Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Semi wordless Wednesday - I'm Packing

Rocks in boxes...

Packing up for some special VT time. 
Summer is precious!
Enjoy this fine July day, Beautiful Ones!


lynne h said...

AH! these rocks!! happy time, my dear Big Heart!


Anonymous said...

Love seeing them gathered in those tins! I am still enjoying my Rock Being. As a matter of fact it has a specific job it does for me and I am thrilled with it's willingness as it is a perfect fit in my hands.
I will share it with you but later. For now, you enjoy your mid summer romp with your friend in VT.
Much Love,

Anonymous said...

Oh the rocks look so good in those crusty tins. Enjoy the lake. xox

beth said...

rocks in fun is that :)

safe travels my sweet travels !!!

Sueann said...

Travel safely


Kate Robertson said...

Your boxes of rocks are so compelling.