Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Building a bridge…

I emailed a dear friend yesterday morning as said

“Do you ever have a day when you just hate most people in the world ?”

I was kind of in that mind frame a little.

I think that I was on the top of the list of people that I wasn’t enjoying being around.

But, as my wise friend suggested, the best way to turn that feeling around is to practice some good self-care.

For me, that includes getting out of my head, being in the present moment,

and taking time to look up…


and look down,


to breathe in and notice beauty around me.

To surround myself with things I enjoy and

put on clothes in color that makes me feel happy.


Nothing like a colorful scarf or  my favorite purple Chucks!

With the intention of helping my mood by spending some quality Me-Time in the studio,

I also dug out my favorite painting shirt.



The hand prints on the boobs are my own, and the pink “beautiful” bit on the back was stitched on by my friend and Mish Mash Queen, Deb Taylor when we both joined Beth McWilliams for a amazing visit in Seaside, FL a few years back.


I then sat down without a plan, with a blank 12X12” canvas and my glorious Golden Acrylics,

Pandora Radio on the Bose speakers playing some favorite mellow tunes,

and let the paint take me where it wanted to go…


“Build a Bridge.” – Acrylics and collage on 12X12” canvas




By the end of this exercise, I was definitely more my true self again.

Not only that, but I kind of fell in love with my Self.

Proud that I had taken the time to return to center, that I had given a voice to my Creative spirit, and that I had brought some more beauty into this world.

Practice makes as close to perfect as we will ever get, Beautiful Ones.

Let’s go love on ourselves today !

Happy Tuesday !


tami said...

oh kim, such beauty within and without!

deb did it said...

Kim...this is such a powerful post, and important message to us all. Thank you for sharing your story.

and thanks again for the "Mish Mash shout out" xoxo

Kate Robertson said...


The quote about the handprints on your boobs shows up under the painting on your Facebook page. I had a laugh at that since there are no boobs in the painting. I too love how color in clothes can really cheer us up sometimes. I like the painting, its full of juicy stuff. I love how art can turn our moods around.


gma said...

Taking time for positive self care makes us strong. Gorgeous art.
Cool shoes. :-)

Meri said...

You're an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you nurtured your beautiful self and just let the "who" you are within create itself out onto the blank canvas. Powerful work, powerful words, powerful presence...turning what you "hate" into something to love. (((muah))) -- and here is to good friends who "get" us, no matter what...and love us even more because of it! xoxo

lynne h said...

you are so beautiful, my dear Big Heart...


Janet said...

It might have started off as a bad day but you ended it on a high note. That painting is wonderful!

PS ~ I used to have a shirt with my hand prints on it just like yours! It brought back a lot of fun memories for me.

Nadeja said...

You know just what to do! Way to go my girl. Creating beauty comes easily to you. You do it all the time in so many ways. I am so proud to have a daughter like you! You make my day, always.
Thanks and I love you,

Unknown said...

YOU are beautiful and that PAINTING is beautiful. This is so powerful <3

beth said...

the next time i need to be centered, i'm taking your advice and running off to my studio and getting "out of my head".....

somehow, i get you and you always teach me something...always !!!....xo

nacherluver said...

Love that you are honest about your good and bad feelings. Glad you found center and love for self again.
p.s. lovin' the boob grab shirt! ha!

Anonymous said...

Your shirt is hysterical! and as always your paintings are a world unto themselves :-D