Saturday, October 11, 2014

Rock Messages : Slow Down…


“You drive like someone is chasing you.”

Those were the words of the driving test instructor who tested me when I was 31 and getting my license for the first time.

I am 49 now and those words still ring in my head every once in awhile.

Isn’t that strange how when the Universe is giving you an important life message, and it is coming through another person, those words are highlighted, circled in an echo of sorts that makes them just ring in your soul ?

This was obviously a pretty strong message if I am still remembering it 18 years later.

The message to slow down…

to claim my own space on the road…

to be present, mindful…

to Be.

Thanks for the reminder, Universe.

I’m listening.



Huge, Exciting news!!!

Rock My World rocks are being featured in a new book created with Patti Digh.

The book is being released in November but is already available for pre-order on Amazon.

It is the coolest thing to type in my own name on Amazon and have this book with my name on the cover show up ! So excited !

The book would make a great gift for the up-coming holiday season,

especially combined with a little bag of Rock My world rocks !


Inspiration and mindfulness tools filled with love !

Rock On, Beautiful Ones !


Anonymous said...

This news makes my day! I just placed my delighted!! Will keep one for myself and will be giving as gifts,too. Congratulations! Cindy

Unknown said...

Oh this is just wonderful news! Congratulations! I am so happy for you, and I can't wait to get my copy. xxxx

deb did it said...

So happy and excited for you !! I must get my own copy! Must !! xo

Priti Lisa said...

beautiful blog
beautiful news
Beauty-Full YOU!
♥ ♥ ♥

Fallingladies said...

Oh wow, wow wow! I am so excited for you! I would be skipping on clouds if i were you!