Thursday, July 19, 2012

Share the Joy Thursday–Re-establishing the Flow

Perhaps some of you have experienced this.

You come home from an experience that felt so wonderful

and so very transformative in a lot of ways,

and while you are so happy to be home, and have your


kitty cat back on your own pillow in your own bed,

(not to mention the love of your life close at hand for hugs and smooches whenever the mood grabs you),


you feel kind of lost and missing the flow that was happening while you were away.

You try to reestablish it at home,

perhaps by tearing your studio apart,


and putting it back together again.


Maybe with the best tools close at hand

and some space created by a major purge,

the flow will come back again.


You try and maintain some of the patterns from your time away,

like creating a journal page every day.


They turn out okay but are lacking that inspired juicy feeling

you found while you were away…


And then you get the sweetest reminder of your experiences in the mail…


A package full of love and inspiration

from your friend/mentor/artist/soulsister

who lives her art so well.





And shares it so generously !



Like a big hug full of love, this beautiful gift reminded me

to be gentle and patient

as I re-establish my new Self

at home.

I am changed.

And there are bound to be some growing pains

and some necessary readjustments.

Relaxing into it, and looking for


the joys and little miracles everyday,

I know the flow will find me again.

I love you, e.b..

Thank you for the joy and the reminder !


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eb said...

yes dear friend,
every day
a little miracle...
so happy that this one
has come home to you
coming home is a re-entry
one passes through the portal
of there to here again
the left eye there
and the right eye here
it does take a little while
to re-focus
and settle the new
into the familiar
sharing this feeling
boundless joy
with you...

until soon again,

xox - eb.

jgr said...

What a gorgeous package, just what you need to burst ahead into the next phase. Your studio looks great, too!

Dianne said...

Such lovely gifts and sentiments... Such a lovely friendship...

smiles, Sharon said...

It isn't often that one has the gift that you received sharing e.b's home and surroundings. I can see you not sleeping anymore than necessary. Who needs sleep when inspiration fills your hours....and dreams? So happy for you and look forward to seeing where this inspiration leads you....towards the light of creativity.

Unknown said...

One day at a time, one moment at a time. Maybe you can find an even BETTER flow. I found that after I wet through "the purge"- I committed myself to just a few things and really forced myself to ONLY do those things and, gently, I feel myself shifting into the right gear. But I had to really push myself. It sounds like you need a sacred activity every day that will put you in touch with the life-force you felt at EB's. (<----- Just a weird idea?)

Anonymous said...

Aw woof love and friendship, you will flow sooner than you know. xox Yes, Art is You connection.

Fallingladies said...

I felt the same way after our week at the cabin, i just wanted that relaxed feeling, the idea everything else could wait except what i felt like doing, hard to keep that feeling in day to day life but maybe little pieces of it here and there can continue, good luck in your process! I am determined lately to find the magic in everyday! Hope you do too!

beth said...

yes....i totally know that feeling....and even though it will pass, there will be still be a longing......xo are so lucky to have a soul sister !

Meri said...

Ah yes --- that feeling of let down even though. . . but then a miracle (e.b. you miracle worker, you!). What a gift! p.s. the post itself is a gift -- we get to meander through your mind and think, Yes! Kim's one of my tribe.

joanne said...

what a happy and colorful group of pics.....I could feel the joy.....

A Bit of the Blarney said...

What a wonderful gift!!! It's always uplifting to visit your "house." Have a grand weekend!! Cathy

Jess said...

What a very special friendship you have. :) The ebb and flow of creating can be difficult but stay with it Kim, I'm sure it won't take too long for your muse to return to your capable hands! :)
Jess x

Paula said...

I can see EB in these pages, oh, yes, I can...but I also see you, my friend, loud and clear. What a wonderful mix of two women I admire so much. A marigold mood...copying it into my journal in just a few minutes!

Kate Robertson said...

Wow, what a fabulous way to connect and what a wonderful gift to bring you back to those moments of joy and bliss. I am sure it will come back to you every time you look at this gift. Enjoy.