that shining meant we were too full of ourselves. How can we be anything but full of ourselves? Shine on, silver girl!

Mary said...

Kim honey oh how this spoke!!
those magpies so like shiny don't they...and validation from the outside...oh how i yearn for it and how it can cause a dissatisfaction for where i am at the moment...and opportunities that are good but put you off track just a fraction...

did we talk this week???? sure sounds like it!!!

Grace peace and love to you shiny one!!!

rebecca said...

in the end, and for that matter...the beginning and everything in is always ...all ways,
about the light!

thanks for shining yours and encouraging us to do the same!

Lynn Cohen said...

You are a blue ribbon winner every day in my book!

Olivia said...

If we don't protect our shiny, who will? Kudos to you, My Queen! Something important to be reminded of today and every day. The "hard" side of life is the part that makes the rest of it so worthwhile; I love hard times that push me to grow, times like those you listed. And those ugly fears that are desperately trying to keep me safe. Thank you My Queen, xoO

couragetocreatewriteandlove said...

yes !
and oh how much i love the softness of those colors in your painting
hugs my amiga sister

beth said...

protecting the shiny....i love that. and i love that you were a judge at a cool is that :)

jgr said...

Kim, I love that you gave yourself a blue ribbon week! As always, you are uplifting and full of encouragement, shine on my friend!

Patti Edmon Artist said...

Love the blue ribbon, so apropos for a fabulous, uplifting post! Thanks for sharing your joy!

foxysue said...

Yes, saying no is sometimes difficult what I find more difficult is knowing when something is out of sink with my own heart!

Joyfully interesting post!

Sue x

Kate Robertson said...

Oh I love the blue ribbon idea, that is super1 Love the colors in journal page. Great post and food for thought.

Elizabeth Halt said...

I said no to an opportunity recently because I felt like the time was not right (and I wasn't sure the opportunity was quite right either). It *was* hard. Saying no - especially to opportunities - is hard.

Love the reminders here. Love the blue ribbon idea. We all need a blue ribbon.