Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sharing my Florida Life Joy

I am here.

I have to say that winter in Florida has been the best gift ever !
I recommend sunshine and warmth to all people who suffer with depression and seasonal mood disorders.
I wish I could give it as  gift to all of my loved ones who hate winter.
I do have a guest room to share !
I still have my hard days, but being in a place where it is green, warm, sunny and that has no snow
has made a huge difference in how deep I go into a funky mood.
I am working on finding friends near by to play with.
I have a new tribe of incredible hearts in Melbourne, FL, which is about two hours away.
In fact, I will be teaching eucalyptus eco-dyeing and some other mixed media classes at my new friend, Sherri's art studio, Art More Place.
But here on my western coast, I haven't really met any friends yet.
It is on the to do list/must have because I do have days where I am very lonely and miss my peeps a lot.
I have been rooting myself in my new studio slowly too.


Little altars and inspiration from gifties from friends make it feel more like home,

The screened in back lanai is lovely in the afternoons and into the sunset hours on warmer days.
The animals can all join me out there, even my indoor kitties !

That is where I stitch quite often, listening to audio books or tunes and feeling so very blessed for the place I live in.
This Florida life is a good thing for this Rock Fairy girl.
I am so very grateful !


Anonymous said...

Glad the sun is helping this year. I am so thankful it's light slightly past 5 now, it feels really good even through all the snow. Luckily our move left all my peeps the same, and am meeting some new folks. Hope you find some arty gals close to home too and soon. xox

lynne h said...

okay, that heart tattoo/henna on the back of the stitcher's hand. whoa...

love you my dear Big Heart...

cjsrq said...

Hi Kim,
I live in Sarasota which is south of you. If you ever want to head to Sarasota let me know and we can get together and do something artsy. Also, there is a Surface Design Group here that meets on the second Tuesday of the month in the evening and then has a play day once a month on the 4th Sunday. Have you been to St. Pete yet and checked out the Florida Craftsman store? That might also be a way to connect with some west coast kindred spirits. Is your eco-dying class going to be in Melbourne?

Priti Lisa said...

i have been thinking of you all winter long kim...feeling happy knowing you aren't living through february in the northeast. gawd, it is unpleasant.
i am also happy for your grand success(es) of late...a teacher of the arts! a writer/illustrator of a real book! a role model, a friend, a good fairy spreading love and joy.
your stitching is a gift and your eco-dying is fascinating,
as always
i am wishing we lived next door.
love you♥

Nadeja said...

Thank you for the post of thankfulness. Loving where you are is indeed a major blessing. Love you so much,

Unknown said...

I can say I know EXACTLY what you are talking about in this post- it's a magical time of year here. Just amazing. Summers are... well, maybe some year I will figure out summers. ;) But I'm so glad you get to share in this magic.

beth said...

isn't warm weather and sunshine the most perfect remedy for…well...for everything!!!

i'm so happy you're where you are and enjoying all that the universe is giving you..and like you, feel blessed and grateful and thankful and all of those other really good things :)


Unknown said...

So happy for you to have found your place in the sun. You will find your closer to home tribe too - just give it time. Hugs to you dear heart.

Unknown said...

So happy for you to have found your place in the sun. You will find your closer to home tribe too - just give it time. Hugs to you dear heart.

Marit said...

Oh how I wished we lived near each other Kim... sending you hugs from a-far now - every time you need them my friend!